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Stolen Fate ~ S. Nelson ~ Interview

When betrayal is the only path to love, 
life is destined to be changed forever.

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Title: Stolen Fate
Author: S. NelsonEditor: Hot Tree Editing

Cover Designer: Clarise at CT Cover Creations
This isn’t your typical story about boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after.  No.  This is a story about deception and betrayal at its finest. This is a story about hatred and attraction, which does everything in its power to destroy two people.
Essie Horton is a woman who has lived through unspeakable things during her short life, and when a prime opportunity presents itself, she dives right in, only concerned about herself and her objectives.
Drayden Warner is a man used to living the good life, bedding every beauty in sight, masking an empty existence, and hiding from a tragedy which happened years ago.  Little does he know, his life will change forever when he meets the one woman who will possibly destroy him for good.


An Interview with  S. Nelson by Hot Tree Promotions

1.  Tell us a bit about yourself. – I come from a large family.  I have five sisters and two brothers. Thankfully, we are still very close and get together quite often, still celebrating our birthdays.  I’ve always loved to read although I got away from it for about a decade.  Picking up a book about three years ago only rekindled my passion for the written word and now I make sure to read every single day no matter what.

2.  What inspired you to write your first book? – To be completely honest, I was reading a story which really didn’t captivate me the way I thought it would.  Even at that time I knew it took a lot to write a book so I wanted to give it a fair shot but after about four or five chapters I had to put it down.  It was then that a life changing thought slammed into my brain.  I thought, “I could write something better.” I don’t mean for that to be an arrogant statement but I think there are plenty of authors out there who were simply not getting what they wanted or needed from certain books.  And what better way to get what you want than to write it yourself?  ☺

3.  How did you come up with the title Stolen Fate? – I knew the word Stolen was going to be in the title but it took me a while to figure out the rest of it.  Stolen Fate is perfect because it is essentially what the two characters did to one another; they stole each other’s fate by intervening in the most unusual way.

4.  Describe your main character in five words. – Passionate, Sexy, Domineering, Cocky, Protective.

5.  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book? – The most surprising thing I learned is that my characters will sometimes tell me the story and not the other way around.  I was writing a particular scene and I thought it was going to go one way but the characters had a different plan, so it went in the opposite direction.  I don’t fight it.  I just go with it. ☺

6.  How long does it take you to write a book? – So far, it takes me anywhere between 2 to 2 ½ months to write the full, initial, rough draft.

7.  What is your work schedule like when you’re writing? – Since I still have a full time job which takes up the majority of my day, I write as much as I can during the week when I get home.  Then I will spend the majority of my weekends doing nothing but writing whatever story is rattling around inside my head.

8.  Do you have any writing rituals? – Not at this time.  I sit down at my computer and whatever happens….just happens.  I stopped questioning the whole process because even I don’t understand it sometimes. ☺

9.  What book are you reading now? – I am reading Indebted 3 by Pepper Winters.  So good!!

10.  Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? – I want to tell all of my readers that I’m so appreciative they took a chance on a brand new author.  I love hearing from people that my story was one they just couldn’t put down.  Or the fact that before they picked up Stolen Fate, they didn’t read much at all, and that I inspired them to start reading again.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing my words have touched or inspired another person.

Random Questions
What’s in your fridge right now?  Leftovers from an Italian restaurant, ice tea and the makings for pizza.
Other than writing, what special or unusual talent(s) do you have? – None that I know of.  It took me almost 40 years to realize my talent was writing.  Maybe before my 80th birthday I’ll discover another one. ☺
Where did you last go on holiday? –The last place I went on a real holiday was England and Ireland.  I had such a fantastic time.
If your house was attacked by feral aliens, and they were zapping your house with their Über super bombs, what five items would you save? – First of all, I LOVE this question.  The five items I would grab would be my photo albums, favourite pair of jeans, laptop, cell phone and my purse.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? – Find your true passion and everything else will fall into place.

S. Nelson grew up with a love of reading and a very active imagination, never putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard until a year and a half ago.
When she isn’t engrossed in creating one of the many stories rattling around inside her head, she loves to read and travel as much as she can.
She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two dogs, enjoying the ever changing seasons.