Good morning!!!

A little later than normal, but I’m here! Sort of slept in, my granddaughter decided I’d make a good bed, lol. So I was a bit trapped until she got up. It’s a bit gloomy. We’ve had nothing but rain for a week. Okay, yesterday was beautiful but today is going back to gloom and rain.

I got a wonderful gift in the mail yesterday! Bookmarks hand made by Samantha Lininger, and yes, I was in back. (She knows what I mean!)

Check them out.

Absolutely adorable! I really, really, really love the dragon. The cow is so cute too. Thank you! I’ll see you in Middleton WI at Mayhem in the Midwest!

As for the rest of Labor Day weekend, I’m signing in New Glarus tomorrow 9/3. At the William Tell Festival & Art Show. Lots of Arts & Crafts and of course beer. The New Glarus Spotted Cow can be found around to wet your whistle.

Mayhem in the Midwest is on 9/22 and my final signing in September is 9/29 in West Bend WI at the Threshold Showcase of Authors.

Hope to see you at one of them!

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