Shhh…My Dirty Little Secret!

Last week Tamara shared some of her favorite authors. Well, I’m going to share some of my favorite books! And I have to tell you, these are some of my all time favorites.

You know, the ones you read and reread? In the privacy of the bedroom, locked behind the bathroom door, luxuriating in a long bubble bath, coffee (in my case :D) or wine at your side? Maybe a scented candle or two? Preferably when you’re home alone so you don’t hear a knock and “Are you done yet?” “What’s for supper?” “Did you drown in there?” Umm, yeah I’ve heard that one. Fall asleep once or twice in the tub and they NEVER let you forget it!

Pirate's Pixie2My ultimate all time naughty read and read again is The Pirate’s Pixie by Morgan Hawke.

Okay, I like Peter Pan, but I looove Captain Hook. James Aloysius Houk is all man. Check this one out to see for yourself!

Tinker Belle is going to pay for those hundred’s of years she held Houk captive! *shiver*

Desire for Three
My first introduction to Desire Oklahoma was Desire For Three and had me checking the map. Unfortunately there is no Desire Oklahoma. 😦 If there was I can’t imagine any woman not wanting to live there. I know I’d be moving! (Everytime a new one comes out, I check again – maybe I just missed it!)

Dark Fire
Dark Fire, OMG! I love this book. Anything by Christine Feehan but I’ve read this one so much I need to buy a new copy. Darius and Tempest are so perfect. Darius is such an alpha male, a Carpathian, not a vampire, and Tempest is a perfect foil to soften him, yet make him more than he already was. The whole Dark series is exciting and sexy to read!

Club esoterica I’ve read every one the Club Esoterica series, but I’ve read His Sub’s Submissive by Cooper McKenzie again and again. I love how each one is a separate read alone but you still see their lives as time goes on. I love when a series does this. The Dom’s, Domme’s and Submissives in Club Esoterica are entertaining and you see them as real people. The scenes are oh so hot! You know damn well that’s why I’m reading them! It wouldn’t be a dirty little secret, if the sex wasn’t scorching!

*fanning self*

Masters at ArmsHot Military men into bondage! Need I say more? Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters introduces you to three, count ’em, THREE, hot domininent luscious military men. Two Marines and one Sailor! Yum! Nothing sexier than those thirteen sexy buttons on a cracker jack! Especially if that’s all the sailor is wearing. 😀 My view of Marines comes from my days when I was a sailor! *snicker* And so does my knowledge of cracker jacks! Marines are some strong, assured, confident men! And they love to get down – er, on the dance floor of course!

Notice a theme? LOL! I do like reading about bondage and submission and strong “alpha” men. A man should be a man! I imagine many women want the same thing but don’t really want to say it out loud.

Oh oh oh! I can’t forget the historical romances! I devour them. Don’t think they’re all light and fluffy. Some of them supply hot steamy love scenes. Like my favorite series. They have just as much sex as the others but set in a time I’d love to travel back to. I’d probably be a fishwife or chambermaid or something equally nasty, never seeing the images and lifestyle I imagine.

Devils Bride
Cynster. All strong delicious men. Forceful, dominent men that make you shiver as you wish they were yours. None more masterful than the Duke. The Duke known as Devil. He needs an equally strong confident woman to be his bride. When he finds her, he keeps her. No matter what objections she has. Devil’s Bride had me devouring the whole series. Stephanie Laurens knows how to write a man I’d love to have!

Now, don’t think this is all I read. But late at night, or on a quiet lazy afternoon, I pull out my dirty little secrets to enjoy and immerse myself in a world I’ve never played in, but often dreamed about. Reading is all about fantasy and well these are some of mine.

4 thoughts on “Shhh…My Dirty Little Secret!

  1. Hey Tamara,

    Just wanted to say I love your blog. Your book suggesting are great. I’ve read His Sub’s Submissive myself and I agree about fanning yourself. Every woman needs a cool breeze reading that book.

    Masters at Arms sounds amazing. What can I say? Military Men doing unspeakable things gets me every time. Definitely going to check that one out.

    I’ll be back to this blog.

    Write The Way To The Top

  2. Hi there, I know how you feel. I’ve got really into m/m romance and have just finished Power Exchange by A J Rose and Don’t by Jack L Pyke as well as loads of others. Really getting into this genre to the extent I’m writing my own! So I know what you mean….

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