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It was only supposed to be one night.

I never expected to fall into bed with him and I never expected to crave his touch, his lips, or his voice.

He was everything I swore I never wanted; Filthy-rich, cocky, sexy as hell, and way too demanding. But after one night I knew if I didn’t leave I’d want more.

So much more.

So I left.

Leaving a note on his kitchen counter knowing that I would never see him again.

That is until I walked into my new job and met Luke Masters, my new boss, and CEO of Masters Publishing.

His eyes tell me he knows exactly who I am, and he wants to be more than just my boss.

by K.L. Savage


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It’s time to rise from the ashes and extinguish the flames.

This is a new start.
A clean slate for not just me or Scarlett, but for everyone else that’s trusted me to make their life better.
Deciding to keep the Atlantic City chapter name was the right move.
Not only is the weight of the members on my shoulders, but the immense responsibility of proving ourselves to the city.
I need the community to accept us, to come to us when we need help, and most importantly, I don’t want them to fear us.
But it isn’t going to be easy.
Nothing worth it ever is.

With a winter storm brewing off the coast, this is our chance to open the clubhouse for people who need shelter.
It’s the perfect opportunity to show who we are.
Protectors. Enforcers. Loyalists.
We have nothing but heart.
The heart?
My Scarlett Rose.

Her support pushes me to be my best.
And right when I think my best is enough, the world falls out from under our feet.
Hell is hot and the flames aren’t forgiving during this journey.
To gain something good, we lose something better.
And we have to rise from the ashes all over again.


#2 Kansas

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by Emily McIntire


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My life is a stage.
Followed by millions, and loved by none.
And me, the captain of control, steering my image through choppy waters.
Making sure I stay on top.
No one ever sees me.
No one ever looks.
Until him.
But he’s everything impossible, and a thousand shades of wrong.
Falling for him would ruin everything I’ve worked for.
So why can’t I stay away?

My life is a back-up plan.
Surrounded by friends, and loved by none.
And me, the king of heartbreak, gluing my pieces back together.
Making sure they stick.
No one ever sees me.
No one ever looks.
Until her.
But she’s everything off-limits, and a thousand shades of sin.
Falling for her would ruin everything I’ve worked for.
So why won’t she stay away?


#1 Beneath the Stars

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#2 Beneath the Stands

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#4 Beneath the Surface – Releasing July 6

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Contemporary Romance
The Rules of Friends with Benefits

By Lauren Blakely
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Close To Home

By Suzanne Ferrell
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Vampires & Chocolate Box Set

By Keira Blackwood
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Contemporary Western Romance

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Head on out to the country with these four, full-length cowboy romance novels.

You’ll read:

The Country Bride
A lonely widower and the nanny

Her Cowboy’s Forbidden Kiss
The orchard keeper and the romance writer

The Cowboy Songwriter’s Fake Marriage
The songwriter and a new mother for his son

The Unexpected Groom
A city doctor meets country girl.

When you’re looking for love on the ranch, farm, or in the mountains, you’ll find here.
Happy reading.

Western Romance
Wild Cowboy Ways

by Carolyn Brown
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Regency Romance
When the Earl was Wicked

By Stacy Reid
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Contemporary Romance
The Remingtons

By Melissa Foster
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Cover for 'His to Claim'
His to Claim
by Flora Ferrari
Arturo Amato is a man who takes what he wants. The seven-foot silver-haired forty-one-year-old drips confidence and experience. “You belong to me now. You do what I say. You’re my property. Rule number one—you never look at another man.” I know I should fear this man, but when he lays his hands on me I let my secret fantasy life out to play.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**

Cover for 'Virgin & Broken Daddy'
Virgin & Broken Daddy
by Claire Angel
A broken heart and a broken promise…brought Adam and Siena into each other’s lives. He was reeling from a broken marriage, and she was hiding from a marriage proposal from hell. With so much baggage to unpack, would the two find love in an unexpected place, or would tragedy rip them apart? “Virgin & Broken Daddy” is a full-length standalone story.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**

Cover for 'Truck Stop Tempest (Truck Stop Book 3)'

Truck Stop Tempest (Truck Stop Book 3)
by Krissy Daniels
Tuuli Holt was off-limits. Young. Naïve. Pure. She stormed into my life and scattered my demons, and for reasons I couldn’t understand, we connected soul-deep. When our dark pasts collided, I feared she would break, but that timid little bunny proved to be a tempest, tearing my world apart from the roots, and leaving me in total devastation.

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google  

Cover for 'For a Goode Time Call...'
For a Goode Time Call…
by Jasinda Wilder
Nothing could have prepared me for Ink Isaac. He’s so much more than anyone I’ve ever met, and my instant attraction to him leaves me reeling. But with my life recently turned upside down, I begin to realize I’m not sure what my future looks like anymore—all I know for sure is my heart and my body want him in it, even if my mind is saying something else. *Can be read as a standalone.

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google

Cover for 'Once Upon a Time (Runaway Princess Bride Book 1)'
Once Upon a Time (Runaway Princess Bride Book 1)
by Blair Babylon
When a modern princess falls in love with her bodyguard, a royal fairy tale turns dangerous. When princess Flicka decides to flee her violent ex, her bodyguard, Dieter, is the only one who can help her. But their irresistible attraction heats up in ways neither of them expected…

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google  

Cover for 'Bittersweet (True North Book 1)'
Bittersweet (True North Book 1)
by Sarina Bowen
Years after their steamy fling, aspiring chef Audrey unexpectedly crosses paths with gruff farmer Griff in Vermont. They may be on totally different paths, but there’s no saying no to their hotter-than-ever chemistry… A red-hot romance from a USA Today bestselling author!

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Cover for 'Inferno: Part 1'
Inferno: Part 1
by T.K. Leigh
It was just supposed to be one night. It wasn’t supposed to make me question everything. Maybe I should have dug deeper into who he is. Maybe I should have asked more questions. Maybe I should have realized the truth that was staring at me through his familiar eyes. They say you can never escape your past. They were right… “Holy hotness and its 5 burning stars! L-o-v-e this book!” -Amazon reviewer.

  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google  

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