From Me to You #Apeekatmylife

I’m crazy late today!

My daughter and I went through a couple of cabinets, part of the basement, the top of the garage and the shed. We ran out of the shed due to the spider the size of a squirrel living in there. Gah! My hubby and I bought a new house and we’re moving. I figured we’d die here and the clean up would be up to the kids, lol. Damn.

Filled half a trash bin with old bits of things and broken bits. Mainly from the cabinets. The second floor of the garage was creaking and bouncing so bad, we got out of there before it came down. It’s always been bouncy, but neither of us wanted to take the chance. You already know what happened in the shed, lol.

I’ve been putting up stuff for sale. It’s one way to clean out stuff. Whatever doesn’t sell will go either with us or to the thrift store.

So, I’m not setting up my office here. I’m now replastering and repainting the whole upstairs. I’m having contractors check the bathroom upstairs to redo it and put in trim where ever it is missing around the house. Well, depending on how much it costs. I’ll at least have them do the bathroom. We need the drywall removed and a fan installed. And it will be done correctly and timely so we can put the house up for rent.

So, it appears I took the summer off, lol.

I did have three releases so far this year. Feel free to grab them all!

Saving Grace


Saving Grace

A Dragon’s Fated Heart book 3


The apocalypse had come and gone.

Secrets lie buried waiting to be found.

Dragons are not the only ones awakening to a new world.

Grace has always felt a bit like an outsider, even in her own family. She preferred to do things on her own, ignoring her loneliness. That all changes when Rog barrels into her life, opening her eyes to so much more.

Dragon shifter Rog has seen what problems hiding your inner dragon from your mate brings. Saving his mate from a precarious situation, he changes in front of her. Her awe and hesitant acceptance have him wrapped around her finger in a heartbeat.

Together they find a hidden, cryonic facility. Do they awaken the lost souls hidden in the depth of the mountain? Dare they take the chance of possibly bringing back the diseases to once again ravage their world?

Those are easy questions, but how can Rog explain the mating ritual to change Grace into a dragon involves himself and other dragons giving her more pleasure in a once in a lifetime experience?


Amazon US:

Amazon INT:



Take Two

Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories is an anthology of from the authors of Writers on the River. Love and life get another chance in these tales that will warm your heart and make you fall in love again.

The proceeds of this anthology will go to Thistle Farms, a non-profit organization located in Nashville, Tennessee that helps women survivors of violence, sex trafficking, prostitution and addiction.
This anthology includes J.M. Walker, Tricia Andersen, Dania Voss, Miranda Shanklin, Missy Davis, Jane Charles, Beverly Ovalle, Maggie Adams, Tabetha Waite, Miranda Lynn, Heather D’Agostino, Dawn Brower, Julie Berghammer, C.A. Harms, AJ Renee, Amabel Daniels, Dakota Trace, CE Johnson, CJ Baty, Sutton Bishop, Anna Hague, Rochelle Bradley, Kate Hawthorne, J.E. Mueller, and Shannyn Schroeder.





There are many people who are involved in promoting authors and supporting the romance book world. Few are as loved as Julia Gerard, or as she is better known, Momma. Momma is fighting for her life against lung cancer.

We share these stories with you to show our love for Julia. Each contains some form of “Momma”, either as the subject or the word. The proceeds for this anthology will go to Julia and her family to help with her expenses.


Barnes and Noble:
Baker and Taylor: available
Tolino: available

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