A Heart Broken- On Sale for the month of October $.99

How much grief can a heart bear before being tested to the ultimate limit? The War is over, Charlotte and Sanderson are reunited, and life is good … until the Army comes knocking. They have charged Sanderson with the murder of his former captor, the despicable Lieutenant Lantz who swore to kill him and Jackson. After a make-believe trial, Sanderson is sentenced to “hang by the neck until dead” – unless he can track down and kill the notorious outlaw William Quantrill with the help of SGT Jerry Thomas, who still may be in love with Charlotte. While Sanderson is on his blood mission, Charlotte miscarries the baby he wasn’t even aware existed. In addition to battling her grief over the loss of their unborn baby, Charlotte must also battle a rash of hydrophobia that threatens the countryside –Sanderson included.

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Sara Barnard began writing her now-bestselling debut novel, A Heart on Hold, during her husband’s last deployment to Afghanistan. After his safe return, A Heart on Hold was picked up for publication by 5 Prince Publishing and the 4 book Everlasting Heart series was promptly born. A Heart on Hold is a finalist for the 2013 RONE award in American Historical Fiction.

A Heart Broken soon followed and book 3, A Heart at Home, followed, too. A Heart Forever Wild is forthcoming. Also forthcoming is Sara’s debut biographical work, an Amish historical romance titled Rebekah’s Quilt, and from 5 Prince Kids, her children’s books Little Spoon and Michaela de la Mer. Her debut picture book, Chunky Sugars, released New Year’s Day 2013.

Sara also has an independently published line of nonfiction children’s books which includes bestseller The ABC’s of Oklahoma Plants which has hit #1 here on Amazon several times in Plants books for kids and bestseller The Big Bad Wolf Really Isn’t so Big and Bad, which has also gone to #1 in Wolf books for kids. The ABC’s of Texas Plants is scheduled to release July 2nd, 2013.
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