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From me to you

You see me rollin’, ya hatin’ LOL.

I’m on the move again. Yes, I’m tired. But I’m in Iowa, Cedar Falls. Romance Rendezvous Book Bash. It’s free so head on over! 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Meet and greet with the authors. Come chat with me! If you read this and head on over, tell me! I’ll email you a free .99 cent ebook. One of mine so don’t go crazy, lol.

Look at all of us! We’d love to meet you.

Now, You all know Finding Faith came out in May (finally, am I right?) I just submitted a 13K word story for an anthology. All proceeds are being donated to a homeless shelter in IN that is for veterans. Tentatively it is being called Destiny Whispers.

Here’s the blurb from my contribution, Broken Prince Charming:

I lost my way. Discharged, broken, I sought comfort from a bottle. A lot of bottles. I wore a mantle of guilt that I had survived, while most of my buddies died. My life spirals downward. Rock bottom is ugly. I realize I need help and reach out for it. Hidden among the homeless and despair is a bright light, with milk chocolate skin, bright blue eyes and a smile that cheers my soul.

Grace. She smiles and carriers a beacon of hope within her. Despite circumstances that would bring anyone else down, she forges her own path. A path different from her mother’s. Determined to support herself and leave the shelter behind, she has a plan. Nothing and no one will stop her.

She deserves a fresh start, and I’ll help her get it. Even if it means I’m left behind.

Broken Prince Charming is a sweet romance. I know. I’m not sure how that happened, but it did. My beta readers said they wished it was longer, lol. But I was limited on word count to be part of the anthology. And I wanted to contribute. You all know the military and veterans are near and dear to my heart.

On another note, I’m doing a story for another anthology. Area 51. LOL. I had to! I don’t even have a name for it yet, but I’m working on it. I’ll have it done by Aug 31 so it can go to edits. I’ve just been fighting a migraine the last week. I’m on day 7 as I write this. Felt great one day and ended up feeling like my brain was trying to pound its way out of my skull. Lovely, eh? I even already have the cover. Not the name, not the title, lol. But it involves Area 51, tornadoes and a horny alien. Yeah.

I’m having fun, lol.

So preorder it! You know you want to! .99 cents for now!


All proceeds will be going to assist Veterans from the Area 51 anthology! So that is more awesomeness! 

From Me to You Friday ~ Memorial Day Weekend ~ Honoring Those Who Served

Fallen HeroesTHANK YOU!
I cannot say that enough. Thank you to those who served. Thank you to those who live with the fact that your loved one is doing what they believe in. THANK YOU!

I can look at this from both sides of the fence. I’m a veteran and my son is on active duty.

I am a US Navy Veteran. I was proud to serve, eager to serve. I’ve always been asked why and my stock answer was that as long as I could remember I wanted to join the Navy. And I did. I wanted with a deep seated need to be able to protect my country. I was and am proud of the fact that I lived and served the United States of America. I joined knowing full well that at any time during my service I could be called upon to give the ultimate sacrifice for my country. I signed a contract and I swore that oath. I lived that oath. As you all know at eighteen we all knew we would live forever!

I survived, life and limbs intact. Much to my parents happiness. Me, I had five years that I will never regret. Five years that changed my life. The camaraderie that is formed by a group of people that know that at any moment they could be called upon to make that sacrifice is unmatched.

Now, like my parents, I watched my child join to serve his country. Much like me, it is something he always wanted to do. Maybe it is bred in his bones. My son, my Marine is the son of two Sailors (me and my husband), who is the son of a Soldier (my father in law). Rumor has it that his father was a soldier also, but in another country before they emigrated to the US. My husband jokes he rode with Pancho Villa. I don’t know. But serving our country must run in our blood.
Unlike my parents, I knew that when he signed up he would go to war. He did. I worried every day. As a parent that was the longest seven months of my life. I knew the reports that came out never ever ever told even half of the story. Him? Oh he enjoyed it. Loved the combat pay. Said he’d go again and he probably will. Didn’t even mind the sand pit he was in. Mom, he told me, it was pretty quiet. We only got one or two death threats a day. Glad he told me that when he was home on leave and not when he was there!

But I’m lucky. My son is lucky. In his unit, for the seven months he was there, no one in his unit died. Well a few were shot he tells me, but no one died. So yes, they were lucky. I’m sure every parent and loved one prayed for their safe return and our prayers were answered. I thank God that the Marines are given such good training.

gold star
But Freedom isn’t Free. Many more families get the knock at the door. Just thinking of it makes the tears pour and my heart clench. When I stand at parade rest, carrying the Colors at ceremonies honoring the Gold Star families I always cry. A life was cut short. A family grieves, forever. Gone but not forgotten.

A Gold Star flag is a red border on a field of white with a gold star that symbolizes that a parent/spouse has a fallen service member in a time of war.

Defense Casualty Analyst System This is the link to the casualties. A list of the fallen. In Operation Enduring Freedom as of May 10, 2013 there are thirty pages names of the fallen. In Operation New Dawn there is one page of names of the fallen. In Operation Iraqi Freedom there are fifty seven pages of names of the fallen.

I hear this song and my heart breaks. I cry every time. Taps is not only a song to mourn the passing of a hero, but that is what I associate it with.

So please. Take one day out of your lives. Lend a hand to a veteran, an active duty service member. Go to your local Memorial Day Parade, your local veterans cemetery, honor those who game some, honor those who gave all.
color guard
When you see the flag go by, honor it. Stand up as it goes by, remove your hat, place your hand over your heart. It is the symbol of our country. It is the symbol of our freedom. You have the right to speak your mind BECAUSE we have brave men and women who are willing to stand up and fight and die so you have that freedom.

So honor them. For one day say Thank you.

What will I be doing? I’ll be performing the ceremony to honor those lost at sea, a symbolic wreath tossed in a river to honor their memories. Then, joining my comrades in arms, my fellow veterans, we’ll lead off at the head of the Memorial Day Parade flying the Colors of the United States of America.

As I help head the parade on it’s two mile trek to the Veterans Ceremony, I hope to see you there.

Never forget, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

Freedom Thanks

Pray for those that are in a combat zone that they come home safe and sound.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. If you see a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman, say Thank you!