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Review ~ Blind Acceptance by Missy Martine

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by Missy Martine


Laynee Conners has been in a school for the blind since her mother died when she was five. Now, her father wants her to come home so he can get his hands on the inheritance her grandfather left her. David and Eric Rivers are brothers, adopted into the Wind River Pack. They’re called home to Wyoming when their alpha wants to do a head count of all his pack members. Children are disappearing from other packs, and he’s concerned about his family. The brothers find Laynee in the woods, drugged and left to die. Both their beasts claim the fragile young woman as their mate. Can a bear and a wolf share a mate? Time’s running out. They have to convince Laynee she’s theirs before her father succeeds in his plans. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Crystal’s Review:

When I saw the cover of this book I just had to read it. It looked very interesting and then I read what the book was about.

Laynee Conners has lived in a blind school since she was five years old when her mother died. Now all of a sudden when she turns twenty-one her dad comes to bring her home. She has never had a relationship with her dad and can’t understand why he wants to have something to do with her now. If only she knew that his plans to go camping involves in a plan to get rid of her.

David and Eric Rivers are shape-shifters and are called home to a family meeting. They are camoing out when they hear a man and his partner discussing getting rid of his blind daughter. They know that they need to find her before something happens to her. When Eric turns into his wolf he finds her surrounded by raw meat and a orange can of pop that has some drugs in it. When his wolf gets Laynee’s scent he knows she is his mate. When David sees her and his bear gets a hold of her scent he finds out that she is his mate to. So Laynee is the mate to a wolf and a bear.

This was a great story and I loved watching the boys interact with Laynee. She never let her blindness get her down and she is not ashamed of who she is. Eric and David has their hands full with Laynee and keeping her safe. This book was a great read and was exciting all the way through. I really enjoy reading books by this author and I will have to see if there is more books in this series so I can find out what happens next.

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