Good morning! We’re getting ready to head out to my granddaughter’s birthday party from her dad’s side of the family. We, however, are all gifted out! This is the 3rd one we’ve attended, lol.

This is the birthday girl. We just took this picture. She’s a cutie. Behind her is the sunflowers she planted. We started them from seeds in the living room in April. The next picture is just 2 weeks before! You can see how much they’ve grown. Her eyes are closed because it is so sunny there in front where the sunflowers are. In both cases, the grass around them is out of control! But I don’t want to accidentally weed whip them down. I have taken those giant scissors to trim it before and I need to do it again.

I have been writing since the girls move is done. Yay! I’m back to Reviving Mara. I thought I was so far into it and realized I’m only on chapter three! I started that this week. I thought I was further. I guess in my brain I am. I just need my fingers to catch up.

I babysit the cutie most of next week so writing may be interesting. Especially since the little one will probably want to spend the days and nights here with me and her Papa Ed. I have new Legos coming and she knows it, lol.

I took a two month hiatus from writing and really from social media, too, only going on occasionally. I took the time to enjoy the girls here, knowing they were planning on moving. I’m coming back refreshed but it is hard to sit back down and write! I’m used to being up and moving. I think of everything I still need to do. Rip out carpeting, move the rooms around. We are moving back to the large bedroom we let our daughter have when she moved in. Sand the floors. They are maple and haven’t been done in years, if ever. I redid one room six years ago, but not the rest. Now I want to get the rest done. All my projects seem to take years! But not my books thank goodness. Reviving Mara will be out later this year. I just have to discipline myself to do it. And train my dad not to call me during my preferred writing time!

Every time I sit down and pull out my computer my parents call. Never fails, lol. I have to stop answering and call them back later. Each call lasts about an hour. Every day. I love them, but I lose my momentum. I’ve warned them, though. If I don’t answer, I’m busy and I’ll call back. Won’t stop Dad from calling at least three times though, lol. He does it to my brothers too.

So, I have to get ready to head out. We are touring Sassy Cow and sitting down to ice cream at their creamery for her birthday party. Yum. Have a great and safe Saturday!

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