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Rise of the Dragons ~ The final part!

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“I guess we need to go. You wanted to head home.” Dax straightened, his erection bobbing and showing just how much he needed his mate.

He chuckled as Jasima swore and slid to her knees before him. He felt his balls tighten in anticipation.

Her soft wet tongue teased him. Her hands held his thighs, her thumbs caressing the creases near his groin.

Dax swelled. A bead of cum pearled on the tip his cock.

Jasima leaned forward, engulfing the tip in her mouth.

Dax groaned and thrust forward, sliding deeper into her throat.

Jasima’s suckling sent a jolt up his spine. Her hot mouth pulling him deeper.

Dax tunneled his fingers through her hair holding her still and thrusting faster into her mouth. The scrape of her teeth along his length made him shiver.

Jasima wrapped an arm around his leg holding him to her as her other hand squeezed and teased his balls.

“Jasima.” Dax held her head, his balls tight in anticipation, pumping in and out of her mouth until he spurted down her throat. He held her to him, each swallow pulling more seed from his cock.

Jasima sat back, his flaccid member sliding from her mouth. She leaned forward to nip at him.

His balls shrank back.

“Damn it.”

Jasima snickered.

Dax rolled his eyes. He should be used to her teasing, but she always seemed to do the unexpected. Jasima said it was to keep him on his toes.

“I suppose it is time to return.”

Jasima stood up and they both shifted, leaving their temporary trysting spot and heading home.

“We’ll have to keep checking before they can go out and explore the world again.”

Jasima nodded in agreement.

“I think with our survival, we’ve proved we are immune.”

“As are some of the humans.”

Dax sighed knowing that they would have to monitor the humans they had brought together to see if they survived.

Arriving back at their weyr, their hatchlings had settled back into a restless hibernation. Ari stretched out with Crag laying protectively next to him. Hark and Rog, Belisa and Juevatorj were nestled together, all intertwined in a pile.

They had done as much as they could to keep them safe.

Dax and Jasima periodically checked on the humans they had brought together. They appeared to be thriving, the population sparse but beginning to grow. A strong foundation for his children’s future mates.


Stealing Hope series eye

Rise of the Dragons

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