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Sunday Sales

The Luminous Rock Series


KE Osborn

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She makes my pulse race.
From the moment I laid eyes on her in that ridiculous giraffe onesie, I knew this girl would rock my world.
Effa’s the lead singer of the world-famous rock band, Luminous.
And I’m their new lighting tech, Kaden ‘Mercs’ Mercury.
Going on tour with an all-female rock band would be simple you’d think, but these girls aren’t an easy push-over.
All the while things back home are taking a turn for the worse, and I’m losing a battle of my own that might come back to bite me on the ass if I’m not careful. My only distraction from the ensuing chaos – a bubbly blonde lead singer, destined to brighten my life.
But with an all-male backup band, tensions are bound to run high when jealousy flares, and lines are blurred.
She sets my pulse racing, but am I enough to kickstart her heart?


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She makes it hard to breathe.
But the thought of my life going on without her is a thought I can’t even consider.
Effa—the girl who illuminated my world, so vibrantly.
And now I have no idea where the road will take me.
When I agreed to go on tour with Luminous, I never imagined I would fall for their lead singer.
I never intended for my world to come crashing down the way it has. The only thing keeping me going is my hope that maybe there might be a light at the end of this dark tunnel.
With one catastrophe after another, can I come back from the disaster that is my life and find my happily ever after?
She makes it hard to breathe, but am I enough for her to take another breath?


On A Whim


JM Walker

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I’m in hiding.

As a bestselling BDSM author, I know all too well the danger of letting people get too close.

I’ve spent my entire life keeping people at arm’s length, until her. Kiki Smith is simply supposed to be my new cover designer, but before I know it, she starts breaking down the walls I’ve worked so hard to erect.

She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever met and before I’m even aware of what’s happening, she consumes me from the inside out.

There’s just one problem… I have a secret, and I’m afraid that once she finds out what I’m hiding, my barriers will once again slam back into place.


by Jake Irons

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Tripp Anders.
Formerly the best surfer in the world. Still Longview, Florida’s most famous son. And, starting this week, my boss.
My boss at my summer job. A job my parents made me get. A job my parents made me get because I hadn’t left the house since I moved home six months ago.
After my divorce.
I’m in my thirties, by the way.
I thought trying to fit into a Hot Beach one-piece five mornings a week would be the toughest part of this job. Instead, it’s Tripp. He’s arrogant, condescending, and used to getting what he wants.
And what he wants right now is me.


Sweet romance novella for only .99 cents!

A handsome deputy who’s not looking to settle down. A mysterious woman who’s on the run.

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Chains of Lust: Vampire Romance
by Suzzana C Ryan

In eighteen-eighty-eight London, Vanessa Harrington is searching for her runaway sister. Tired and hungry, hitting another dead end, she finds herself in SoHo, on Broad Street, in the heart of the notorious Red Light District of London. 
There evil lurks and a serial killer coined Jack the Ripper is murdering whores in the Whitechapel district.
Out of the mist and debris emerges a man, whom she’s convinced will end her days on earth. He’s Nosferatu, a vampire, ages old and his name is Knight.
Will her search for her sister end with Vanessa having to decide between life and death. Will love free her soul or damn it for all eternity?

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Journey into the life of four Siblings as they continue the “Gianni Family Legacy.” Living a quiet life with newly inherited wealth, these Siblings are hit with a barrage of life threatening events where Murder maybe the only option to survive. Labeled as the next Generation to carry the Gianni Family Legacy into the future, the Siblings will be forced back into a life of Murder & Mayhem where once again having each other’s back will prove to be their best weapon. “Gianni Publication$” presents: Book Two of “The Gianni Family” series titled ( The Siblings ) A highly explosive tale of Money, Sex & Murder. Who will Survive! /


Dangerous To Trust (Spies, Lies & Lovers – Book 1) by Teresa Hill

As Dr. Grace Evans worked her way from war zones to natural disasters, a mysterious man was always watching over her.

Co-workers at the international relief organization joked that she had a guardian angel. Over the years, she’d come to trust him, despite not knowing his name or how he knew what he did. But if he said it was too dangerous for her team to stay where they were, they left.

Until one day, Grace goes too far, and her mystery man doesn’t get there in time. Held hostage by a dangerous dictator, there’s only one man who can save her.

And this time, there’s no hiding who he is or why he’s always watched over Grace.
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A Convenient Arrangement

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors present Dark Rising, a paranormal and fantasy romance boxed set with steam, suspense, and thrilling magic.

Explore worlds of darkness, danger, and magic in seventeen exclusive fantasy and science fiction novels, available for a limited time. There are tough choices to be made and dastardly villains to outwit in this breath-taking collection that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Sexy alphas, strong female protagonists, and devious villains team up with dragons, mermaids, witches, spirits, vampires, angels, and more in this limited-edition collection that contains a fantastic combination of epic fantasy, science fiction, romance, urban fantasy, sword and sorcery, and more!

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