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unnamed (21)Enamor by Veronica Larsen

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Enamor by Veronica Larsen is on sale for 99c for the first time ever!!!

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The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there’s one to begin with. He’s mine. My conceited, womanizing jerk of a new roommate. He pushes my buttons and drives me so crazy I want to strangle him daily.

There’s a million reasons why I should stay far away from him, the most obvious of which being that I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns.

Except that I don’t hate him.

It’s a reckless game we’re playing, treading the edge of an attraction so intense it might as well be a grenade.

(all books are standalones)



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Destiny didn’t have to suck. Not if you could run six thousand miles away to escape what was supposed to be your fate. Józsi wants to maintain a normal life, away from the politics and Prophecy of the Opeth Pack. Moving from Hungary to Texas was a huge change but a needed one in order to escape the fate of wolves that would ultimately put him in charge of a dying pack he wanted nothing to do with.

Ilona and Lukina grew up loving Józsi while preparing to accept their roles as Opeth pack healers even as he left them ten years earlier. Unafraid of fate and supportive of the things brought on by Prophecy; they found themselves facing the current pack Alpha in his madness. With the current climate change and insanity causing harm to the pack’s females, including Ilona, Lukina makes the choice to reunite the triad, even if it’s just to deal with the current regime.

When Lukina appears on Józsi’s doorstep, he must decide if returning to Hungary is because he wants to reunite with his lovers, or because of sworn duty to them. Will he make the right choice even at the cost of his freedom or will he let his triad down by returning to Houston, alone?


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Mankind has moved into space and taken many of his baser instincts along. The colony world of Wrantiban is secretly preparing for war. The future of humanity is delicately balanced in the ebony sea of space. Ebony Sea: Origins is a collection of Lifepod, Recovery, Colony Lost, The Closet, Gray Four, and To Mars and Back. Bonus material in Recovery and Gray Four is added, along with an extra story, Crukavi.