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Lightning Strike ~ Part 5

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Warning 18 and older only!

Lightning Strike

When Levi woke up, Daphnaie had shifted around. She was curled up against his side now. Her head nestled on his arm, practically burrowed into his armpit. He smiled. It was not a dream or a hallucination induced by the ozone of the near lightning strike. She stirred and snuggled closer. He turned, pulling her into his chest, surrounding her with his body, enclosing her in his arms and settled back to sleep.

Daylight streaked across the sky, dawning over the mountain tops. Levi could feel the warm, female body stretched against his. He had woken to soft feathery kisses being placed across his chest. He lay there, wanting to see what she would do next. He could feel her wiggling against his morning wood. She kissed his neck and chest, licking delicately at his nipples, giggling as they hardened. She wiggled up to kiss his lips. He pretended to be asleep, even when her lips stilled and he could feel her eyes staring at him.

She harrumphed and continued down, kissing some more of him. She licked each of his nipples and suddenly bit down.

“Hey!” He jolted up, gazing sternly down into her face. Her face was alight with mischief as she smiled with his nipple between her sharp, little teeth. “Let go of that.” She giggled as she released him and pushed him so he was lying on his back, his penis flying in the air like a flag.

“Mmm.” Daphnaie wiggled down him and slid her face between Levi’s legs, fingers caressing and stroking him. She nuzzled her face into his balls and dick, hands framing his groin as she played, making him so hard he felt he was ready to burst. She started licking him and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. He groaned, pulsed, and could see pre-cum dribble from his opening. The feeling of her mouth suckling and her tongue massaging his ball made him unable to stop the steady drizzle down his length. One of her tiny hands came up, delicately probing his opening and played with his cum. The feel of her mouth and fingers had him growing harder and pulsing. Levi arched into her hands and mouth unable to stop his reaction.

Daphnaie released his ball with a pop and quickly sucked the other one in, her humming tightening his balls. She grabbed his dick with one hand and released his balls as she came up on her knees. With one hand on his dick, she licked him like a lollipop and engulfed him in the warmth of her mouth. The feel of her mouth and throat squeezing him was exquisite. He shouted as she swallowed, pressing him tighter against her throat with her tongue just as a small finger inserted itself into his ass.

He shouted, ejaculating into her throat, the suction of her mouth and the feel of her finger being inserted inside of him sending him out of control.

Daphnaie swallowed with each pulse of his cock, prolonging his pleasure. He arched into her mouth, not wanting the pleasure to end. The feel of her tongue, the roof of her mouth, and the swallow of her throat against his tip was as exciting to him as the wiggle of her finger in his ass.

Levi’s chest heaved. Daphnaie slowly lifted her head, her tongue darting out to get the white cream that was trying to escape the edges of her lips.

“Good morning.” She giggled at his hoarse greeting. “I’m awful hungry. What say you crawl up here and feed me?” He could see her nipples were hard little knots. His hand wandered, fingers searching out her core. She was burning up and soaked.

Daphnaie crawled closer, crouching, giving his hand better access and continued to lick his flaccid length, sipping at his tip like a straw, getting the last of his cum. He pressed a finger into her, sliding it in and out. She undulated on him. The mewling sounds she made around his dick sent vibrations of excitement through his body.

Remembering how she let him do what he wanted to do to her, he lifted her up until her thighs were straddling his head and held her down above his mouth. He licked her lips, causing her to squirm and try to lower herself. His hands tightened, holding her in place. He teased her, licking around her labia, sending a whisper of breath over her clit. He shifted her, his tongue circling the rosette that hid her darker secrets and then slid his tongue deep into her pussy.

He moved her, shifting her hips on his tongue, forcing her body to do what he wanted, barely brushing against her delicate, weeping parts. He held her up and blew across her opening, watching it clench from wanting to be filled. He moved and laid his tongue against her clit, heating it up. She tried to move, seemingly wanting more. He held her and bit her clit, the pain and pleasure causing her to jerk. He shifted her, his teeth scraping her clit as he forcefully pulled her away from his teeth. He could see her clit was swollen and red from his teeth scraping it. He plunged his tongue into her cunt, bouncing her against his face, her juices covering him. As she started to cum he swooped in on her clit once more, sucking it into his mouth. Her scream titillated him even more.