Review – Love’s Last Chance- Jean Joachim


Dorrie Rodgers left three men behind in New York when she moved to L.A. to dance the lead in a movie. Engagement to a powerful producer made her life complete. But an accident ended both her career and her impending marriage.
After three years of struggling along teaching yoga, Dorrie is hired to choreograph a movie. Wanting to share her joy at this fabulous chance to resurrect her career, she is determined to end her single status.
Questioning her decision to leave each of three men in New York, Dorrie returns to the Big Apple for one more day with each. Was she hasty in her decisions to leave them behind? Will one of these men make her change her mind? Will her return to the past bring the love she is seeking or will loneliness propel her back into the arms of the one man who broke her heart?

Allyson’s Review
This was another great read by Jean Joachim. This was Dorrie’ s Story. Dorrie loved dancing, her compassion and dedication showed that, I admired how she remained true to herself and didn’t want to settle for less than she deserved. But as far as her love life was concerned, I wanted to shake her several times because she had a hard time seeing what was right in front of her. But truthfully I think that was insecurities talking.
Gunther was back as Dorrie’ s producer, also her ex. I didn’t really like Gunther in this book either. But we did get to see a little bit of a nicer Gunther occasionally, not just the money hungry, powerful ass he portrays to be most of the time.
I absolutely loved Johnny, he was protective, loyal, stubborn, fun, charming, caring, passionate, strong. The chemistry between Johnny and Dorrie was through the roof, but they had a past.
Archie was older but very charming, respectful and obviously adored Dorrie. Archie and Dorrie also had a past but nothing more than friends.
Rick was a smooth-talker and very charming. The chemistry and sex between Rick and Dorrie had always been excellent but their past ended on a unfriendly note.
I was completely lost in Dorrie’ s love Story! I just couldn’t put the book down. I had to know how it was going to end! I highly recommend this book!

Available at:
Secret Cravings Publishing
hearts 51Flames 3

SSLY recommended read

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