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A Valentine’s Day Treat for my readers plus a Giveaway!

Charlie and Jamie have a date

Jamie had Evan on Skype.
“Man, what should I do for your mom for Valentine’s Day? Do you think it would be lame if I just took her to Romas?”

“Naw, I’m sure she’d like that. It’s your place after all, gag me. But you better do something more than that. Get her some roses or jewelry or something. Don’t get chocolate, you know she’ll complain about the calories and that you’re making her fat if you do.”

“ Your mom’s not fat”

“I know that, and you know that, but, you know women, and mom is really sensitive about her weight as she is getting older”

“Yeah, I know. Jewelry sounds like a good idea. How about one of those “mother’s ring” things with your birthstone? Then it could be from both of us.”

“That sounds great, just don’t expect me to chip in for it. You know what a grunt makes, nothing!”

“Yeah right, you’re just blowing all your dough on booze and hot women”

Evan laughed, “Don’t I wish. Not gonna happen in the sandbox. I gotta go. Tell mom I’m sorry I missed her and I’ll call again as soon as I can.”

“Okay Ev, love you son” Jamie still couldn’t believe he got to call this amazing young man “son” but he truly was his son in every way but blood.

Jamie sipped his coffee and thought about the coming holiday. This would be their first Valentine’s as a married couple and he really wanted to make sure it was special. She made his life complete, filling up the space in his heart he hadn’t even known was empty. He would call Michael this afternoon and make sure he saved their table for them. Right now he’d better head to the Cool Springs Galleria and look for that ring
Charlie sat on the edge of the bathtub and stared at the little stick. It said “pregnant” seriously? First off that really shouldn’t be possible, when she had Evan the stick only turned blue or didn’t, now the fracking thing talked to you. Pregnant. She was pregnant. Shock ran through her. She and Phillip had tried for years to have another baby and she’d never gotten pregnant. Now she was forty years old. But, fast on the heels of her shock was a thrill of joy. She felt the smile break across her face. She was pregnant! She and Jamie were going to have a baby. Would it have Jamie’s green eyes? And her red hair, or be dark haired like Jamie. Maybe it would be a girl, she’d always wanted a little girl to dress up. Oh my God, what was Jamie going to think. He was almost forty-two. Were they too old to have a baby? No people were having babies in their forties all the time now, and Jamie would be such a great dad. He had already proved that with Evan. He was going to be so excited. Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and they were going out. That would be the perfect time to tell him. But, how should she tell him? She needed to think of some unique way to clue him in. She’d have to talk to Bethany about it. Bethany always had the best ideas…
Charlie had her package all wrapped and a special card she had made attached. She was dressed all in red. A slinky wrap dress, with a low cut bodice and a pair of F me heels. She figured she better rock the sexy while she could, before too long she would be waddling. She giggled to herself as she finished fixing her face in the mirror. Jamie’s arms came around her from behind and he kisses her neck.

“Mmmm, you smell delicious, baby. Maybe we could just stay home and I can have you for dinner.”

“I don’t think so mister. You promised me Roma’s and I have my face fixed for some of Michael’s meatballs.”

“Oh, all right. I’ll take you out, because I want to show you off anyway. But I reserve the right to have you for dessert.”

Charlie turned in his arms and laid a hand on his cheek, “you don’t expect me to argue with that do you?” She slid her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. She brushed his lips softly and then let her tongue trace his bottom lip. He opened for her and took over the kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and devouring her like a starving man. His hands slid from her waist to her behind and he pulled her tight against his growing arousal.

Charlie pulled back and gave him a wink.

“Hold that thought for later. I’m hungry.”

“Me too.” Jamie growled nuzzling into her neck again.

She pushed him back playfully.

“Down boy. Later.”

She turned and walked back into the bedroom. She grabbed the package off the bed and her purse and headed for the front door before he could change her mind.

They sat at their table in Romas. The remnants of a beautiful meal surrounding them and Charlie reached across the table and took Jamie’s hand.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, my darling. Everything was perfect. I have something special for you.”

“I have something for you too, baby.”
Charlie smiled.

“Mine first.” She pulled the package from beneath her seat and handed it to him.

“You need to open the card first.”

Jamie gave her a quizzical look and opened the card.
A little gift to make you smile, practice makes perfect, there’s no denial
So take this gift and practice well, in seven months you’ll need to know

“What does that mean?” Jamie asked.

“Open the package and see”

Jamie pulled off the paper and gaped at the doll resting in the cardboard box he could see through the plastic window. Baby alive. Then she saw the light bulb go off in his head. He jumped from his seat and knelt down next to her chair.

“Are you… are we… a baby?”

Charlie nodded, tears in her eyes. Jamie was looking at her with such love on his face. She put her hands on either side of his face.

“We’re going to have a baby.” She said

Jamie scooped her out of the chair and swung her around in a circle.

“Hot Damn!” he set her down and looked up, the whole restaurant was staring at him. “We’re having a baby!” he shouted. Applause broke out, and shouts of “congratulations” followed. Michael rushed up and clapped him on the back.

“I can’t believe your broken old ass knocked her up” he said. He turned and gave Charlie a hug.

“Champagne for the happy couple. On the house. No kidding, Congratulations man.”
Michael walked away and Jamie focus fell back to Charlie.

“I can’t believe it baby.” He held her chair as she sat back down, then he walked back to his side of the table and collapsed unto the chair. Shaking his head , he looked slightly shell shocked, but happy. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small wrapped box, he handed it to Charlie.

Charlie unwrapped it and opened the little blue velvet box. Inside rested a Mother’s ring.

“I’ll have to take it back and have another stone added now” he said.

Charlie could only smile. She had her man, her son and a new baby on the way, there would never be another Valentine’s Day as special as this one.

I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day with Charlie and Jamie.I have a romantic date with my hubby, a bathtub and some candles waiting for me. So Happy Valentine’s Day all. May all you holiday dreams come true. Smile Somebody Love You!

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