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Rise of the Dragons

Stealing Hope series eye

Jasima wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling herself toward him. She caressed his forearms, then flicked her fingers teasingly on his dick then slid up her own stomach to caress her breasts, rolling each nipple until they stood hard and begging for his mouth.

Dax surged forward, impaling her on his length. He swooped down, engulfing a nipple and suckling until Jasima cried out.

Her nails pierced his buttocks.

His muscles tightened and he hardened even more, thrusting wildly at the delicious pain. Dax grunted and released her nipple. Nuzzling Jasima’s neck Dax bit down, holding her in place. Sliding a hand between them, Dax circled her clit, teasing it until he felt her passage tighten on him. Pressing harder, Dax groaned in pleasure as Jasima’s pussy clamped down and she undulated beneath him shouting out her release, her nails drawing blood. Dax groaned. The sting and the milking of his cock had him moving faster, pounding into Jasima until he cried out, and unloading his seed into her welcome heat.

He rested his forehead against her neck. He slid his tongue out, tasting the saltiness of her sweat.

“Vicious little dragon. I think you drew blood.”

She chuckled, the rumbles vibrating his body.

He felt himself stir again, still cozily buried inside her.

“Time to go.”

Dax growled and shifted his hips, enjoying each slide inside his mate.

Jasima growled back.

Dax felt nails pierce his skin again. Without the endorphins of sexual satisfaction they just stung. He grunted. His mate dug a little deeper.

“Fine. But how often do we finally find ourselves alone?”

Jasima chuckled. “Not often. But we’ve been gone a long time and though they are adults they’ll always be my children. I feel the need to go home.” She kissed his neck and ear. The soft dampness of her lips sent a shiver down his back.

“No fair.” Dax rolled away and grinned at her. “If you insist on going you have to quit encouraging this fellow.” A wave at his awakening erection had a giggle slipping out of her.

Dax stood up, reaching out a hand and pulling Jasima up.

Jasima caressed his chest, flicking his nipples as she slid into his arms. “We can continue this later.”

Dax reached down between her legs, his fingers tracing the edges of her lips, feeling her petals swell with each caress of his fingertips.

Jasima leaned against him, soft and warm and curvy. She exhaled, her legs spreading to make room for his hand.

Dax dipped inside, sliding his finger into her warmth. Scalding hot against his digit, Dax slid in and out of her. His thumb caressed her clit, teasing her tiny erection. His nostrils flared at the sweet scent of her. Her shiver and breathy exhalation had him speeding up forcing her to ride his hand.

Dax felt her spasm on his finger, warm cream dripping down his hand as Jasima cried out. Dax pumped into her until he felt her contractions slow. He pulled his finger from her and licked it clean.


Dax chuckled. She still sounded scandalized each time he showed how much he enjoyed the taste of her.

Stealing Hope series eye

Rise of the Dragons

Before there was Stealing Hope


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