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Love & Deception #Audio

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Lies. Deceit. Delusions.

Love & Deception, the second thrilling book in the must-read Love & Ruin Series from bestselling author J.A. Owenby is now available in audio, narrated by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker! 

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After a family emergency, I sink into a deep depression, longing for what I can no longer have. Hendrix. My feelings for him are a noose around my heart. As hard as it is for me to keep my distance, I’m still drawn to him. He’s like a magnet, pulling me with all his strength, loving me, protecting me, and giving me a reason for something to believe in.

Nothing good lasts forever. 

I’m sucked into a dark, dangerous world, and become a target. Now it’s my turn to protect the man I love. The only way I see how is to push him away.

But when I’m clinging to my last breath, begging for my life, my heart cries out for the one man who really loves me. The only man who can save me.

Will Hendrix reach me in time, or is this goodbye forever?

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** Love & Deception is the second book in The Love & Ruin Series. Hendrix and Gemma’s story continues and finishes with an HEA in Love & Redemption.

** This book includes mature content and possible triggers.