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Four years and still learning ~ Natasza Waters


Four years and still learning


Somewhere in 2010 a woman who had escaped a life of prostitution and abuse in Poland found her way to Canada and eventually my patio. She was a friend of friend, and we spoke about opportunities life has to offer. Eventually, we talked about the opportunities we didn’t lunge for, and I told her I used to write. This woman, who had been through so much, looked me square in the eyes and asked me, “Why not.”

I didn’t have a good answer, and the next stage in my life began when I started to write “Too Grand For Words”. nw-toogrand3

In the past four years my learning curve looks like a right angle, from flat line to there’s-no-end-in-sight. Lots of work—yes. The journey has been full of huge valleys of doubt and a few standing-on-the-top-of-a-mountain moments to keep me going. After winning the “Reward of Novel Excellence” award this July for “Code Name: Ghost” the first book in my military romance seriesCodeNameGhost_MED I had a moment to reflect on what it really meant. After I picked my jaw off the ground I had to accept that readers liked what I wrote. There are other “big” moments in a writer’s career. Holding their first book in their hands is one all writers will tell you is a “bing” moment. A newspaper reporter asked me if I had anything to tell new authors. My response came easily. “When creativity crosses paths with determination, a book is born.”

Indie and self-published authors are all swimming upstream like a school of salmon. Everyone is trying to jump out of the water to be seen. Since joining the Indie world I have met the most amazing people. Those who are higher up the ladder reached out a hand to help me. I in turn, do the same. That’s the essence and beauty of Indie.

It would take thirty thousand words to describe what I’ve learned along the way and who knows how many words to guess at what’s coming next, but if you’re an Indie author and see that it’s getting tougher to sell your books as the industry changes, I have three words for you. “Keep the faith.” If you’re thinking about penning a novel, I have four words. “Write the damn book.”

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Love, hope and faith

PS I’ll be in St. Louis at the Penned Con conference Sept 11-13th. Come visit me.

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