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Ruthless King ~ A Kings of Rittenhouse Novel


Title: Ruthless King
Series: Kings of Rittenhouse #3
Author: Maya Hughes
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 10, 2019




My dick never got me in half as much trouble as my heart…
We were high school sweethearts. I was head over heels for
her and no one could tell me we weren’t going to last forever. College? Going
pro? My family’s money? None of it mattered. She was all I needed.
Then she ripped my heart out. But I’m not going to let that
happen again.
She’s back. Invading my life and acting like she was the
wronged one. The pain is still there, but I can’t keep my eyes off her. I can’t
stop thinking about her and how much was left unsaid between us. Being this
close is making me question everything I thought I knew about her.
This time everything will be on my terms. Everything…


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Author Bio
Maya Hughes has always loved romance novels. One look at her Kindle is confirmation. She started writing her first romance novel while pregnant with her third child and she hasn’t looked back. Now, her romance writing addiction has replaced her romance reading addiction.
You can find her writing on her foldable keyboard and phone anytime inspiration strikes. Her sweet and steamy stories range from rockstars to small towns and everything in between. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with her three kids, running errands or vegging on the couch with the love of her life and biggest fan, her husband.

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In This Breeze

Title: In This Breeze
Series: Lakeshore University #1
Author: Kathleen Maree
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2017


“Must Read! Great New Series!” – BookPlusHeart Amazon Review

“3 Hearts, 2 Best Friends, 1 True Love….” – I Don’t Get Sundays Book Blog

“This is a captivating story full of uncertainty, secrets and the tension of unspoken and unrequited love….” – Sheena – Amazon review

A nerd. A quiet art student. A nobody. 

Or perhaps, just some girl. 

These are the non-spoken titles I was known as since I started at Lake Shore Uni almost two years ago now. When given the chance to leave my horrific childhood behind – I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I was ecstatic to have the door hit me on the ass on my way out of town; because the only two things I actually loved in my traumatic life… 

Were coming with me.

And whilst the three of us shared the same beat-up truck when we moved here – that’s where the similarities unfortunately end. 

Ethan ‘The Mule’ Jones, is kind of a super star on campus. Everywhere he goes he seems to draw attention. I guess that’s what happens when you’re headlining papers as the star basketballer for the LS Eagles. But to me, he’s just Eth. A boy who still spends his Friday nights snuggled up watching movies with me, and who walks me to classes just to make sure I get there okay. He is my best friend in every way, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

And then there’s Jase. 

The truth is I knew from the moment I met Jase at the local skate park, when he was smoking a cigarette and teasing Eth for his poor skating ability, of how fiercely protective he was about those he cared for. From the time he blew his warm breath over my injured knee, to when he thankfully intervened on the most horrific day of my life. A day, that still haunts me when I am alone in the dark. 

He saved me. 

But Jase has his own demons too. Even if he doesn’t go looking for it, trouble always seems to find him. Which is why he has been absent from our lives for the past two years. 

Sometimes I wonder what he’s doing.

Quite often I worry if he’s okay.

And I always, always, think about him. 

Even though I shouldn’t.

From the earliest age I was a born storyteller.

Ask my parents and they will tell you I had a gift for making a simple event seem like an elaborate one. Purposely? No. Innocently? Yes. It was my imaginary world that initially led me to believe I wanted to be an actor. All of that role playing and living in fantasy… it was an obvious direction for me. However, becoming quite uncomfortable with the limelight quickly saw that dream diminish.

Over the years I turned my world of fantasy into stories, and eventually began writing them down. Before I knew it, ‘Cut’ had been completed.

When I am not busy writing my next story, I am a working mum, housewife and sometimes hockey wag 🙂 In other words, probably some kind of circus act who specialises in juggling 😉

I hope you enjoy my blog, where I will be posting thoughts, other books I am currently reading and even sneak peeks of my novels. I encourage any feedback, comments or direct messages via my contact page should anyone wish to get in touch.

I am so thrilled to be sharing my journey and hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Dream often. Believe always.


The Kasadya Hellhound Series ~ Karen Swart


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Kasadya Hellhound Awakened 3 EBOOK UPLOAD
Kasadya Hellhound Awakened
Series: Kasadya #1
Author: Karen Swart
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Audience: YA/NA – 14 years and up
Formats: Paperback and E-book
Publisher: Karen Swart
Cover by: Melody Simmons
Edited by: MAI-Editing-Services , There for you Editing Services & Blue Butterfly Editing
ISBN: 978-1311699121
Date Published: 21 August 2012
Pages: 342 pages


Blurb –

In a constant battle between good and evil, evil is dominating the battlefield and leading mankind to its destruction. With our Creator’s intervention, a creature destined to conquer and destroy is created. He gives mankind hellhounds to fight back and reclaim freedom.
Join seventeen year old Kasadya Levourne as she fights against evil to protect us. With each step, she faces destruction, and yet she has the talent to give it back tenfold. Stubborn and hard-headed she makes her mark in the Fallen world and starts a battle none can escape. Not even her trainer, the very attractive Chax de Luca, was prepared for her presence.
Will evil prevail? Or will Kas and her Fallen friends succeed in protecting us against it? Hold on to your seats, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Special Note:
The Kasadya Series is read back to back, book 1- 3 ends with a cliff hanger.
Now Free on all platforms!
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Excerpt –

There was a time when heaven was filled with peace and serenity. God, Jesus Christ, and all the Angels lived in harmony; no evil and no sin existed. Until one fateful day…
With all gathered to hear their Sire speak, God rose and addressed his Angels. Before all, he proclaimed His Son, Jesus Christ, was equal to Him. That Christ’s words should be obeyed as if they were His own. Christ would command the heavens, with the same authority as Him. All the Angels bowed down before Christ and accepted their Sire’s proclamation, all except for one…
An Archangel was furious with this proclamation. He was his Sire’s right hand, the deliverer of justice, the commander of many legions. He had served his Sire for centuries, and never failed him. It should be to him that God bestow power, not a Son whom had never even seen battle.
With his heart filled with hatred and jealousy, he gathered all the angels in secret. He told them that their days of sweet liberty were at an end. That God has now placed Christ as their ruler and that they should now obey his wishes. Many angels were angered at such a false statement, but many also agreed with the Archangel. He had led them for many years; why should they now question his leadership?
The faithful Angels fled to God and told Him what was happening, and together they prepared for war. With the sun rising on a new day, God and his Angels stood ready for battle against the Archangel and his followers. The battle only lasted a day, the Archangel and his followers defeated before the sun set for the night.
Seeing the angels on their knees before Him, He gave them one final chance… “Repent and declare your loyalty, and I will forgive you, my children.” He told his beautiful angels, tears falling with each word. This was His family. This was His love. How could they betray Him? Some of the Angels cried their penance, begging Him to forgive them for their deceit. They claimed that the Archangel deceived them, and they followed him into battle, as they have done for centuries.
God took pity on them, but still believed that their deceit must not go unpunished. He had spoken many times about the importance of punishment, that lessons learned must be earned… “I herewith grant you mercy, but as punishment you will be sentenced to an earthly realm. I will take your beauty as payment for my children lost today. In the place of your beauty, I will give you purpose. In mercy, and because I love you still, I give you life in this realm. Let this be known, that I was merciful this day,” God finished.
He placed them in an earthly realm, and called it Exsilium. In this realm they would carry their deceit, and earn their place with him. He took their beauty and replaced them with elements of his earth. Half would be of animal and element, and would resemble punishment. The other, in a humanoid form, and would resemble mercy. He called them his Fallen.
The Archangel, and those whom did not repent, were not that lucky. God looked into the eyes of His once faithful angels and only saw destruction, hatred, jealousy, and heartache. He knew that His beloved ones had died this day, and that others needed to be protected. But how could you destroy one you loved? He placed the Archangel, and his followers, in another earthly realm, but where Exsilium was above the earth, this one was in the center. With one wave of His hand, their beautiful forms were replaced with forms as ugly as their hatred and deceit. Using His word and blood, He sealed this realm from any other.
As He looked into the many eyes of hatred, He spoke his final word… “This realm will be called Hell, and you will be called demons. You, my once faithful Archangel, you will be called the Devil. Your angel name will be erased from the past, present, and future. You will be forgotten,” He proclaimed and left them to their demise.
Many years have passed since that day. God created mankind and cherished his new children. The male and female were his new hope; in them he would find peace again. But the Devil had grown strong through the years, and somehow managed to enter God’s garden. Here, he found the female God created, using her to strike back. He whispered words of deceit in her ears, and watched as God’s new children stepped into sin. With her first bite, a crack appeared in the seal around Hell, and demons escaped to earth.
From that day onward, the Devil and his demons created chaos amongst God’s new children, leading one after the other into sin. God looked upon this and decided to fight for his loved ones. He went to Exsilium and spoke to the Fallen… “You, my children, have proven your loyalty in the years that have passed, and so I came to offer you another chance at Heaven. If you slay the Devil and his demons to protect mankind, I will give you a place in my Heaven once again. With your last breath on this earth, you will join me and your brethren in Heaven,” He finished. The Fallen agreed and God gave them the power to move in and out of Exsilium to battle the demons. The war between Good and Evil began.
But as mankind spread over the earth, sin became their followers. And with each sin, the demons grew stronger and created more demons to torture mankind. The Fallen were now fighting against millions; they needed assistance to ensure victory. God had watched the battle from Heaven and saw that they were failing because of their numbers. He also saw that the demons grew stronger than the Fallen. He intervened and created a new creature. This creature would have features encompassing the best of both worlds. One half was as strong and loyal as the Fallen, while the other was as hard and enduring as a demon. This was His ultimate weapon. This would be His greatest creation. To ensure that these creatures could not be swayed, He placed Heaven’s soul into them. He called them His hellhounds.
The hellhounds delivered justice swiftly, as strong and just as the Fallen. Yet hard and durable like the demons, they conquered the earthly realm and the demons retreated. Not one hellhound could be swayed. All stayed true to their calling. God, knowing that the Devil and many more demons had retreated, gave His hellhounds life, and offered them a place among the Fallen.
Until this day they still watch over mankind, protecting them from evil. Will we be worth it?


Kasadya Hellhound TwistedKasadya WEBSITE USE
Series: Kasadya #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audience: YA/NA – 14 years and up
Formats: E-book
Publisher: Karen Swart
Edited by: There for you Editing Services & Blue Butterfly Editing
Cover by: Melody Simmons
ISBN: 978-1301357192
Pages: 251 Pages
Date Published: 15 February 2013

Blurb –

She fought against all odds and became the warrior she was meant to be … or so she thought. In a world where the rules have changed, can she embrace her destiny and become the hellhound she was meant to be?
Kasadya is back in Exsilium and finds her world a little different. Her half-breed fallen friends join her, and they are ordered to complete their apprentice training in order to obtain the right to be guardians. She must learn that her own fate cannot be denied and that others are set to follow. But most of all, she must learn that to trust is the greatest battle of all.
The tables are turned and Kasadya is put to the test. Will she be able to prevent her own death, or that of a friend? Or will her actions call forth the destruction of Earth and Exsilium?
For a Phoenix to rise, it must first die. —Chax De Luca


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Kasadya Hellhound Born
Series: Kasadya #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audience: YA/NA – 14 years and up
Formats: E-book
Publisher: Karen Swart
Cover by: Melody Simmons
Edited by: MAI-Editing-Services & Blue Butterfly Editing
ISBN: 9781301863594
Pages: 235 pages
Date Published: 15 August 2013

Blurb –

In a world filled with evil, the Fallen prepare for the ultimate battle against the demon world!
Kasadya is ordered to unleash her crazed born transformation to complete her divinity. But there is a chance that her born will be uncontrollable, and she will be destroyed. There is just one person that can save her; her charm, her destined mate. Left without a choice, she must surrender, and place her life in his hands.
In a race against time, the Fallen must stand together and fight the evil threatening to invade earth. If her divinity was in reach, victory would be theirs. That is until she starts having visions of the final battle, and her true destiny is revealed. She just found her love and place in the Fallen world; will she be able, and willing, to sacrifice it all?


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Excerpt –

“Kasadya, don’t do this to me,” Chax spoke, using Corra.
I stopped completely and looked at him. Reaching for my necklace, I held it.
“I am so sorry, Chax. This is the only way; we can’t win any other way. I know; I have seen the end too many times,” I replied.
His face fell even more and he looked around, searching for a way out.
“I want to thank you… for being there for me. For searching for me when I went missing. For enduring all of my crap. I am sorry I messed up so many times. But not this time; this I promise. But most of all, thank you for loving me.” Even my mental voice broke down on the last part.
Chax started to scream and pound at the invisible wall, while others joined him. I looked at Nanini, shocked that she couldn’t get out.
“Take care of Max for me,” I sent to her.
Tears formed and ran down her cheeks, but she nodded.
“Kas, let us help you!” Lotan yelled. My friends, my family were still trying to save me. Tears ran down my own face now.
“I love all of you. Thank you for always being there for me.” Finally my mental voice began to a sob.
I turned away, afraid that the sight of them would stop me.
“Kasadya! Don’t do this to me. I beg you!” Chax yelled at me.
Demons were closing in around me, but my heart was so broken I just let the tears and heartache spill out of me.
“I am so sorry, Chax. Forgive me.” With that, I stormed forward.
I used my g-force punches to clear the masses out of my way. When that stopped working, I started shifting. Demons grabbed at me and some got in a slice or two. But I wasn’t stopping.
I saw Ballen trying to flee from me. He thought I was heading for him. Good. I needed him on the other side when I blew it up. Using my wings for momentum, I sent a massive g-force punch into the horde that remained between me and my target. They flew backwards, clearing the way for me to advance. I swiped at a few too close and took their heads. Blood sprayed all over me. Searching for the hole to make sure I was heading in the right direction, I saw the shoulders and arms of something freaking big, already beginning to breach.
I need to move faster!
I lifted up with my wings. They were tired, but I had no other option. Now I had the flying demons to contend with. We fought and sliced and I sent a few down to earth without a head. At last, I was advancing on the hole. Pain shot through my left wing and I tumbled to the ground, hitting hard. At the last moment I made sure that the front of my body hit the ground and not the back. Demons jumped me all at once. Ballen was yelling at them to stop me. I used everything I had left and flung out with my wings and arms. They went flying and just in front of me was the hole with the devil stuck in it. Ballen was standing at the entrance watching me, his face a mask of shock.
With a deep breath, I reached for the pouch and took hold of the balls. Now armed and ready, I just had a few feet to go. I stormed through the demons, not caring if they sliced me open. I wasn’t stopping for a fight anymore. I held the balls to my chest, sealing them from any other impact. Then, finally, I was at the entrance of the hole. With the last of my strength, I leaped into the air and went flying straight for it.
There were many things that go through your mind that moment before you die. I remembered my first step into Exsilium. Meeting Lada and Nanini. Meeting Chax and hating my first day. I remembered our fun at the beach, the Hellhouse and the grub spot. Seeing Lada and Lotan kissing for the first time. Meeting Max and Ryan, and then all of the rest. My heart no longer troubled by Kali or Seth or all the others who had betrayed me. I remembered finding Chax and the Fallen again. Seeing my parents again. So many memories bombarded me at that last moment. I remembered my day and night with Chax, and how it felt to be loved.
“I love you,” I sent a final message to him.
He was still screaming my name, begging for me to stop.
I remembered why I was doing this. For them I gave my heart, my life. Ballen’s shocked face was in front of me, right in my path. Just when I reached him, I dropped the balls and slammed into him.


Kasadya Hellhound DefinedKasadya Hellhound Defined ORIGINAL 300 dpi
Series: Kasadya, #4
Author: Karen Swart
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Audience: YA/NA – 14 years and up
Formats: E-book
Publisher: Karen Swart
Cover by: Melody Simmons
Edited by: Blue Butterfly Editing
ASIN: B00J698M1A
ISBN: 978-1311495075
Pages: 135 pages
Date Published: 21 March. 2014

Blurb –

For centuries his only reason for existence was to destroy evil. But when he finally found his mate, that all changed for the deadly Chax De Luca. When the hellhound Kasadya captured his heart, he surrended it to her, thinking he’d finally found what he’d been looking for. Little did he know that his mate would sacrifice herself to save them all.
His fury is legend. His wrath, merciless. His love for his mate, undeniable. He’s going to hell to retrieve his heart, and if that means that he must destroy hell itself, then so be it.
Kasadya awakes to a world in peril, her mate forever changed, and a war filled with evil creatures intending to enter Earth’s realm and destroy all that she holds dear. Can she complete her divinity in time to save her loved ones and mankind? Will she have to choose? Or will all be lost in the final battle?
The final battle is here, and with it, secrets are revealed and worlds are changed forever.


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taming 3





About the Author –

Karen SwartI am a complete book addict, and really proud of it. My entire world is made of books. From reading to writing to blogging to helping other authors. A day without my world of books would be impossible. I am a mother of three, two boys and a little princess. Happily married for 10 years with my high school sweetheart. I live in South Africa, just on the rims of the Kalahari Desert in a small town with one shop and friendly faces.

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New Release ~ Tail Lights ~ Connie L. Smith

“Preston and Nick endured the breakup of all breakups when Nick accused her of cheating on him. He insisted, and she denied while the rain pounded against her driveway and thunder roared in the distance. Then they both ran – Preston to a life of Rock and Roll, and Nick to a career in the Army.Over four years later, they’re damaged and broken almost beyond repair. He’s carrying baggage from his military days, and she bears the scars of living a lifestyle she’s grown to hate.

When Preston’s label forces her to take time away from music, their paths cross in a parking lot not twenty-four hours after her hometown return, anger and sparks flying in a confusing blend. But regardless of the feelings neither has been able to shake, too many lies and secrets stand in the way of the one thing they need in order to recover.

Each other.”


About the Author

Connie L. Smith spends far too much time with her mind wandering in fictional places. She reads too much, likes to bake, and might forever be sad that she doesn’t have fairy wings. And that she can’t swing dance. Her music of choice is severely outdated, and as an adult she’s kind of obsessed with Power Rangers. She has her BA from Northern Kentucky University in Speech Communication and History (she doesn’t totally get the connection either), and is currently working on her MA.

Hot Summer Nights


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Title: Hot Summer Nights
Series: Hot Summer Nights # 1
Author: Alicia Michaels, Carly Fall, Casse Narome, C.J. Baty, Elise Marion, Kacey Hammell, Peggy Martinez, R.K. Ryals
Audience: NA/Adult
Genre: Romance (Contemporary, some Time Travel and Paranormal)
Formats: E- book
Publisher: Indy Author Co., LLC
Cover by: PJ Friel
Pages: 402 pages
Date Published: 7/30/2014

Welcome to the paradise of Dasia Island. In the Elysium Resort, nestled among the lush beauty of the rainforest, adventure and romance await.
Contains 9 short stories, from New Adult to Erotic Romance!
She’s a rich, spoiled brat. He’s a smarmy know-it-all. Chloe Sanders came to Dasia Island to lie on the beach and go to the spa. Chase Watkins is roughing in the rainforest with a research group, studying wildlife. The two couldn’t be more different, but in the swelter and mystery of the island, opposites just might attract.
Criminal attorney Jared Greer cares about one thing: the next big case. He doesn’t think about right and wrong when taking on a client; he thinks of the paycheck and lives lavishly.
A potential client brings him to Dasia Island where he teams up with Monica, an island local. As they organize the case documents and explore the resort, their passion makes Jared reconsider his life, especially if he wants Monica in it.
One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure.
Reeling from the loss of her husband to a carefree socialite, uptight Kennedy retreats to Dasia island for a little bit of R and R. Will she learn to let loose in the arms of Basil, the wild-child trust-fund baby with a silver tongue?
Gar Lancaster wasn’t depressed, no matter what his sister said. He didn’t need a trip to a tropical island to meet some guy for a vacation romance. But when Mike Peters kissed him on the balcony under a sea of stars with the pounding waves hitting the shore below them, things changed.
Maybe, he didn’t need a happily ever after. Maybe happily for right now would be okay. Whatever happened, Gar was pretty sure he was in way over his head.
The loss of their son in a tragic accident left Jameson and Victoria Blake’s marriage in tatters. Together they were never able to move past it, and they parted ways after a painful divorce. But in the wilds of the rainforest, the realization that love has never died between them will rise to the surface.
Hand’s off. That’s Gemma Sands’ cardinal rule when it comes to dating co-workers. But she’d like to get her hands on Michael Harmon.
Michael has his own idea about where he’d like to put his hands. But Gemma’s steadfast rule means Michael simply admires from afar.
But when an unexpected layover on Dasia Island forces them to share tight quarters, they are unable to resist their passion, and finally surrender to every touch they desperately need.
Garrick Kaili ‘Kai’ Langston, heir to the 5-star Euthykhia Hotel, remains on Dasia Island out of loyalty to his family. But this building harbors some dark secrets—unsolved mysteries that haunt one of its oldest residents.
Some say Poppy Drummond had been swallowed by the deadly mist near the Dasia ruins. Others claim such notions are merely the product of a crazy mind…
But Kai is just about to find out—the truth is never what it seems when the walls between fantasy and reality crumble down.
Alyssa Monroe always dreamed of escaping to exotic locales as a photographer. Unfortunately, she’s spent the last four years capturing a truly frightening species with her camera instead. Celebrities. When the opportunity presents itself to visit the exotic Dasia Island, Alyssa is thrilled. Now if she can just deal with the only guide willing to take her deep into a forbidden forest. A sexy, tattooed local who sets her blood on fire and gets her camera finger itching
On Dasia Island, there’s a legend about a city of sin, a tragic story that ended in a mist of death. Haven Ambrose is a Journalism major on a mission. River Brayden is a meteorologist with a tropical system to follow. Their love is strong, but is it strong enough to survive a storm that leaves them stranded with an ancient evil?
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“What are we doing here, Chloe?” He came closer to me, his hands finding my waist and pulling me close. “You’re exactly the kind of complication I don’t need in my life right now.”

My hands found his belt buckle, using it to pull him even closer to me until our hips met. “Yeah, well I don’t need you either,” I answered, standing on tiptoe to reach his lips. I bit down on his lower lip playfully and tugged. “But I want you. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

His hands slid down to grip my ass and he ground his hips against mine suggestively. “Want is instinctive, it’s something that can’t be helped. Why fight it?”

Slowly, deliberately, I slid his belt through the loop and reached for the button of his shorts. “I won’t fight it if you don’t,” I whispered, my fingers skimming the fine hairs running down his abdomen, and the bulging ripples of his muscles. His stomach clenched in response, the muscles in his neck and chest tensing.

Wordlessly, Chase reached up to the straps holding my bikini in place at the back of my neck. With a swift tug, he loosened it, causing the black triangles to fall away. His eyes fixated on my breasts, going wide as his tongue swept out to wet his lips. Another tug, and he had the strings at my back undone, letting the top fall away. His hands came up to touch me and I moaned, my back arching in invitation, begging for more. He kissed me again, his tongue invading my mouth this time, as he reached down to grasp my hips, lifting me until my legs were wrapped around his hips.

My fingers tangled in his hair as I kissed him back hungrily, my body surging with heat and lust so strong I couldn’t deny it any more. What did it matter that nothing could ever come of this? Hell, neither of us was ready for another relationship, anyway. It just felt so good to surrender, to lose myself in this guy who made me feel things no other guy ever had.

He sank to the ground, laying me back, his fingers running through my damp waves. One of his hands found my face, his thumb caressing my cheek. “What if I told you all of your makeup had washed off?” he asked with a smirk.

I scowled at him. “I’d say you were rude for pointing that out.”

He leaned close, his tongue finding my ear in a spine-tingling stroke. “And what if I told you that I thought you were beautiful just like this?” he whispered, his breath tickling my neck.

“I want you,” he whispered into her ear as he gently sucked her earlobe. “Now. I want to taste you, to touch you, to make you come. I want to be inside of you.”

She gasped, her eyes dancing as he met her gaze. “You sound so certain of yourself,” she teased.

“I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life, Monica. You set my blood on fire.”

He brought her closer so that his rigid length pressed into her stomach.

“Do you always get what you want, Jared?” she asked, moving her hips and causing friction against his cock.

He let out a soft moan, and ran his thumb over her bottom lip. “Not always.”

“And what makes you think you’re going to get what you want tonight?”

Glancing around, he found a dark corner. Unable to believe what he was going to do, he led her over there and gently pushed her up against the wall, his body shielding her from anyone who may look their way. “I’m going to get what I want, because you want it, too, Monica,” he murmured. He’d never performed a sexual act in public, but never before had he desired a woman the way he wanted her. His hand trailed up her thigh, under her dress to her bikini bottom. She didn’t stop him.

“What are you looking for?” I began walking around the room and picked up miscellaneous clothes and made a neat pile.

“I think a woman about your size left a suit here one night. We had bought it from one of the shops because I was going to take her out on the water. She had curves for days.” She laughed at the memory. “Yeah, we never made it out the door.”

“So you are a lesbian?” My heart pounded in my chest.

“Yep. Is that gonna be an issue for you?” She didn’t sound too concerned.

“No, I just—”

“Found it!” she exclaimed, and jumped down from her perch. “Here, look. It is green and matches your eyes perfectly. Try it on.” She tossed it to me.

I held them up. What the fuck? How was this even considered clothing? This was the skimpiest thing I had ever seen.

“I could turn around if you are worried about it.” Basil rolled her eyes and turned her back. “I won’t even peek.”

But what if I want you to? What? No.

“I am worried … about how little fabric there is,” I admitted.

“Well, that is the best part. I may have overstated the board shorts description.” Basil turned around and made her way to me. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she spun me until I faced the wall.

I imagined her pushing me against it; pressing her body against mine while she took me with her fingers. I swallowed hard when I felt her fingers against my skin as she unzipped my black dress. Her fingertips grazed across the top of my ass before they fell away.

“What are you doing?” My voice was a whisper and I couldn’t catch my breath.

Basil leaned into me, putting her mouth to my ear. She smelled amazing. I wanted to drown in her fragrance. The crispness of fresh apples, pears, and the heat of nutmeg.

“You are going to look amazing, trust me.”

I shivered. Her hands gathered my hair and began to French braid it back from my face. All too soon, I felt her back away from me.

“I will wait outside for you to change. That way you’ll feel more comfortable. No snooping.” She laughed and sauntered out the door.

I finally exhaled. Holy shit, I was in trouble.

It was the same as the night before on his balcony, when we kissed for the first time. Fire igniting low in my belly then traveling north, south, east and west, everywhere all over me. Even if the water had been like ice, it wouldn’t have mattered. I was burning up with a need and it was clear, only Mike could quench it.

“Gar, God I want you,” Mike barely breathed the words against my lips. His voice rough and as needy as I felt.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned in return.

“We’ll get to that but for now,” he unlocked our bodies. Taking my hand he led me to a large smooth flat boulder along the bank of the pool. Some crazy wild flower was blooming beside it. Fleetingly, I remembered it was called a Bird of Paradise. It seemed fitting.

Tapping my hips with his strong fingers, he said, “Up.” He helped me to sit on the rock. “Lay back,” he demanded. He stood in the water between my wide spread legs.

The rock was as smooth as it had looked and hot to the touch. It felt like those warm stones they place on your back during a massage. The heat relaxed me and let me drift into the sensations I was feeling. I closed my eyes against the sun’s blinding rays.

“God you are beautiful.” Mike’s words reached a place deep inside me. They soothed away the last of the hurt and insecurity Bill had left me with.

“And this,” he said, taking my aching hard length in his hand, “is perfect.”

I had no time for a snarky comeback because my cock was suddenly encased in the wet heat of Mike’s mouth.

“Shit!” I heard myself scream.

My hips thrust up and a contented groan left my body. So long. Too long. Much too long since anyone had lathed this kind of sweet torture on me. It was paradise.

He was good. This was not going to take very long. I should have been embarrassed but I didn’t give a shit. I was too wrapped up in the drag and pull of his tongue across overly sensitive skin. The strong suck as he moved up and the soft flicks of his tongue as he went down were driving me closer and closer to an edge I was ready to fall off of. Yes, he was damn good.

I felt the burn start in my balls. Rising up on my elbows as it moved up my body, I looked at him. I had to see, had to watch, him work his magic over me. I tried to say the words, warn him before the eruption but he lifted those steel gray eyes, now nearly black, stared at me and I lost it. Long streams jetted from my body into his. The orgasm that rocked through me, shook my body violently and somewhere in the distance I heard someone shouting. It was me.

Mike’s cool wet body lowered over mine. His lips searched until they found mine. This kiss was sweeter. I could still taste the fruit we had shared but now my own taste was mingled in when our tongues began to dance again. The feel of Mike’s still hard erection pressed against my hip and the kiss became more demanding. It brought me alive again.

I reached for him, gripping his length tightly. He was long and hot in my hand. He humped my fist urgently. I had no qualms about returning the blow job and truth be known I wanted to taste him. I moved to reposition myself and he stopped me.

“Another time,” he panted. “For now this,” he bucked his hips and grabbed my hand to grip him harder, “is enough…too much…won’t last!” And he didn’t.

“I just want to talk, Vickie. I haven’t seen you since we signed the papers, and I … can’t we just talk? That’s all I want.”

Victoria hesitated. Her hand wrapped tightly around the doorknob. “What is there to talk about?”

Jameson’s brow furrowed as he leaned in close. His breath tickled her cheek when he whispered, “Everything.”

“Won’t the woman you came with start to wonder where you are?” She felt petty for even broaching the subject, but she had to know.

He laughed. “Come on, Vic, you know me better than that. I’m here with Travis and Sean, guys only. Did you honestly think I’d want to experience this place with any woman but you?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Are you going to stand there and tell me you’ve been celibate for an entire year?” She had him there. The guilt on his face told her everything she needed to know. For some reason, the thought of him with another woman made her angry. “Good-bye, Jameson,” she snapped, going to slam the door in his face.

He blocked it with his foot, shoving his body halfway into the room. He reached for her, his fingers wrapping around her arm. “There have been two,” he admitted. “And I hated every second of it. I couldn’t enjoy it because neither of them were you.”

“You’re the only man I’ve ever given my body to,” she pointed out. That confession seemed to please him. His eyes grew heavy-lidded as he leaned toward her, his lips brushing her hairline as he leaned close. “I just want to talk, Vickie. I haven’t seen you since we signed the papers, and I … can’t we just talk? That’s all I want.”

Victoria hesitated. Her hand wrapped tightly around the doorknob. “What is there to talk about?”

Jameson’s brow furrowed as he leaned in close. His breath tickled her cheek when he whispered, “Everything.”

“Won’t the woman you came with start to wonder where you are?” She felt petty for even broaching the subject, but she had to know.

He laughed. “Come on, Vic, you know me better than that. I’m here with Travis and Sean, guys only. Did you honestly think I’d want to experience this place with any woman but you?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Are you going to stand there and tell me you’ve been celibate for an entire year?” She had him there. The guilt on his face told her everything she needed to know. For some reason, the thought of him with another woman made her angry. “Good-bye, Jameson,” she snapped, going to slam the door in his face.

He blocked it with his foot, shoving his body halfway into the room. He reached for her, his fingers wrapping around her arm. “There have been two,” he admitted. “And I hated every second of it. I couldn’t enjoy it because neither of them were you.”

“You’re the only man I’ve ever given my body to,” she pointed out. That confession seemed to please him. His eyes grew heavy-lidded as he leaned toward her, his lips brushing her hairline as he leaned close.

“You’re the only woman I’ve ever given my heart to,” he whispered.

Victoria swayed toward him, losing her grip on the blanket. It fell to her feet, revealing the nightshirt she wore. Jameson sucked in a sharp breath—the T-shirt was his, an old ratty thing he used to wear while tinkering beneath the hood of his truck. For weeks after he’d moved out, the shirt still held his scent. At the time, she wore it to cling to the last part of him that was left with her, but now the scent was gone. Now, she wore it simply because it was his.

“Let me in, Vickie,” he said, his eyes coming back up to hers. “I’m not asking anymore.”

“You’re the only woman I’ve ever given my heart to,” he whispered.

Victoria swayed toward him, losing her grip on the blanket. It fell to her feet, revealing the nightshirt she wore. Jameson sucked in a sharp breath—the T-shirt was his, an old ratty thing he used to wear while tinkering beneath the hood of his truck. For weeks after he’d moved out, the shirt still held his scent. At the time, she wore it to cling to the last part of him that was left with her, but now the scent was gone. Now, she wore it simply because it was his.

“Let me in, Vickie,” he said, his eyes coming back up to hers. “I’m not asking anymore.”

“Problem, Gemma?”

Surprised by the rough voice behind her, she spun around quickly. Her heart jumped at the sight of Michael Harmon.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.”

She waved him off. “No worries. Just jumpy today I guess. And there are no rooms available for me.”

“Shit, that’s rough. I think I got the last room.”

“Gemma, I’m sorry,” Crystal returned to the counter, “our sister resort is full as well.” She pleaded with her eyes for Gemma to understand. “I can call around to a few others. See what I can find.”

Gemma shook her head. “No, that’s okay. I’ll grab a seat in the restaurant, get a bite to eat, and make some calls. Can I get that list of hotels in the area? I’ll bring it back once I’ve reached them all.”

Crystal handed her the phone listings. “I’m very sorry.”

“Gemma, you can have my room. I’ll find somewhere else.” Michael sidled closer. “Crystal, change my booking to hers, please.”

“No. Thank you, Michael, that’s very kind of you, but I’ll be fine.”

“Nonsense. I insist.”

“Of course, Michael.” Crystal grinned and looked from one to the other. “Although, what I could do, since you both work together, is put you in the same room. There is a guestroom one of you could use, and you can share the common areas.”

Gemma stared at the other woman, wondering if she’d gone crazy. Share a room with

Michael? That was Crystal’s solution?

“No, umm, that’s okay. Honestly, it’s not the end of the world.” The last of her sentence came out on a yawn. Embarrassed, she covered her mouth. “I’m so sorry. I’ll see you both later, I have things to do.”

Michael put a hand on her arm, halting her when she made a grab for her suitcase.

“That’s a great idea, Crystal. Do that, and we’ll head to the room now. Thanks for your help.”

“Of course. If you need anything from room service or anything, the extensions are on

the table beside the phone.” She picked up the phone and punched in a few keys. “I’ll have extra towels delivered there right now.”

Gemma gawked at him. “Michael, really … you don’t have to do this. I’m sure I’ll find


He grabbed her suitcase, and his, and rolled them both behind him. “Come on, Gem, let’s get some shut eye. I’m exhausted.”

Gemma rushed along behind him, wishing her legs were a bit longer to keep up.

Breathing heavy, she caught him at the corner to the west wing hallway. “I never thought of you as so difficult before. And bossy.”

Michael laughed and strode on. At least she’d be near the library. However, she wasn’t sure a book would keep her attention. Not with the hunky Michael Harmon bunking with her. It was difficult enough to keep her ogling of him to a minimum when they were at work or on a job, but to see him in such a domestic and relaxed manner … her steadfast rule against getting involved with co-workers might fly out the window.

Every time he was around her, she wanted to jump his bones, easing the ache inside.

Since meeting Michael, all other men paled in comparison, and she hadn’t been with a man in over two years. Admittedly, she was very fussy about the men she dated, even more so about whom she took to her bed. All she could think about these days was Michael.

Regardless, she didn’t want to mix business and pleasure.

Sometimes she hated herself for making the self-imposed rule.

She bit into her BLT as he deftly picked up a piece of sushi with chopsticks and popped it into his mouth. The sight of raw fish on the huge, eighteen-piece platter made her gag. Big didn’t only describe him physically … he put that extra something in everything he did, too. An all-or-nothing kind of guy, she figured.

She wondered if he’d also prove that way between the sheets.

Shaking the lurid thoughts away, she focused on eating—and watching him eat. He picked up a piece with a slice of what looked like raw salmon on top. The disgust must have shown on her face because his lips curved in his trademark crooked smile that gave him a roguish air. The dimples made a prompt appearance, creating a major meltdown of her insides.

“These are prime grade fish cuts,” he said. “But I also have teriyaki chicken pieces and tempura shrimp. They’re cooked. You like shrimp?”

She nodded as she suspiciously eyed a piece he hooked with his chopsticks and raised it to her mouth.

“Open up … there.” He slid it between her lips, slowly, carefully, as though performing a sensitive operation.

As her mouth closed over the food, their eyes held for a couple of seconds, then he gingerly removed the chopsticks and watched her chew. The seaweed wrap didn’t taste as foul as she thought—fresh, more like—and the crispy part of the tempura toned down the taste of the spice.

She finally issued her verdict, “Not bad.”

They finished their meals, stealing glances at each other. Kai kept one of his hands dangerously close to hers. If he moved a finger, he’d touch hers, which she kept on the table, just in case … I want to feel your hand on mine again.

Unfortunately, he removed the hand to check his watch. “Best get a move on. I sent a text to Mr. Crawley, and expect him to contact me early morning. I’ll be bringing him over. You’ll probably have to come back to the bank with him to complete some paperwork. Don’t worry, I’ll be there in case you need me,” he added at the end, seeing her worried frown.

“I can take care of myself, but—”

He held a hand up. “Please, I get it. This is a different world, but things will work out. You’re a sharp cookie.”

“And how do you know?”

“Trust me,” he said, his eyes narrowed on her, “I know.”

Her cheeks heated at his regard. “Thank you for today. I’ll pay you back.”

A pause. “No need. Consider it a ‘welcome back’ gift from me.”

Somehow, his words caused a lump of emotion in her throat. This man cared so much for her mother—and also for her. She bit her lip as she dealt with the flash flood that drowned her senses. She quickly got a hold of herself. “I suppose we should go.”

And so they went, back home to her mother. They stood facing each other by the cottage door. Her neck hurt with the strain of looking up at him.

“How tall are you?” she blurted out.

“Six foot six.”

“Taller than—”

“Yes,” he said curtly. “Taller.” Clearly, he didn’t appreciate being compared to another man.

“Sorry,” she felt compelled to say, her gaze never leaving his. He had to see she was sincere.

“It’s okay, just … I’m a lot like my great-uncle, much more than I’m like Granddad, but we’re not the same man, okay?”

She nodded. “I know. You’ve been amazing.” She swallowed hard when he bent down a little, bringing his lips a few inches from hers. “I really appreciate—”

Closing the distance between them, he kissed her on the cheek, close to the side of her mouth. His lips felt incredibly warm on her skin. She smelled the breath mint he’d just had, as well as the musky cologne on his neck, and the essence of pure male that sent her head spinning. Oh sweet God above. Oh man … so much man. Kiss me, Kai …

I met the man’s stare, trying to look as haughty as I could. However, his eyes were the color of the ocean that we had both just fallen into—blue and clear, with the stars twinkling in their reflection—and his face was tan, which I could easily tell even in the semidarkness. He worked in the sun, or at the very least spent a lot of time enjoying it. His mouth was full and beyond kissable. The man was altogether one of the most attractive men I’d ever seen. His nose appeared to have been broken once or twice, but that only added to his fiercely good looks. His eyes narrowed as I gaped at him, still sprawled on top of him like an idiot. I felt my face blush in mortification, and scrambled to get off of him, unwinding my legs from his. I mumbled curses beneath my breath as I tried to pull down the fabric of my dress—that had adhered to my upper thighs and stomach—and to cover my lacey panties, which were showing for all of the world to see.

The man, still on the ground, chuckled deeply, the sound raising goose bumps along my wet skin. I scowled down at him. He was leaning back on his arms, half reclining and gazing at me with a crooked grin.

“What are you staring at?” I snapped, as I peeled the fabric down, trying to reclaim at least a tiny bit of my dignity. “This is all your fault.” His brow rose at that, but I was too embarrassed and enraged to care.

“I was minding my own business, enjoying the water and the moonlight, and then you ruined it.” He smiled widely now, making my anger reach new heights and causing my temper, which I usually held under tight control, to flare. “What the hell were you doing anyway? Planning on drowning an innocent woman tonight, hmm?” I threw at him. His smile vanished, and he quickly moved to his knees, grabbing my thighs in his hands tightly and holding me in place. My nostrils flared and I struggled for a second before giving up, not wanting to give myself bruises while trying to escape his grip.

“Sweetheart, if I’d wanted you or anyone else dead, you’d never have known it was coming,” he whispered harshly. His grip loosened, and he put a hand out to tug the fabric of my dress down over my butt, his knuckles skimming the lace there as he did. I sucked in a breath and waited to see what he planned. My eyes widened as his gaze held mine and he continued to put my dress to rights. When he was finished, he stood up and I realized just how large he was. He towered over me by a good four inches. His shoulders were broad, his white T-shirt plastered to his muscular chest, and dark tattoos that I couldn’t make out in the darkness covering both of his arms. I could also see one peeking out from the collar of his shirt as well, and couldn’t help but wonder what it was and where it led to.

“A city of sin,” she said suggestively, as if her hips weren’t invitation enough.

The rainforest surrounding us was full of noise, chattering birds, buzzing insects, and enough humidity to match any day back home. A mosquito nipped me on the neck, and I quickly slapped at it.

“How much sin are we talking about?” I asked.

Haven hiked through the foliage, her eyes on the trees above us. A macaw was perched on a limb, its plumage bright and colorful, and its gaze on Haven. Her eyes were riveted on the bird, and I realized suddenly that this was the first time Haven had ever been out of our small hometown. Life hadn’t been kind to her, but she’d survived it with a kind heart and a brilliant spirit.

I almost let it slip then, the words I’d been fighting all day not to say. It wasn’t time yet.

“Hamartia,” Haven said thoughtfully. “A village that simply disappeared.”

I scanned the forest. “They probably got eaten by a wild beast.”

It was not the best idea being in the rainforest alone without a guide. Haven was an adventurer. She saw something, and she went after it.

I saw the sign before she did.

Enter at your own risk.

“Should this be comforting?” I asked.

The sign was the first thing either of us had seen in miles. There had only been close forest, and the uncomfortable realization that there was wildlife here a lot more vicious than the wildlife back home.

Haven’s excitement lit up her face. She grabbed my arm, her fingers digging into my damp flesh.

“This has to be it,” she exclaimed.

Haven was beautiful, and she didn’t even know it. It was part of what made her so unique.

My hand pushed at a large leaf over the sign. “We can’t explore it standing here.”

She laughed, the sound filling the forest. A startled macaw launched into the air, its colorful wings shuddering. Beneath the foliage, an iguana skittered deeper into the forest debris.

Ducking, Haven entered the area first, her sudden silence enough to rush me.

The sight that met my eyes was as breathtaking as the woman next to me.

“The city of sin,” Haven whispered.

A city of sin indeed.



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Title – Project Lexi
Series – The Lexi Series
Author – Lisa Survillas
Genre – NA/Contemporary Romance
Publication Date – June 19, 2014
Publisher – Lisa Survillas
Cover Artist – Cover design by Kimberly Knight
Photographs for cover – Geanette Trumbull of http://www.TLCbyG.com


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Book Blurb/Synopsis

Lexi Crandall’s, world is turned upside down junior year of high school. Her confession tears her family apart and leaves them broken. Looking for escape, she heads out of town for college. Wracked with guilt and shame, she keeps to herself, befriending only her roommate, Paige.

Derek Fressen experiences one tragedy after another. After learning to cope with being raised by a single mom, he and his sister, Tiffany, become closer than ever. When Tiffany escapes Seattle for college, Derek takes the opportunity to leave his past behind as well.

San Francisco State University is where Lexi and Derek find themselves junior year, thrown into the most uncomfortable situation possible, a group project that requires each to open up about their past. Their grade depends upon the ability to prove to the professor through a class presentation that they truly learned about one another.

Painful memories and terrifying tests of courage propel Lexi to learn how to take baby steps in the healing process and give her hope of one day feeling normal. Although he feels he’s pretty well healed from the horrible events of his past, Derek is lonely and longing for a life of more. Will they be able to share enough of their lives with each other to pass this class? How much will Lexi let Derek help her in the process? Are their tragic pasts too much to overcome, or will love be in their future?



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I can’t get her to look at me, I think she’s ashamed that she has no experience to go with. When I’m finally begging, she looks up and I can’t help it. She looks so lost, so sad. I know that she just needs the courage, but how will she ever find it if she doesn’t know what the reward is like? So I lean over, I place my hand on her cheek, and my lips on hers. She doesn’t freak out, so I use my tongue to entice her. I run it along her lower lip. I feel her breathing pick up and I’m nervous she’ll push me away, but when she doesn’t I try to coax her lips apart so I can really kiss her. When she opens them, her tongue meets mine and I have to keep repeating to myself, “Slow, slow, slow,” or my body might take over and try to push her past her limits. She’s not ready for more than this.

I don’t let myself linger too long. I would love to kiss her all night, but she needs baby steps. I need to give her that or this won’t work. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself, but I should’ve made sure it was okay first.” I say it knowing that she needed the surprise of it or it would’ve never happened.

Her response takes me by surprise, “Don’t. Be. Sorry.” She is breathing hard and can’t form a sentence. I love it. That means she loved it. When she brings her hand up to touch her lips, I know I can make this better for her. I stop her hand with mine and leaving the other on her cheek, I lean back in for a deeper kiss. She responds immediately. I make this one longer, but not much. This time when I pull back, we are both panting for air.

“Wow.” A simple statement from her confirming that she liked it.


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Project Lexi - Author Photo



I’m Lisa. I live in sunny southern California with my wonderful husband and two teenage children. Hubbyis a high school PE teacher and is the coach of three different high school sports. With two kids in high school and involved in activities both inside and outside of school, I have a lot to juggle. When home, I lock myself inside the office to write. I’ve always loved to write, but life always seemed to be too busy. When inspiration finally hit, I made the most of the time hubby and kids were busy and published my first book in February 2014. It’s a teen/young adult book and the first in a series. I’m currently working on a New Adult/Contemporary Romance series with the first book due out end of June 2014. Be on the look-out for more.



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