Archive | February 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me and prezzies!

Happy Birthday2


To ME!

LOL. Okay, maybe I should be beyond celebrating.

52 years young!


For some reason they always make me excited.

We’re planning a dinner out but since I prefer to go out on the weekend we’re combining my birthday with Valentine’s Day.


Prime Rib and shrimp dinner.


What’s a birthday without gifts?

(My husband refused to get me what I asked for, LOL. I found a puppy but he said NO.)


Sign up for my newsletter and I will be holding a drawing on Valentine’s Day for everyone that has signed up.

I’ll be giving away a hand made bookmark. Similar to this. (I try to make each one unique.)


And since it is a double duty there’ll be a surprise besides!

So sign on up and enjoy.