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Rise of the Dragons

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The haze of fire and smoke from volcanoes filled the sky. Dax and Jasima drifted through the haze of the eruptions. They could fly in the smoke and lava flung into the air. They stayed hidden in the smoke as they watched a long silver plane go down, spitting fire as it met the earth.

They spread their wings in joy as fewer and fewer planes were in the sky. They flew, once again without fear, searching for the reason for the Earth’s change.

The Rocky Mountains had spouted long dormant volcanoes, belching reluctantly into the sky, Earth rejecting the abuse of man.

Needing to learn more, they circled a human town. They landed in what was now an obviously deserted town. Up close, the scent of death infiltrated the air.

“Do you want to explore?” Dax rumbled.

“Yes. I think we have to. One day soon our dragonets will need to know.”

“They hate being called that, you know.” His deep chuckle rang out.

“Yes I do.” Jasima smiled at him, the twinkle in her eye making him adore her more than he thought possible.

Dax pulled her close, enjoying the supple firmness of her body against his. Rumbling, he skated his lips against her skin, her scent enough to shake the smell of death from his nostrils. His hands cupping her rear and sliding upward, intent on exploring his mate.

Jasima slipped from his arms, laughing. “Come, we need to finish exploring.”

Dax grumbled, but grabbed her hand and let her pull him in the direction she wanted to go.

Slipping into a deserted store front, they gathered clothes and quickly dressed. Heading out, they saw small signs of life. Dogs ran loose, barking in confusion, anger and hunger, knowing instinctively to avoid the larger predators in their midst. Of the humans, they saw nothing.

Walking, they found what could only be a pub, though the sign said ‘Sports Bar & Grill’.

“A pub? The smells are similar.”

“Lead the way.” Jasima gestured and Dax entered.

The scent of alcohol assured him he was correct. Televisions were on though the pub appeared empty. They sat down and watched the news as it poured forth from the television. The development of the technology that they watched must have been rapid. Dax remembered the pictures being fuzzy and in black and white. Perhaps the rapid development was part of the problem of man.

The news coverage wasn’t encouraging. FEMA declared natural disasters up and down the pacific coast, in states that ran along the eastern spine of the Rocky Mountains. The Northern Continent from Canada to Mexico crumbled into isolated communities.

Stealing Hope series eye

Rise of the Dragons

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