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Meeting Margarita Felices – Guest Blog


My second only guest blog post.
I’ve been given a free reign which might be dangerous or fun or both, let’s see.

A LITTLE ABOUT WHERE I LIVE…and the reason why I can be inspired by just walking around.

I live in Wales – it has a varied kind of persona. You can take a walk around the city I live in, and in some places, find remnants of the Victorian side of it. Then you can walk around the corner and find a super modern shopping centre. I’m extremely lucky living here, there is a great castle right in the centre of town, it has ruins that dates back to the Romans! The main part is as Gothic as you can ever imagine, I love it, it’s stunning.

Norman Keep
And then there’s the Norman keep, you can climb it right to the top. How is this for a moody picture?

This is the City Hall, equally as impressive inside too.
City Hall

Then you can venture a few miles towards the Bay and come across trendy new bars and restaurants as well as a new centre for theatre. Theatre

You probably wouldn’t believe that 50 years ago this land was the Docklands and where the pillars stand used to be the Dry Dock where ships came in for repair. It’s changed a lot since I was young. I’m from the area and even though they have made it one of the top places to live in the country, they took away the community that lived there and it doesn’t have the heart that it had once. It’s modern and clean but it’s also cold and uncaring and as much as I do like what they’ve done with it, I miss the history, the mixed cultures and the smiles from the families I used to know.

I’ve been an author for a year; I say that loosely because I felt that I could only be called that once someone bought my book and then reviewed it. And it’s been an interesting and busy year where I’ve seen my book go up and down the Amazon charts and a few times spin so far into oblivion I thought it was just a matter of time before Amazon and Books To Go Now just removed it altogether! What’s made me smile the most has been the categories that it’s fallen into. #1
Looking them up has placed me in the Top 10 for most of last year and number 1 in either the vampire or vampire romance or Paranormal Romance charts. And checking those figures has proved to be very addictive, and I know it should be a once in a while thing to do, because it’s gotten in the way of my writing on more than one occasion. So while I sit here telling you all how obsessive I am you should know that I have checked them at least twice today! But tomorrow it’s all going to change.

Tomorrow is the start of finally getting more writing done and not procrastinating, which I suppose is something all authors do. My second full length book needs to see the light of day and if I don’t get on with it, I feel that it may never get finished and that would be a shame.

stop procrastinating

What have I been doing with my time?

Judgement of soulsI have always had this morbid fascination with supernatural/paranormal beings and with vampires in particular. It wasn’t much of a surprise that my first novel would be about vampires – although it was a surprise to me to learn it was a trilogy! My vampire lead is Rachel de Grosnez and she’s no weak minded female. She’s a kick ass lean mean fighting machine who is stopped in her tracks by Daniel Moore. Her family were the guardians of a very special vampire artefact called the Book of Cain and one day it’s stolen from the vampire Elysium (their safe haven) by Max, who entered the Elysium in a near fanfare, targeting the young Rachel to the point of seduction. And then he’s gone. Obviously she’s heartbroken by his actions, especially as her parents have been banished and she promises to find the book and restore them back in their rightful places. But by now, three hundred years have passed and she’s hit a dead end. Until Max returns, kills Daniel’s best friend and now they are all involved in the search. All this while Daniel’s friends try to find something that will convince Daniel to dump Rachel, and Rachel’s vampire friend Arun, tries to convince her to dump Daniel!

(Groans very loudly)

JudPart Two of the JUDGEMENT OF SOULS trilogy has proven to be very tricky.
I always knew it would be the most difficult and also the longest of the three books, so imagine my concern when thinking I may be nearing completion – it was shorter than the last book!

And just when I thought I had it all sussed, I come across a circumstance that meant some of it had to be re-written and new characters brought in with even more problems!

One of those problems was that this new book had to tell the story of The Righteous.
Horseman They are paranormal and occult hunters and they have been hiding the artefact that the vampires are looking for, for centuries. But also the whole story revolves around the Moore family. So here is the plan. Because I hate jigsaw puzzles, and this is starting to resemble one, I’m going to work my way backwards from my lead character in JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 3, (Daniel) and hopefully meet the other members of his family in the middle. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve worked out the correct timelines!

What else? Maybe a little about the rest…
Well last year I also wrote two short stories. I’ve had them for a while now and when I was asked to submit other work, I dusted them off, re-wrote them and sent them off.

The Psychic
The Psycic
I liked the sound of this story when I first began to write it. It was originally a screenplay so I took it to pieces and made it more descriptive. Beryl is a con artist and after she’s left penniless she comes across this scam while walking through a market and five years later, and being very good at it, she now has a great life. But Beryl really shouldn’t mess about with this sort of thing, because you never know who’s going to visit you next. It was a fun story to write and I am fascinated by psychics. I’ve gone to so many over the years I can barely remember any of what they said, except for one who was very close to lots of things and who asked me if I owned a Yorkie because one had sat by my feet. She couldn’t have possibly known that was true, it was never mentioned. Funny, even though I love going to them, I’m still sceptical as to their ‘powers’.

The Story of My Heart
Story of my heart
My first ever romantic story – who figured eh? Even my friends are surprised at this one. I love paranormal stories and this – well – certainly isn’t. Megan made a choice and it was a wrong one, but now she gets a second chance and deep down she’s scared to death. I suppose the underlying story here is something we’re all afraid of… what if?
What if I’d turned that other corner?
What if I’d spoken to that man and not ignored his interest?

I probably won’t ever write another romance story, I don’t have it in me I guess. Some people are good at it and some…? It’s had some nice reviews and so perhaps, I should never say, never.

How to get hold of the novels or me!
If anyone is interested in reading any of these novels or joining the JUDGEMENT OF SOULS Facebook page, here are the addresses.

Please feel free to stop by the JUDGEMENT OF SOULS Facebook page and post your own work on my wall, I welcome other authors to do just that and please leave a comment here so I can get to know some of you. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or you can Inbox me on Facebook.