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Sensational Sundays – Book Spotlight – Giveaway – Stetson’s storm – Kathleen Ball


Five years ago, hunky rodeo star Stetson Scott left town, never looking back. Storm McCrory’s heart was ripped out that same day. Now Stetson is back in town. He’s shocked to find both Storm and his son living in poverty, shunned by most of the town.


The bells above the diner door rang eerily in the still of the night. Storm startled then whirled around. It’d been quiet all night; the graveyard shift usually was. The money wasn’t the greatest, but somehow she managed. Her eyes widened and her heart raced faster. It couldn’t be, but it was. Stetson had returned.
He noticed her. Storm saw no sign of recognition in his eyes. Maybe it was a good thing. She knew she looked drawn and tired. The circles under her eyes never seemed to disappear anymore, her hair no longer shone, and she was rail thin.
His lack of recognition cut deep. The pain in her heart overwhelmed her. He didn’t remember her, but she hadn’t forgotten him for one day during his five-year absence.
Grabbing the glass coffee pot, she quickly walked over to where he sat at the counter. “Coffee?”
“Sure, honey,” Stetson replied, looking over his shoulder at a group of new customers.
Disappointment filled her being as she poured the hot liquid into his mug. “Anything else?”
“Uh, no.”
Storm nodded, put the pot down, and walked into the kitchen to regroup. He unnerved her.
“She’s not the one for you.” Storm heard one customer comment.
“I’m not interested,” Stetson’s familiar voice responded.
“Good thing. She’s got a bit of a reputation.” The busybody female’s voice sounded sultry, as though she wanted Stetson for herself.
Tears welled up in Storm’s eyes waiting for his reply. All she heard was the ringing of the bells. She hoped she hadn’t been stiffed again. Last time it had come out of her pocket. She walked back behind the counter. Stetson had left. He was always leaving.
Storm had finally and firmly written him off, but her heart didn’t agree. Thankfully, she had a strong mind. No man would ever play her for a fool again

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About Kathleen Ball
Kathleen writes contemporary western romance with great emotion and memorable characters.

She currently has published with Desert Breeze Publishing both Callie’s Heart and Lone Star Joy.

She also had published by Secret Cravings Publishing Texas Haven and Ryelee’s Cowboy

Kathleen lives in Texas. She moved there from Rochester, New York and is having the time of her life exploring Texas culture.

Kathleen is married to her wonderful husband Bruce and they have one son, Steven. They just welcomed new additions to their family, a new daughter in law, Brittany and her cute as a button son, Colt.

She feels blessed to be supported in her writing by her family and friends. There’s something about a cowboy. I hope you read and enjoy my books– Kathleen Ball

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