From Me to You

Guess where I am? Arizona!

I couldn’t stand the gloom of home, and face it, I’ve traveled every month since I retired. My last trip was in November! So almost 3 months at home was too much, lol. Especially in winter. So, here I am, getting up to sunshine. Perks my soul right up!

I’m going to see my parents. They winter out there. And my brother and sister in law and hopefully my nephews. Plus my brother in law and sister in law. Not to mention, I’m finally meeting one of my Facebook friends. She’s also beta read a few of my books and has asked me “What the hell did I just read?” lol. That version never saw the light of day, that’s for sure. But I’m excited to finally meet Diana in person!

Then another friend winters out there and I can’t wait to see them. It’s been a couple of years since I saw her. Once she retired, her and her husband spend more time in Arizona than Wisconsin any more.

Plus – Sunshine!

I need the sun. My favorite season is summer. Winter just gives me the blahs. So, being in Arizona for even just a week is a something I’m looking forward to.

I’m at the end of Love Me Still. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write in Arizona. But I brought it with just in case. Plus, I’ll have Saving Grace back from all my beta readers when I get back and have to go over it. So far, they’ve found one double scene and a bunch of grammatical errors. Not surprising in the first couple of drafts!

I’ll go one by one through their suggestions and corrections, then read it again and see if I see anything else before sending it to my editor.

I’m working on the blurb. Ugh. So I can get the cover out.

Back to the sunshine! Have a good week.


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