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Passion Sale teasers

FLASH SALE! The entire Passion in Paradise series by Sarah O’Rourke is on sale for only 99 cents each ebook from April 17-23 on! Buy your very own copies now and follow the lives and loves of the alpha males and the amazing women who love them in the small town of Paradise, Tennessee. Each book can absolutely be read as a standalone romance (though we recommend just starting from the beginning and enjoying the whole wacky ride of these heroes and heroines)! You’ll wanna get caught up before Man of Honor (Zeke and Honor’s story!) releases in late 2016. HEA guaranteed…along with some steamy heat and honest romance! Buy now….don’t miss this fabulous price!
Cain’s Salvation >>>
Hard as Stone >>>
Ready, Willing and Abel >>>
The Homespun Holiday >>>
Tangled Hearts >>>
…and TBR Man of Honor here >>>

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★★★99c SALE ALERT★★★
RUSH by Stevie J. Cole is on sale for ONLY 99c! Limited time only.


Praise for RUSH

“Thrilling and dirty Rush is the picture of a Rock Star.” – ★★★★★ The Book Fairy Reviews
“Total. Book. Hangover!” – ★★★★★ Book Hangover Page
“What a RUSH!” – ★★★★★ Amazon Reviewer


All books in the Pandemic Sorrow Series can be read as stand alones.

WARNING: This is not a traditional romance. This is a male point of view and before he finds his one you will be subjected to the dirty ways of an uncommitted rocker. This book contains explicit language and sexual situations. This book is intended for a mature audience.

It’s my job to play music, to make girls wet, and then to screw a select few of them. I’m a professional rocker. I’m rich, I’m famous, I’m one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I have everything – except control.

The industry owns me. And the only thing I have a minuscule grain of control with is women, but not that dominate, tie you up and gag you kind of control. No, I want to govern how I make them feel. I need them to feel like a goddess while I’m in them, and I love being able to control the fact that they’ll never really have me. Love is complicated. It is bullshit. And even if I thought I needed it, the rules of being a rocker won’t allow it.

Sex is all I need.

I don’t need love.

But for some reason I want her. For some reason I can’t get her out of my mind. And lately, every time I’m with any girl besides her it feels wrong.

I can practically have any woman I want, but I can’t have her. She’s off limits because she’s part of that industry that owns my ass.

Sex was all I had.

And sometimes I thought maybe love was all I needed…with her.

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★★★99c SALE ALERT★★★
RED CARD by Carrie Aarons is on sale for ONLY 99c! Limited time only.

She spent five years planning a future that will never exist. He spent five years trying to erase a past he can’t forget.

London is Leah Watson’s fresh start. When she secures the perfect internship during her study abroad semester, with an infamous celebrity public relations firm, she is determined to forge her own path – one that is nothing like her life back in Oklahoma. That plan is tested when British football’s bad boy, Killian Ramsey, decides that she’s the one he wants and he’s playing for keeps.

Will she put her future on hold – again – for the type of man she swore she’d stay away from?

Killian is one bloody good football player. After a tragedy shattered his entire world, the cocky and arrogant face he puts on for the media is a complete lie. When he meets Leah, his heart starts to beat for the first time in years. But when the feelings get too real, his perfectly constructed facade starts to slip.

Will he risk it all to be with her – taking whatever penalties are thrown his way – or will he play it safe?

unnamed (10)
★★★99c SALE ALERT★★★
Memphis Black and Finn Beckett by MJ Fields are on sale for ONLY 99c! Limited time only.
Memphis Black
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• KOBO ➜
• Google ➜ Beckett
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