From me to you #apeekatmylife

My kitchen is coming along. I’ve pictures of the counters that were finished. The beginnings of the backsplash, the new faucet and the hood vent. Lots of work went on this past week.

On Monday the counter tops went it. They’re gorgeous! The guys at Granite Direct did a fantastic job!

Then on Tuesday the hood vent went in. It took them a whole day to do it. Completed by Ace Handyman Services.

The faucet also went in for the sink. Courtesy of All Around Plumbing.

On Wednesday I had pest control out. The house has been inundated with ants, stink bugs and Chinese beetles. Not to mention spiders. They should all be outside, not inside in the house with me!

Thursday I had my second covid shot. The picture is on instagram. I couldn’t seem to get it downloaded to here. Technical difficulties! I was fine on Thursday, my arm was just sore. On Friday, however, it was a different story. My arm ached still. I got a headache, nauseous and was bone tired. So tired I started slurring while talking! I finally just went to bed. It is now 4:00 am in the morning on Saturday and I’m feeling so much better.

Friday, I stayed up because the contractor, Ronnie, doing the tiling came over to start the backsplash. He’ll be back either today or Monday to finish up. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m not sure what color grout we’ll be using but I think a lighter color. Sadly I don’t remember the name of his company! I lost his business card. But it won’t be the only time I hire him, that’s for sure.

Friday also gave me a surprise visitor! My son is in the Marines and he showed up ringing my doorbell! Which I couldn’t figure out what it was because I’d installed it less than a week ago, lol.

My daughter is trying to pimp him out, looking for a baby momma, lol. He’s waiting as his divorce is pending. He doesn’t want to start something while he is still married. Good for him. My daughter? Well, she wants a niece or nephew, lol, and doesn’t care how it happens. Yikes!

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