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Duty, Honor, & Love


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Anyone’s happily-ever-after is never a given…it must be earned–something these military heroes have learned the hard way.

Sink into this sexy collection of binge-worthy reads from eleven of your favorite New York Times, USA Today, and a few new-to-you authors.

All proceeds will benefit the Semper Fi Fund (, a non-profit organization that assists post-9/11 wounded and critically ill vets from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.








Sharon Hamilton , J.M. Madden , Elle James , Susan Stoker , Kathryn Le Veque , Marissa Dobson , PJ Fiala , Maryann Jordan , Elaine Levine , Ryleigh Rhodes , Geri Foster , Dana Marton


Dragon Isle: The saga continues…

 Dark Heart of the Dragon (Dragon Isle Book 8) by [Stern, Sophie]

Renee has been on her own for a long time. As the resident Dragon Domme at the Dungeon, she’s used to getting her own way, being her own boss, and commanding respect from anyone she meets, but when Dean comes to the Dungeon, everything changes.

Suddenly, Renee isn’t the badass she’s always felt like. Suddenly, she’s not quite so in control, but does that have to be a bad thing?

Maybe it’s time she relied on someone other than herself.

Maybe it’s time she learned to trust.

After his divorce, Dean didn’t think he’d ever find love again, but when he agrees to teach a class at the Dungeon as a favor to Anthony, he meets Renee. The hot-tempered Domme is a firecracker when it comes to her subs, but he has a feeling there’s more beneath the surface than Renee lets on.

The Domme of the Dungeon is fierce and brave, but Dean suspects she’s been wounded before.

Will they be able to overcome their pasts and learn to trust once more?

Will they be able to learn that sometimes, surrender comes in the most unlikely of circumstances?

Pre-order now for 99 cents! Price will go to $3.99 on December 1.

Come find yourself on Dragon Isle…

Shifters. Monsters. Beasts. Heroes.

Love. Sex. Passion.



Tempered Steel Series Signed Book Sale – $15

Just in time for the holidays! A signed paperback and swag from the best-selling Maggie Adams’ Tempered Steel Series customized with the name and a special note for the romance reader in your life! $15 each, shipping included in price. Sorry, Available to U. S. and Canada only. PAYPAL payments ONLY to Invoice will be sent to confirm payment and address.

Payment received, item(s) will ship within three business days.






The Misguided Confession
by Dahlia Donovan

NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!!


NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! The Misguided Confession by Dahlia Donovan


Elaine Gibbs has been defined by other people’s words for much of her life: autistic, shifter, adopted, genius, Royal Marine. She has spent a year having her entire world spun around and just when she hopes things have stabilised, a zealot threatens everything she holds dear, including her life.

Alim Kader grew up knowing his family’s expectations and is required to fall in line. Life, however, threw him a massive surprise in the body of the most fascinating woman he has ever known. Now if he could only convince her that his sole desire is to stand beside her, not rescue her.

Will love be enough for two people from different worlds to brave a storm of evil and come through the other side unscathed?

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The Cowboy Duet
by Tia Louise

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The Cowboy Duet by Tia Louise is only 99 pennies this Veteran’s Day!

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TWO Full-Length, Red-Hot Romances. Prepare for strong language, panty-melting sexy times, and heart-squeezing angst. Readers 18 and older only, please.


“A cowboy setting and a man with deep secrets…what could be sexier?” -Aleatha Romig, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“FIVE STARS: Spanking, pulling hair, sexy growls, and hearty demands, just gives you a little taste as to what this sexy man is capable of…” -Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

Stuart Knight is a wounded Marine turned Sexy Cowboy. Mariska Heron is the gypsy girl who stole his heart.

Some demons can’t be shaken off.
Some wounds won’t heal.

Until a pair of hazel eyes knocks you on your ass, and you realize it’s time to stop running.

* * *

Book #2: ONE TO TAKE

“Tia Louise is the queen of hot romance. ONE TO TAKE is packed with humor, heartbreak, suspense, and a whole lot of sexy. Five Stars all day long!” -Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

Stuart Knight is a wounded Marine turned Sexy Cowboy. Mariska Heron is the gypsy girl who stole his heart. Now they’re fighting for their Happily Ever After…

Life is never simple.
Even perfect couples face storms.
The question is whether our love is strong enough to survive.
I believe it is.

She told me to leave.
If I leave, I take her with me.
~Stuart Knight

Flash Point by Brooke Blaine is just 99₵ for a limited time!!



The first time I saw her, I knew I’d have to kill her.

It’s been five years since the brutal death of her mother, and Katherine Shaw still relives the nightmares of that night.
She escaped.
The danger should’ve been over.
She couldn’t have been more wrong.
When her father, a prominent Justice, receives a chilling death threat, her past comes hurtling into her present.
The warning is clear: They’ve got unfinished business, and they’re coming for her.

Katherine Shaw.
Rich girl? Check.
Spoiled and obstinate? Check.
A beautiful fireball who pushes every button he has? That was not listed on the dossier Jason Garrett receives when he’s assigned as one of her bodyguards. The last thing he ever expected was that his tempting client would prove to be more dangerous than those he’s protecting her from.

Their attraction would be forbidden even under the best circumstances. But as the threat draws near, the tension between the two of them rises, culminating in an explosive flash point that will blindside them both.

Flash Point is a standalone romantic suspense novel.


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Salvatore by Natasha Knight is ON SALE for only 99c!! #OneClick

Salvatore by Natasha Knigth is on sale for only 99c! #OneClick #DarkRomance

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I was his, and he was mine.
My very own monster.



It all started with a contract signed by him, then by me, while our families watched. While my father sat silent, a man defeated, giving his daughter to the Benedetti monsters.

I obeyed. I played my part. I signed my name and gave away my life. I became their living, breathing trophy, a constant symbol of their power over us.

That was five years ago.

Then came the time for him to claim me. For Salvatore Benedetti to own me.
I had vowed vengeance. I had learned hate. And yet, nothing could have prepared me for the man who now ruled my life.

I expected a monster, one I would destroy. But nothing is ever black or white. No one is either good or evil. For all his darkness, I saw his light. For all his evil, I saw his good. As much as he made me hate him, a passion hotter than the fires of hell burned inside me.

I was his, and he was mine.

My very own monster.


I owned the DeMarco Mafia Princess. She belonged to me now. We had won, and they had lost. And what better way to teach a lesson than to take from them that which is most precious? Most beloved?

I was the boy who would be king. Next in line to rule the Benedetti Family. Lucia DeMarco was the spoils of war. Mine to do with as I pleased.

It was my duty to break her. To make her life a living hell. My soul was dark, I was hell bound. And there was no way out, not for either of us. Because the Benedetti family never lost, and in our wake, we left destruction. It’s how it had always been. How I believed it would always be.

Until Lucia.

Author’s Note: Salvatore and Lucia’s story is a steamy standalone romance with a happily-ever-after. No cliffhanger and no cheating. It is intended for mature readers.


Spencer by Kerry Heavens is just 99₵ for a limited time!!



@TheSpencerRyan exudes confidence,
I mean, have you seen him???
His dark good looks and tattooed muscled perfection are too much.
He’s hot. Lickably hot.
And he has a way with words that leaves me breathless.
But cocky doesn’t even cover it,
this guy is so arrogant you have to fight back.
But God he’s so lickable!
The thing is though,
he looks like sex but he’ll taste like jackass.

@OMGJazzyP is a sexy, annoying ball of rage in fuck-me heels
and she hates me.
Although her nipples would tend to disagree.
It’s a deadly combination.
She’s a princess.
And when I say princess, I mean intolerable, spoiled brat with a tiara.
Sure she’s got that curvaceous goddess thing going on,
but that mouth of hers…
God it needs something in it to shut it up.

This is not your average British romance.
It’s a tale of high heels, hot tattooed bad boys and
sex oranges, all wrapped up in a coating of chocolate.
It’s ‘love’ in a social media world,
where not everyone is who they seem
and where some people’s bios should carry a warning.

An unexpected love could cost him his dreams.

Emmett Cross doesn’t have time to date. A college quarterback on a path to turning pro, he can’t afford distractions, especially with the academic challenges he faces. When he’s blindsided by a growing attraction to his friend Jake, he fights it—rumors that he’s bisexual could wreck his draft prospects. But he can’t stop thinking about the cute blond twink with the warm heart and gentle smile.

Biochem major Jake Schott has had a straight-boy crush on Emmett since freshman year. Emmett’s cool logic is the perfect complement to Jake’s sensitive nature. He’s sure nothing can come of his longing—until a scorching kiss turns desire into hope. Although the tall, sexy athlete with the trim waist and thick biceps denies that there’s a chance for them, his lustful looks and stolen touches tell a different story. Passion ignites between them, but Emmett insists on hiding the relationship.

When their secret threatens to come out, will Emmett give up Jake to protect his career? Or will he risk everything for love?

This steamy friends-to-lovers, out-for-you romance is a standalone novel with an HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

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