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From Me to You ~ Willow’s Cry coming soon

Happy Saturday! We’re heading to another RV show, lol. Burlington RV is having and open house and we are heading over to check out their used RV’s. No way can we afford a new one! Then, we’re meeting our daughter and granddaughter at a dinosaur museum. RAWR!

So, Willow’s Cry is coming out April 7th! If you are going to North Iowa Book Bash, I’m hoping to have it there. I’m working on loading it to Amazon this weekend. (I’m going to be busy, aren’t I?) so it should go up for pre-order shortly after it is approved. But not until my covers done! I gave up trying to do it myself, lol. I’m waiting for the cover artist to finish. She’s working on it this weekend also. Here’s a little preview.

When you’ve pissed off Mother Nature, anything can happen…

Willow’s Cry

Alex is just a regular guy… who can hear the wind speak and the earth talk, not a bad thing for a Park Ranger if a bit unusual. His life is everything he desires. Until Mother Nature expresses her displeasure at his family’s threat to sell the land they had been charged to protect. Alex is left to try to stop the sale, finding a damsel in distress along the way who wraps herself around his heart.

Happy living in her tree, observing the world without joining in, Willow has yearned for Alex for years. Too shy to emerge, the little nymph is suddenly catapulted into Alex’s arms, her tree destroyed during a massive storm.

Mother Nature has a plan and she’ll do everything she can to force Alex’s family to continue their roles as guardians, even if it means sacrificing one she protects.


The phone rang, loud and obnoxious in the quiet night. God, he hoped there wasn’t another emergency. Alex stomped in, slamming the door open, tired in every inch of his body. He didn’t even flinch at the loud bang from the door hitting the wall. With his luck he’d be going back out again. The passing storm had downed trees and stranded campers. The last couple of days searching for hikers lost in the storm had every inch of his body aching.


“Good job finding the hikers.”

He didn’t need accolades. Grunting rather than replying, he placed the phone on speaker. Before he could take a much needed rest, he needed to file his paperwork. Jordan’s call was only an irritant.

“You could at least say thank you.”

“What’d you need?” On the best of days he didn’t like people. Placing his hat onto the table and tossing his coat over the coatrack Alex kicked the chair back from the desk and settled down, wriggling to find comfort in the hard seat. Jordan never called without a reason.

“Just wanted to complement you.”

“Fine, consider it done.” Hanging up the phone before Jordan say another word, Alex reached over and turned his computer on. Booting up a new program his cousin Kane had designed and installed, Alex began to speak and it typed. Thank God. Sometimes his fingers seemed larger than the keyboard. Complaining to Kane about the problem of how long his reports took to do got results. Alex smirked, just like he knew it would.

Alex leaned over, untying his boots. His voice echoing through the empty room. The laces unforgiving, tight with rain and mud. The heat in the room began to sink into his cold tired bones. With the laces loose enough, he pulled them off, spreading his toes in relief. He wrinkled his nose. The smell from the wet leather of his boots and the stink of his feet began to fill the room.

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