Review – Skin – Lydia Michaels

When Finnegan McCullough gets a flat tire he bumps into a woman he’s never seen before. After a stern lecture on trespassing, he offers her a ride and a friendship takes shape. Mallory Fenton is unlike any girl he’s ever met. She’s funny, sexy as hell, and sweet as pie, but she doesn’t see herself that way.

After literally crashing into Finnegan McCullough, Mallory is a hot, tongue-tied,mess. A true lumberjack, he wears his flannel well and possesses the sexiest smile she’s ever had thrown her way. Unfortunately, men like that don’t look at girls like her. When Finn confesses his desire to be more than friends, Mallory is shocked. After years of being the ‘fat girl’ she knows better than to believe a man like Finn could ever find her attractive. But she’s gotten under his skin and Finn is determined to show Mallory how beautiful she truly is.

A realistic and heartwarming romance that proves love and beauty come in all shapes and sizes.

Tamara’s Revieww
Skin is a heartwarming look at beauty through the eyes of love. Have you ever met someone and thought they were okay looking and then you got to know them, and every time you met they became more and more attractive? I have. That is their true beauty shining through. Because beauty really isn’t only Skin deep.
One of the things I loved about this story, was that the hero, Finn, is beautiful all the way to his soul. I hate stereotypes, and there are as many stereotypes for “beautiful” people as there are for us “fat girls”. I have known many women and men who were beautiful both inside and out,many “ugly” people who had beautiful Skins, and even some people who’s ugliness bleed from their souls to become visible to the naked eye. Skin does not perpetuate any of these stereotypes, the characters were real, human. I felt like I knew them. I grew up in Chicago, lots of big Irish families and the McCullough’s made me feel right at home.
There are a lot of underlying messages in Skin. But the one that resonated the most with me was that change can only occur from the mind. You can change your outsides and never see it, if you still see yourself as flawed in your mind. Or you can accept your Skin and change your mindset.
What may surprise you about Skin is that while there are times you definitely need to have the tissues handy, you will also laugh and laugh through your tears (which I love).
I highly recommend this wonderful story of beauty and love.

hearts 51Flames 3
SSLY recommended read

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