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Rise of the Dragons

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The sky began to darken. The rumbles beneath the earth began, slowly. Awakening the dragons one by one. They had hibernated for years. The world had become too dangerous, man taking over the skies where once the dragons ruled.

Dax and his mate Jasima felt the change in the world. Attuned to the earth, they woke when the volcanoes began once again to speak to the sky. Each wound of the earth was felt, the pain pouring out in lava and smoke.

The hatchlings stirred; the rumbles of their volcano making the ground thrum. One hatchling, Ari, stirred, blinking one sleepy eye. The movement of the molten lava through the cave warmed the air. He sniffed the light breeze. The occasional spitting of the lava brought heat, but no harm.

His sire and dam circled the nest, checking out their hatchlings. Humans had grown more sophisticated over the years and it had gotten too dangerous to be out in the world. The dragons retreated to remote spots, seeking the heat that the earth provided, and nesting in long forgotten volcanoes. But something was happening.

Dax could tell a change was coming. The scent of the world was changing. Maybe this change would signal a new era for them, an era where dragons once again ruled the skies.

“Come, let us explore.”

Jasima followed Dax, both curious at the changes they could scent. Leaving their hatchlings behind, they went out to explore.

Only one followed, their little warrior, Crag. Ever mindful of the shadow that flew along behind them, they explored nearby. Evening approached and Dax called Crag to him.

“It’s time to return to the weyr.”

“But I want to explore the world again.” Crag looked around. “There’s so much to see.”

“Go home and protect your siblings. We will make sure the world is safe for us all.”

“You know we are not hatchlings. We’re centuries old.”

“You know you’ll always be hatchlings to me.” Jasima laughed, a tinkling sound that echoed through the mountains.

“Babes to us. Much of that time was spent away from the human world.”

Crag scrunched his nose as much as a dragon could.

“Go home.” Dax’s voice was stern. Stern enough to send their warrior home.

Jasima chuckled at the dejected droop of Crag’s tail as he turned around and flew back the way they had come.

“Will he stay behind now?” Dax looked toward the weyr. “I don’t want him exploring until we find out what is happening in the world.”

“He will. He can’t help but want to explore. We’ve all been cooped up for a long time.” Jasima affectionately rubbed her face against Dax’s neck.

“Then let’s see what is happening. We need to make sure it’s safe. You know our hatchlings will find trouble even if it has to come to them.” Dax chuckled and pumped higher into the sky. “Come my love, let’s see what the humans have done to the world.”

Stealing Hope series eye

Rise of the Dragons

Before there was Stealing Hope.


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