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From Me to You Friday ~ Beverly ~ What’s in store

Currently I’m laying home in bed. I’m not being lazy! I am under doctor’s orders for nothing that stimulates my brain. Okaaaaaay. I recently underwent surgery and at this point in time I’m going stir crazy. I’m pre posting to share my angst! LOL.

ENOUGH! Right?

ASaintsSalvation_MEDHave you read A Saint’s Salvation?

Check out my reviews on Amazon & Goodreads. I have 13 on Amazon and 20 on Goodreads.




Corporal Nicholas ‘Saint’ Santiago needs to go home to reclaim the man he used to be. To be the man he was before Operation Enduring Freedom slowly hardened his heart. He needs to reconnect to the values and the reasons he is doing what he does. Saint also needs to try to forget the courageous woman he knows was meant to be his.

Petty Officer Angelina Jones’ life changed the moment Saint saved her life. She survived the blast but now has to deal with the fact that she will never be whole. Knowing Saint received a ‘Dear John’ letter, Angelina has no intention of being his rebound romance. She needs to be loved for herself. She needs to forget about the one man she knows was meant to be hers.

They each try to find someone to help them forget.

But what does fate have planned for them?

Now Available at:

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / AllRomance / Bookstrand / Secret Cravings Publishing

So, if you’ve read it you’ll hopefully enjoy the next one. I’m still working on it and hope to have it submitted by August. A Series? Yes, if my publisher picks it up!
The Stubborn Santiago’s:

Her Savior in Camouflage

Here’s a sneak peak at part of the first unedited chapter:

Jandro figured whatever was going on it was bad. He leaned over to Lee and whispered. “Bro, you in trouble?” Lee shook his head, then nodded.

“Talk about it later, bro. ‘Kay?” Lee whispered back. Their madre sat shotgun and behind her, Jacinta waited to get in the car. Jacinta shut the front door, closing it for their mama. She then crawled in next to Jandro and leaned over.

“Lee, you’re in so much trouble.” Her voice was low, obviously she was trying to not be heard in the front.

“All of you, shut up.” Tio Mateo started the car. It was a tight fit in the small car their madre owned. The little Vibe was good on gas, but three in the back seat sucked.

Jandro pushed Lee over. “Move over, dude. You’re hoggin’.” Lee glared at him, eyes puffy from lack of sleep and an obvious hangover, but he shifted closer to the door. Jandro wrinkled his nose. Lee smelled worse than him and considering how bad he smelled from playing soccer for the last couple of hours that was saying something.

They pulled out, heading west on Beverly Boulevard. Jandro watched the scenery go buy, dirty run down houses, graffiti on every surface imaginable. Not even the sign for Saint Agnes was spared, the gang symbols sprayed across the frame, though the glass had obviously been cleaned. God, Jandro thought, I hate this place. I gotta get outta here.

Jandro shrugged, his madre was pointing at the pancake house. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as he thought. When they turned in but passed it and headed toward the strip mall he frowned. There wasn’t anything here that he could think of that they would all need to go to.

Mateo parked the car and got out. He shut his door and pulled open the door, gesturing Lee out. “We’re here.”

Jandro frowned. A card shop, a few eateries, a couple of clothing boutiques and the recruiters were here. Nothing he could see that would have the family so grim, or necessitate them all coming.

They exited the vehicle, Lee silent as he followed Tio across the parking lot. Jacinta and Mama got out, following behind like ducks in a row. Jandro slowly got out of the car. Tio Mateo was holding the door to the recruiters open, pushing Lee inside and waiting for Jandro to lock the car. When Tio frowned at him, he shut the door, locking it as he did, and headed over. Mateo nodded and let the door shut, bringing up the rear behind Jacinta as they all were hidden from view behind the glass.

Jandro stopped, hand on the door. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but knew that the time for hiding his signing up was gone. He just hoped that whatever else was going on wouldn’t make it any harder.

Jandro pushed open the door. The innocuous tinkle of the bell sounded like a death nell. Once he entered, there would be no more hiding. He straightened his shoulders. He was a Marine, dammit. Well, at least a pooley, he’d be a Marine in two days. He took a breath and stepped inside.

The room was split into four corners. Each of the services was represented, Army, Navy, Marine and Air force. The Coast Guard had a place out closer to the ocean, near the docks in San Pedro. Jandro had talked to the Navy recruiter, but the Marines drew him. Nico had done the same. The Marines just appealed to both of them, speaking to something inside. They both had instinctively known that the Marines was the place for them.

“Jandro.” The Marine recruiter stepped over to shake his hand. His family turned, staring at him. “You’ve brought your family. Wonderful.” The recruiter turned to Jandro’s family. “Bet you’re proud of this young man. Do you have any final questions for me?” He turned to Jandro. “Are you excited?” He clasped his shoulder. “I’m proud to have you joining me.”

“Thank you.” Jandro smiled. He couldn’t help but be awed by the confidence that the Sergeant instilled in him. “I can’t wait. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” He turned to his family. “I’m not sure why we’re here, but you need to know. I’ve enlisted and I leave for boot camp on Thursday.” His mother burst into tears. Tio Mateo and his sister looked stunned. Lee cracked the first smile on his face that Jandro had seen in a while, then he started laughing.

“Jandro.” Jandro looked at his recruiter. “Did they not know? Why did they not know?” The Sergeant grabbed his arm and marched him into the ASVAB testing room. “Explain.”

Jandro sighed. “I was getting ready to tell them when the po-po, er, police showed up at our house.”

“Are you in trouble?” The Sergeant was frowning.

“No, not me. Mi hermano. I don’t know what’s going on. The cops talked to mi madre and tio and they called Lee in, and shoved the rest of us out of the house. When I got back they were yelling and screaming but the police were gone.” He shrugged. “I tried to tell them, but no one would listen. I headed back out to the park.” Jandro shook his head. “Tio and Mama had us all get into the car and we all headed here. I saw them come inside here and I knew as soon as I stepped in the door, the jig would be up.”

The Sergeant was shaking his head. “Will you be okay?”

“Sergeant, all I’ve ever wanted to do was join the service. I want out of here. I want more than I can get living my life in my abuela’s casa. I don’t want to be the victim of a carjacking or a drive by. I know I can be more. I know I can be a Marine, a great Marine.” Jandro gazed earnestly at him. “I was born to be a Marine. I can feel it’s where I belong, what I was meant to do.” The sergeant clapped Jandro’s shoulder.

“Well then, son. Let’s see what your family came here for. Hop to, Marine.” The Sergeant moved and held open the door ushering Jandro out.

Jandro stood straighter and smiled. He turned and headed back out into the chaos that was his family. He went easier knowing the Sergeant had his back.

Lee was leaning against a chair grinning while the rest of Jandro’s family were whispering together.

“Mijo.” His mother was wiping her eyes and sniffling. “Why are you doing this?” She clamped her lips together as Mateo spoke to her, too low for Jandro to hear.

Jacinta came over and hugged him. “I’m going to miss you. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jandro hugged her back and ruffled her hair. “To tell you was to tell the world little media queen.”

She laughed. “I’ve already tweeted it.”

“See what I mean?” Jandro rolled his eyes grinning down at her. “You have no secrets, and neither does anyone else in the family with you around.”

“Alejandro.” He looked up at his Tio who had stepped over to his side. “I’m proud of you mijo.” Mateo pulled him into a hug. “I know you’ve wanted this. Hell, I argued for you when you wanted to go in before.” He shook his head. “But mi hermana was hell bent on keeping you home. Don’t worry, do what you have to do.”

Jandro swallowed, chest tight and hugged him back. He hadn’t realized that his Tio would support him. He’d have told him earlier if he’d have known. “Gracias Tio. I just couldn’t wait any longer.” They stepped back, smiling.

“It had to be hard seeing Nico then. The two of you had planned on joining together.”

“Si. Especially when I saw his back, Tio. I felt I should have been with my wingman.”

Mateo laughed. “You two. The Taliban would have run! Did you sign up with him when he was here?”

“No, Tio. I had signed up the morning before we knew he was coming. I had just got back from here when he called.”

Mateo sighed. “You should have told us. Does Nico know?”

“Si. I told him at the airport.”

“What did he say?”

“That he knew I could do it.” Jandro nodded. “And I can, Tio.”

“I know it.” Mateo laughed. “Santiago’s are nothing if not stubborn. Now let’s get back to why we came.” Mateo looked at Lee and Jandro saw the grin slowly melt from Lee’s face as they headed back over to him.

Jandro had a feeling that life was about to change for his party hard hermano.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rough excerpt from  my WIP Her Savior in Camouflage!


WIP 2014 AM

From Me to You Friday – Tamara – Coming in December

Hello friends! I have TWO, count em TWO releases coming out in December from Secret Cravings Publishing.
A Special Kind of Love… and
Chasing Love.
I have also been contracted for the third book in the Circle R Ranch series, Fetching Love, that one will release in May of 2014.
Looks like a lot of LOVE! right?
So today I am going to give you a sneak peak at my two December releases:

Through Fights and Fire, Prejudice and Passion, Burns A Special Kind of Love

A Special Kind of Love
A divorced school teacher, estranged from her family, wants to start over. Sharon Daily moves to Gaines, Wyoming with her ten year old autistic son, Aaron. She hoped to find kindness and acceptance in this small town. She wasn’t looking for love…

Tanner West, the Fire Chief of Gaines, seems to have it all. Great job, loving family, and any woman he wants to warm his bed at night. But, Tanner has suffered too. A Native American in a white world, he longs to find love and acceptance. He is ready for more than someone to share his bed. He wants someone to share his life. And Sharon really lights his fire.

Making a life with Sharon will require A Special Kind of Love.

Boy oh boy, this man was trouble. He was slowly tearing down the wall she’d built around her heart, brick by brick. Could any man be this perfect? He must have some faults. Maybe he was a chauvinist pig… no, didn’t seem like it. He was kind to animals and children, he was a fireman, he looked like sex on a stick. What could be wrong with him? Maybe he snored. Oh, wouldn’t she like to find out?

Tanner was thunder struck the moment he saw Sharon. Damn that woman was fine, and that kid of hers… wow, he was smart. He might be a little different, but Tanner really liked him. He loved kids and he had no problem with dating a woman with children. If he was lucky he’d be dating this one soon.
He looked down at the woman walking beside him and smiled. She was everything he loved about a woman wrapped up in a cute little package. Golden blonde hair was secured to the top of her head in a ponytail, he bet it would reach her waist when it was loose. Her body was curvy in all the right places, her breasts more than filled out the tee shirt she was wearing and those hips, dang he could just imagine holding onto them while she rode him, instead of Big Red. Whoa buddy, better watch what you’re thinking or you’re going to have an obvious reaction.

Tanner is one sexy hero!
Want to meet Chase?

Chasing Love, Book 2 Circle R Ranch – Tamara Hoffa
Samantha Cross went out in search of a one night stand to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She found more than she was looking for, when her sexy cowboy turned out to be her new neighbor, and seven years younger than her too.
Chase Ryan was looking for the one. He found her and she disappeared on him into the night. When he shows up at her door with an apple pie, the fun begins.
Samantha may run, but he is Chasing Love.

Chase looked up from his beer when the bar door opened again, and his eyes widened. Hot damn! There was a goddess standing in the doorway. Holy shit, that was one hot woman… and that hair? He could already feel it sliding against his skin as she rode him like a wild stallion. Bet it will feel like silk.
The woman must be visiting in town, because he’d never seen her before, and unfortunately, he knew all the locals. Fresh meat. Yee haw, he knew the filly he was going after tonight. The goddess had paused at the entrance and scanned the interior, once she had her bearings she headed to the bar.
Chase let her settle into her seat and order her drink before he made his move. The bartender sat what looked like a strawberry daiquiri in front of the woman, as Chase walked up to her side. She swiveled on her stool to face him and gave a thorough once over. Her gaze swept from his face down to the tips of his polished cowboy boots and then back up again, pausing for a long moment on his groin, which swelled behind his zipper at her perusal.
When she finally made it back to his face, their eyes locked. Hers were gleaming with interest and a smile curved her lips.
Chase cocked a brow and tipped his hat, “Hello, beautiful. I hate to sound cliché, but are you new around these parts?”
Samantha laughed, “Hello yourself, cowboy. I don’t think I’ll answer your question. I prefer to be a woman of mystery.”
“Mystery is good. Can I at least get your name? Or should I just call you angel?”
Eyes dancing with delight, she held out her dainty little hand, “Samantha.”
His hand engulfed hers. The softest skin he had ever felt slid against his calloused paw, “Chase.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Chase. But, I think I’ll just call you cowboy.”

While your waiting for December, check out book one in the Circle R Ranch series, Roping Love, and my debut novella Heart of a Soldier.

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From Me to You Friday – Tamara – The End!

The End! Those are magical words to an author. A happy and sad moment. You are glad to be finished with your story, but sad to say goodbye to the characters. (Yes authors are crazy!)
I wrote “The End” on Giving Chase this week and now I sit on pins and needles after hitting the “submit” button. Giving Chase is the sequel to Roping Love and features Chance’s Brother Chase.

Giving Chase, Book 2 Circle R Ranch – Tamara Hoffa

Samantha Cross went out in search of a one night stand to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She found more than she was looking for, when her sexy cowboy turned out to be her new neighbor, and seven years younger than her too.
Chase Ryan was looking for the one. He found her and she disappeared on him into the night. When he shows up at her door with an apple pie, the fun begins.
Samantha may run, but he is Giving Chase.

Would you like a sneak peak?
“Samantha Cross stared into the cheval mirror on her bedroom wall. Thirty years old today. Damn, she wasn’t ready to be thirty! Yesterday she was graduating college and starting out in life. Today she was alone… and freakin’ thirty.
She leaned into the mirror and looked at the corners of her eyes, were there lines forming there? No, she didn’t see any wrinkles. Her skin was still clear and smooth. Stepping back and checking out the whole package, she turned around and looked over her shoulder at her backside. Yeah, that was one big butt. But, at least her boobs were big too.
She had squeezed her butt into her tightest jeans and had on a low cut, figure hugging tee-shirt. Her waist was tiny. She had a terrible time finding pants that fit. If they weren’t hip huggers, than they gapped in waist if they went over her assets. Shiny blonde hair hung to her waist, her crowning glory, ha ha. Her hazel eyes were flecked with gold, giving them an amber look.
Tastefully applied makeup accentuated her cheek bones and the cupids bow of her lips. Eyes outlined in deep green liner and subtle eye shadow completed the picture. All she needed was to don her “fuck me” boots and she would be ready for her night on the town.
Carrie had been in town for a month. Things were starting to shape up around the farm. She was finally completely unpacked and they had started on the planting today. The storefront she had found in the old downtown district was perfect for her new store and she couldn’t wait to start stocking it.
She closed her eyes for a moment and thanked her grandpa again. I miss you so much PawPaw. His life insurance had made this life changing move possible and she was grateful. But, losing the anchor in her life, her best friend and confidant was so hard.
Pushing the sad thoughts aside, Samantha put on her boots and did one final turn in the mirror. She was heading out to find a man for the night. Getting laid was number one on her priority list. It had been too long since she’d had some hot sex. She wasn’t looking for a relationship, no a one night stand was what she wanted. Anonymous sex with a handsome cowboy that she would never have to see again.
Everyone in town said that McCoy’s was the place to go for a hook-up. An upscale bar, with local bands that played on Saturday nights, it was supposed to be the “in” place. Her only concern was that it was in town. Maybe she should go to Louisville? It was only an hour away and she would be less likely to meet a local there.
No, she wasn’t driving that far. Local would just have to do. She didn’t really know anyone in town and they certainly didn’t know her. So, what could it hurt? No one would be the wiser. ”

Famous last words!
Beta reader Debbie Lemon had this to say about Giving Chase
“I got to tell you, I read Giving Chase twice and all I can say is… wow. I loved Roping Love and will review it tonight. But girl you out did yourself this time. The character development ,it was amazing. I was so disappointed when I finished it. I had to re-read it. If this book doesn’t hit number 1 the first week, I will be shocked.”

I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to get this kind of feedback!

While you wait for Giving Chase, make sure you read book one Roping Love!

Ten Years ago love slipped through Chance’s lasso. This time “He was going after her and she didn’t stand a chance, just like a calf in a chute, he was going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.”
Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, Chance Ryan. After ten years of absence Chance shows back up in her life. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance has some serious work ahead of him to win back the one woman he could never forget.
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Smile Somebody Love you… ME!

From Me to You Friday – Tamara – An Excerpt from Giving Chase – Giveaway

I am currently working on the sequel to Roping Love, Giving Chase. I am going to share with you the scene I just wrote. Warning: This scene is rated 18 and over

The two weeks before the opening flew by in a haze of activity. Samantha was crazy busy, and excited over the coming grand opening. But the highlight of the days were the gifts that appeared on her door step every few days… and the notes attached to them.
Two days after the flowers had arrived, a mason jar of Apple Pie Moonshine appeared. The note attached read,
Just like your kisses, the taste is sweet at first, but then a burn begins in your stomach and spreads to every limb. Keep sipping and you will become dizzy. I want to be drunk on your passion.

Three days passed before the next gift arrived, a delicate China doll, dressed in a beautiful Christmas outfit of deep green velvet.
The velvet of her dress can’t compare to the velvet of your skin.
Dreaming of you

Each gift was different and unique, and the notes were both sweet and seductive. Samantha had to keep reminding herself that a relationship with Chase would be stupid. His attention was flattering, but he was too young and lived way too close for comfort.
She threw herself into her work and collapsed into bed each night, exhausted, but still unable to sleep. Thoughts of Chase and their wild and wicked night together left her frustrated and horny. When she would finally fall into a fitful sleep, her dreams were haunted by the memory of deep blue eyes alight with passion, and a rock hard body made for sin. More than once she awoke with her nipples hard and begging for attention and her pussy dripping with cream. At the rate she was going she was going to wear out the batteries in her vibrator. But, no matter how many times she brought herself to orgasm, it wasn’t enough. Her body craved a man to fill her up, and not just any man, Chase.”

So do I have your attention now?

For a chance to win a copy of Roping Love, leave a comment telling me what you think of the excerpt.
Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, roper Chance Ryan. When Carrie takes her ten year old nephew, Tyler, to the All American Quarter Horse Congress, fate pushes Chance back into her life.

Chance ran away from her ten years ago, when his father’s unexpected death made him responsible for his ranch and family at the tender age of twenty. Now he says he is back to stay. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance is going after her and she will be his. Like a calf in a shoot, he is going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.

Buy Links
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Roping-Love-ebook/dp/B00CO9R68O/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1368021740&sr=1-1&keywords=Roping+Love
All Romance E-books: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-ropinglove-1190964-149.html
Secret Cravings Publishing: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=4&products_id=584
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/roping-love

From Me to You Friday – Tamara- Giving Chase

Have you read Roping Love?

I’ve had several readers ask me if Chance’s brothers would get a story, so here is a newsflash. I am writing Chase’s story now!

Giving Chase

This in an unedited excerpt form chapter two of Giving Chase. I hope it peaks your interest.

As the sun was creeping into the morning sky, Samantha quietly slipped from the bed, grabbed her clothes and snuck into the bathroom to dress. She didn’t have a brush so she used her fingers to try and clear the worst of the tangles from her hair, securing it with the clip that Chase had torn from her hair last night. She washed her face, removing her ruined makeup from the night before. She turned out the bathroom light and peaked around the door, to make sure Chase was still asleep.
The big cowboy was sprawled across the bed, arm thrown over his eyes and snoring softly. She smiled at the picture he made. He had awakened her twice more during the night to rock her world. So, he was righteously tired.
Samantha held her shoes in her hand as she crept to the door and slipped out into the dawning light. This was one hell of a birthday and a memory she would carry forever. A small part of her was sorry it had to end. But, she had gotten what she was looking for. A hot night with a gorgeous cowboy and a memory to keep her warm on the cold nights ahead.
She had a store to open, her tree farm to get up and running and if it was a little lonely right now, there would be time for a real relationship when she had her life in order. She didn’t stop to put on her shoes until she was in her truck.
As she turned the key in the ignition and her truck rumbled to life she cast one last glance at the window of the motel room where her cowboy slept. The drapes were closed, so there was really nothing to see, but the pictures in her mind played like a movie on a screen.
She turned up the radio and let the smile in her heart break across her face. It was going to be a good day.

Samantha is such a naughty girl!

You can get book one of the Circle R Ranch series Roping Love at the following retailers
Secret Cravings Publishing
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Shifters? Dragon shifters?

A small town in central Wisconsin sets the scene. Beaver Creek (no I didn’t realize there WAS a Beaver Creek in Wisconsin!) has just a bit of familiarity to my home town. I borrow two street names! Other than that it bears no resemblance. Of course those street names can be found in any state.

Tine and Brand are Water Dragon Shifters. They had been captured and chained. When a raid is done on a farm they are discovered. Really, the normal raids here are due to parties being busted up with underage drinkers, nothing more sinister than that. But this time, illegal animals are found and taken by animal control. And so it would be for any abused animal found.

Needing to save their strength for healing they remain in their natural form. The officers that discover then take them to the local animal shelter where they can be taken care of.

That takes us into the tale Dragons’ Mate.

A short erotic tale.

Dragons Mate_finalcoverDragons’ Mate
by Beverly Ovalle

Today Annie’s dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome—and true love.

Buy Links:

Boroughs Publishing Group
All Romance
Barnes & Noble
Sony Reader Store

Review on Goodreads:

Cara Reading’s review
Jun 27, 13
4 of 5 stars

Wow, wow, wow! This book is smokin’ hot! After you read this, you are going to want a dragon (or two) of your own. I’m intrigued by this world where “Exotics” include dragons- and shifters mix openly with the public. Here, two companions unexpectedly become something new and fantastic. Annie, Brand, and Tine seem like they are in for a lot of fun times in the future, and I hope we might be privy to some of them.

This short erotic fantasy story is delicious. Some amazing groundwork and well developed characters are present; very unusual for a short story, but well done. I would strongly recommend this book, but maybe not the best read for a soccer field- this is definitely a glass of wine and chocolate book!

Warning: In two scenes, Annie becomes a bit….unconscious during some hot loving. Some might be concerned about non-consensual, but it doesn’t come across that way at all.

Definitely worth a read!


My main focus currently is a second tale with one of the characters you only get a glimpse of in Dragons’ Mate. Tine and Brand and Annie are in it, but Drake, Annie’s foreman is the main focus. I am over 15,000 words in and not yet done, so I hope that when this is available you enjoy it as much as Dragons’ Mate.

I have gone through many title ideas and recently found out that authors don’t always get to keep the title they start out with. I was surprised! Who knew? But if this makes it out there I am currently calling it
A Dragon’s Treasure.

Here is a short, unedited, un-beta read, never seen before excerpt.
That means it’s really rough! LOL! Enjoy.

A Dragon’s Treasure excerpt:

Drake looked around his lair. The cool depth of the cavern, the treasure that surrounded him made him feel at ease. He had been preparing for his mate for years. The coal that had once lined the walls down here had been refined. Year upon year he had breathed his fire, changing the once dirty and dusty coal into diamonds, another treasure he guarded carefully. Expanding the caverns had found the gold he had known was down here, a singular talent for a fire dragon. The indirect sunlight filtering through the caves glittered as it bounced from diamond to diamond lighting up his cavern shining on the deposits of gold interspersed amongst them.

As the town grew he didn’t spend as much time in his lair as he liked. He thought most had forgotten or never even knew that this land was his. He liked it that way. But he had felt the urge to come here. He was feeling an urgency that he couldn’t explain. He had needed to be here, feel his treasure surround him. It felt like his life was about to take a turn. For better or worse he didn’t know, but he was old enough to be able to handle whatever came his way. Soothed, the urgency abated, it was time to head to town.


“Why am I in this God forsaken town?” Connie mumbled to herself. She had needed to get out of Chicago and her cousin lived in the back of beyond in Wisconsin. Visiting her on the spur of the moment seemed like a good idea. Knowing the small town was a good place to hide out from the man trying to kill her had clinched it. But the heat! It had to be 100 degrees out!

Connie had the top down on the convertible to catch a breeze. The air just seemed to smother her, wrapping her in a blanket of heat. The air itself was hazy. As she stopped at the stop and go light a man stopped and waited to cross. Connie couldn’t help but stare. He was mopping his neck with his shirt and muscles rippled in his arms and abdomen. Yummy! Abs to die for, a bit of chest hair with a mouthwatering glory trail running down into low slung Levi’s. She felt a shiver through her body. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad if eye candy like this was around.

A slight breeze swirled in the air fluttering her hair. The breeze continued on to waft past the man. As it wrapped around him his eyes snapped to hers. He lifted his head in the air and sniffed. If she didn’t know better she’d swear he could smell her. She could feel the weight of his gaze, the sudden stillness in his body. The intent in his eyes, the feel of being his prey froze her. The light turned green. Unnerved, she turned away and drove off, his eyes following her.

Connie shook her head as she drove to the edge of town. She was getting paranoid. Prey indeed! She didn’t know why the weight of his gaze flustered her, but she wasn’t about to worry about it. Her life was complicated enough at the moment.
I’m hoping to have this completed soon. Then the loooong submission process goes into effect. I started and stopped it three times. It just wasn’t working. I tore it apart and kept starting over. Now that I know where it wants to go, I just need uninterrupted time to finish!

I love dragon shifter tales so I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

If you need something to read in the mean time check out the other Lunchbox Romances by Boroughs Publishing Group! You won’t be disappointed! http://www.boroughspublishinggroup.com/books


From Me to You Friday! April is Autism Awareness Month – An excerpt form my WIP


Those of you that follow my Facebook Author Page or are friends with me online know that I am a great supporter of Autism Awareness. But, if you don’t know me well, you may not know why.

My son had Asperger’s Syndrome.

The WIP I am working on now (one of them) A Special Kind of Love, deals with the romance between the mother of an autistic child, Sharon Daily, and Fire fighter Tanner West. Here is a except that lets you look into their story and also gives you some “Autism Awareness” Aaron is Sharon’s ten-year-old son.

*** One thing I do want to STRESS, this is not autobiographical. It in no way reflects my life or my experiences, and Aaron is NOT based on my son. He is a conglomerate of many autistic children I have met and read about in my life. My goal with this story is to show both the joys and difficulties of raising an autistic child. And the prejudices that one can face… and overcome… with LOVE.

“Do you think Aaron is enjoying himself?” He asked.

“Oh, yes! I think he’s having the time of his life. He’s dreamed of this for a long time. I haven’t seen him so content in ages. He isn’t even doing his repetitive behaviors. His stress level is really low right now. It’s quite amazing actually.”

“Repetitive behaviors? Like what?”

“When his stress level is high he has to ‘do things’ to feel in control. He sometimes rocks or paces. He does things in mutiples of three, like locking the door and then unlocking it and re-locking it, or turning the lights on and off, Always three times. That’s his ‘number’.”

“Oh. Is that a symptom of his autism?”

“Yes and no. Autistic children do have repetitive behaviors, but Asperger’s Syndrome is a little different. A common side effect is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Aaron is a little OCD.”

“I know a little about all of this stuff from my EMT training. But I don’t have any real experience. Does it bother you if I ask questions?”

“Not at all. I want people to understand Aaron and his disorder. My ex-husband never wanted to talk about it. He wanted to pretend Aaron was ‘normal’, but I think if people understand Aaron’s quirks it’s easier for them to accept him. You can ask anything you want.”

Okay, time to jump in with both feet.

“Do you think Aaron likes me? Did I do something to upset him? I thought we were getting along pretty well, but I put my arm around his shoulders back at the campsite and he shrugged me off and stepped away.”

“I’m sorry, that’s something I should have told you, Aaron doesn’t like to be touched. Most of the time he’ll shrug off a touch, even from me.”

“Wow that must be tough.”

“I’m used to it now. I won’t say it isn’t hard sometimes. When he is hurt or upset and I want to hug him, it’s hard to hold back. But he doesn’t get comfort from touch like most of us do. One of the theories is that autistic children suffer from sensory overload. They pull away because they feel too much. Sounds are louder to them, light is brighter, they are sensitive to everything.”

“That makes sense. Is that why he said he doesn’t like loud noises?”

“Yes. Aaron does best in a calm atmosphere. He doesn’t like loud noises or flashing lights or even just a lot of people around. That’s why I’m surprised at how calm he’s been on the ride. I’ve read a lot about ‘horse therapy’ for autism. Something about riding seems to calm them. Maybe it’s the rocking of the horse as they walk. I don’t know. But, I can certainly see that it seems to work, at least for Aaron.”

Their conversation returned to general topics for the rest of the ride back to the ranch. Tanner couldn’t keep the smile off his face. This had been one of the best days he’d had in… well, forever. He had a date with a hot woman. He’d had a relaxing afternoon and he’d met a pretty neat kid. Now if he could just finagle a phone number out of the lovely Sharon his day would be a complete success.

These three souls are on their way to finding A Special Kind of Love.

(this excerpt is from an unedited work in progress)