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Out Now! – In The Flesh: Book 1 of The Medusa Consortium

kdgrace-itf-finalIn The Flesh: Book 1 of The Medusa Consortium


Imaginary Lovers

 I suspect every young girl and probably most boys too have had imaginary lovers. Okay, if I’m being honest, as a writer of romance and erotica, I have them all the time. J Those imaginary lovers are the lovers we long for when there isn’t anyone else, when we’re on our own and yearn to be the center of attention of the best, most amazing, hottest man ever, or when our fantasies turn dark and dangerous and we need a little bit of scary-hot help. And let’s face it they certainly have their place in our self-love life, don’t they? They are our images of perfection, something that doesn’t exist in the real world. Though In The Flesh has a complicated origin, a part of its roots and, certainly a part of what drives the story is an imaginary lover. But this imaginary lover is not the book boyfriend of your dreams. He’s not the one all your friends will be jealous of. Don’t get me wrong though, this imaginary lover is strong, powerful, outrageously sexy and he’s completely focused on you. What more could a girl ask for, right?


But what if this insatiable glorious lover, who blows your mind with sex beyond your wildest dreams, isn’t imaginary at all? Oh, I’m not talking Cinderella and Prince Charming or Christian Grey and Anna Steele. Oh no! This lover is way beyond Charming or Grey. In reality, this lover is the most terrifying being you’ve ever met. And what if, in spite of even that, you still can’t resist him?


When I first started writing the story of the Chapel House Guardian, it really was just a short story, an idea about the perfect imaginary lover gone horribly wrong. But after three different incarnations, shared in two different writing groups, I realized there was way more to this Guardian and to those he seduced than what could be contained in one short story. In fact, I soon discovered it would take something more than a human to thwart the seduction of the Guardian. 94k words and In The Flesh later, I discovered that even then, Susan and Michael, and the Guardian’ strange story wasn’t finished. I’m now writing the sequel, Blind- Sided. Both books are a part of something even bigger still, the Medusa’s Consortium Series. You’ll be hearing more about that later. In the meantime, enjoy the excerpt and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win the giveaway.


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In The Flesh Blurb:

When Susan Innes comes to visit her friend, Annie Rivers, in Chapel House, the deconsecrated church that Annie is renovating into a home, she discovers her outgoing friend changed, reclusive, secretive, and completely enthralled by a mysterious lover, whose presence is always felt, but never seen, a lover whom she claims is god. As her holiday turns into a nightmare, Susan must come to grips with the fact that her friend’s lover is neither imaginary nor is he human, and even worse, he’s turned his wandering eye on Susan, and he won’t be denied his prize. If Susan is to fight an inhuman stalker intent on having her as his own, she’ll need a little inhuman help.



EXCERPT: In the Flesh: Sex with an Angel:

I stretched up just enough to brush his lips with mine. My nipples grazed his chest, warm and still bare from his own shower. The tingle of flesh against flesh coursed through me. Michael wasn’t in my head, wasn’t in my imagination. I could see firelight dancing over the rise and fall of a masculine landscape. I could smell him, the clean shower scent mingling with the tang of body heat. I could smell the ozone and musk of his arousal, could almost taste the yeasty humid spiking of his desire at the back of my tongue. I nearly wept with the solid muscle and bone feel of him—the bulging of a bicep as he lifted his hand to curl fingers in my wet hair, the tensing of his thighs as he shifted beneath me, the straining against the soft denim of his jeans—the very solid promise that his need was at least as great as my own.

His mouth was both hard and soft, yielding to mine, intuiting my every move, tongue and lips, teeth and jaw. Was it because he was an angel, I wondered? My insides knotted at the thought, ice blooming next to fire. Did he also have some way of manipulating my needs, kindling my lust until I felt like I would burn if I didn’t get relief? Did he also have some sinister purpose hidden from me? Had I not looked up at the cold stone of his image just before I was attacked?

As though he read my thoughts, he tightened his fist in my hair and bit my lip, making me shudder with as much pleasure as pain. Then he raked his teeth down over my jaw to kiss and nuzzle my nape. There, against the hammering of my pulse, he whispered, “there’s nothing supernatural happening here, Susan. I’m flesh and bone, just like you.”

He trapped my palm low on his belly, and his gaze locked on mine as he guided my hand down inside his waistband, sucking a harsh breath as I wriggled and twisted my fingers until I found him, deliciously commando. He was heavy and warm and smooth against my touch, like steel sheathed in silk.

Impatient as I was, I tore open his fly with an awkwardness worthy of a teenager, causing him to flinch and grind and lift his hips toward me, as though that might ease my clumsiness, as though that might end his denim imprisonment more quickly. And when he was free in my hand, he bucked upward, nearly landing me on the floor in his efforts to get his jeans down over his arse and kick them aside. Then, one hand still fisted in my hair as though he feared I might try to stop his mouth from gorging on mine, he tossed the forgotten towel across the room, cupped my buttocks and stood.

I gave a little yelp of surprise and wrapped my arms and legs around his body, now as naked as my own. It was only a couple of steps to the bed, and he lowered me onto it with incredible control, still strategically positioned between my thighs with me grinding and shifting in a battle to get him where I needed him most. But he resisted, holding me completely and totally at his mercy. He nibbled the hollow of my throat as though there was no hurry, as though he could take all of eternity to explore my body, and he absolutely would if he decided to. He cupped and kneaded each of my breasts in turn, stroking and tweaking until my nipples peaked and ached and tingled.

Ignoring my squirming, what little I could manage from beneath him, embraced and held captive as I was, he slid a splayed hand down my belly and in between us, opening me with thick, calloused fingers, finding my need, stoking the flames, teasing me. In desperation, I reached for his erection, but he slapped my hand away and nipped my throat. “Be patient, Susan. I’m not about to mount you like an animal in rut. I understand flesh and blood, the drive of its life force. And,” he dropped a kiss onto my sternum, “I understand the deceit of divinity to which we’re all vulnerable.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care, goddamnit.” My voice was rough and barely audible, my throat was dry and achy as my mouth formed the words, breathing them almost soundlessly into his mouth. “I’ve been waiting, needing, wanting since I got to Chapel House. Please don’t make me wait any longer.”

And just when I was certain I’d go insane if I couldn’t get him inside me, just when I’d all but clawed a raw strip down his back and buttocks in an effort to get him where I needed him, he pulled away, rose up on his knees and looked down at me, breathing like he’d been running hard. “I don’t have to control your mind to pleasure your flesh. Say you want me, Susan, and I’ll know if you’re lying. I won’t take you until it’s me that you want, and not him.”

“Bloody hell,” I gasped, writhing beneath him like a python over a flame. “I want you, Michael, you fucking know that I want you. Please, don’t make me wait.”

And he didn’t.



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