fRom mE to yOU FriDaY ~ Beverly

I don’t know whether to tell you about No Heart Left Behind or Stealing Hope! Since No Heart Left Behind comes out first, I’ll go with that one.


No Heart Left Behind comes out Sept 19, 2015. It’s an awesome group of authors in this box set. 🙂 I’m not just saying that because I’m one of them, LOL. It really is. On Sept 19 we are also having a Facebook Party. Grand prize is a Kindle. A fancy one. I just don’t remember what kind! It is HD if that helps, lol. So come, play, chat and play games. Visit for a chance to win! Where?

Here’s the link:

FB page NHLB

My story in No Heart Left Behind is Love Me Forever.

Staff Sergeant Liam McGregor doesn’t know what hit him. Sent home to recuperate from an IED blast, Liam is stuck in a wheelchair and is sentenced to surgery and physical therapy before he can walk again.

A physical therapist, Abby Worth has loved Liam McGregor since she first noticed boys. It’s too bad he’s her brother’s best friend. She has always been firmly put in the baby sister zone no matter how hard she tried to catch his eye.

Liam sees Abby and when she goes home with him doesn’t know how he can keep his hands off of her. She’s now old enough to touch and the fire in his blood and the combination of pain killers make him lose control. Abby can’t help but take what she’s always wanted.

Together they have to overcome their fear of being left behind to grab what they have always wanted-each other.

Here’s a peek at an excerpt from Love Me Forever.

Liam couldn’t help the angry thoughts running through his head. He had known something was not right. He should have been more cautious. Nelson was dead. He was injured. He had no idea what happened to the guys in the MRAP. His temples throbbed in time with the flashing and subtle buzz of the fluorescent lights overhead. The sour taste in his mouth accompanied the churning in his guts as he tried not to remember that day.

He watched the ceiling, staring at the yellowing tiles. His chest was tight with the anguish and fear he refused to express. Liam had been put on a special diet to keep his muscles from turning to fat. Unable to walk and one arm useless, Liam had been unable to keep to the daily exercise regime he had followed since joining the Marines.

At home, the work of a cowboy was hard and physical so there was little need for exercise. Liam continued to stay in shape in the Marines but with little to do in his off time he exercised. The Marines demanded it and it was an outlet to get rid of frustration. Now however, he had little recourse. Physical Therapy was needed to get him back in shape, able to walk and use his arms again. He just wanted to get better so he could do what he had to. He was tired of the hospital and well enough to go home. However, arrangements for continuing therapy were being made while he waited.

His dad was packing his gear in the truck while Liam sat there. His wheelchair next to him while he suffered in the hard chair. His choice, and obviously not one of his better ones. He knew at this point he would need help getting back in the wheelchair. It was just another thing that managed to twist his gut into knots.

Liam heard a light footstep as his nostrils caught the scent of flowers at their approach. He ignored the sight and scent, keeping his head tilted back as he stared upward at nothing. It was probably another nurse. They came and went, their footsteps echoing down the corridor. Most didn’t smell as good as this one though. She slowed as she spotted him and stopped in front of him. Liam couldn’t ignore the common courtesy that had been drilled into him since birth. He lowered his head and looked into familiar blue eyes.


The gasp from her lips assured him that it was indeed Abby, little Abby Worth, all grown up. He had been best friends with her brother Hank since middle school when their family had settled down on the small spread they bought just outside of town. He stifled a groan as he ignored the familiar sensations she engendered in him since she first started filling out her bikini. He’d felt like a lecher at twenty-two when he first noticed her as more than his buddy’s little sister.

“Baby girl? What are you doing here?”

Like it? Head on over on September 19 to pick up your copy. Even better-80% of the royalties are going to Operation Troop Aid.


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