Love You Sober #Blitz

Title: Love You Sober
Series: Love Duet #1
Author: Andréa Joy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2022
When I came close to dying, he offered me a lifeline.
When I needed a family, he gave me his.
He was selfless and gentle, and everything I’d convinced myself I would never have.
Deacon Rutherford opened a world that had been out of reach to me for a long time. I would be forever grateful to him, but I couldn’t rely on him to fight my demons forever.
At some point I would have to face my past. Would his lifeline be enough to keep my walls from crashing?
A.J. Daniels is now writing as Andréa Joy 
Andréa is a shark obsessed; beach loving girl forced to endure the long Canadian winters. When she’s not writing, in a lecture at the local university, or at her big girl job, you can find her binge-watching true crime shows, Bones, 911 Lone Star, or Friends. Coffee is her love language.

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