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My current reading obsession ~ bear shifters!

I have certain things I like to read. For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been obsessed with bears! Shifters of course!

I just finished the Rancher Bear series by Candace Ayers. They weren’t real long books, but the writing and the characters were very entertaining. Add in 5 pig headed bears, a will that set them at odds and let the fun begin! If 5 sexy bear brothers aren’t enough, add in their cousin the sheriff and a heartwarming Christmas tale.

Here is the link for the 6 book series:

If you prefer to order them individually or have KU, these are the links:

Kim Fox has some yummy, yummy bears! The Vega Brothers are a steaming hot handful of sexy bears! Fresh from the military, these brothers will make you drool as they set about claiming their inheritance and beating back the bad guys!

Another I’ve enjoyed is The Clawed Squad by Kim Fox. Now these are some HAWT men or bears, (I’m happy with them either way). You have black bears, grizzly bears and polar bears! Unknowingly forced into the same situation as the Vega Brothers (because when you help out a fellow squad they do you a solid-or so everyone thought) they weren’t quite thrilled with the ultimatum.

I can’t forget Ruby Shae! Her Blackberry Creek bears I could just hug. See? Just check out the covers. The stories are as good as they look.

And have you read Sophie Stern? I just love the Honeypot Darlings and Honeypot Babies series.

She has a polar bear series, too. I haven’t read those yet though.

Harmony Raines, Zoe Chant, Tamara Hoffa, Terry Bolryder, Sable Sylvan all have bear books. I’ve read so many I’ve enjoyed I can’t name them all!

Now that I’m dying to read some more, so I’m going to use it as a reward to myself, lol. I’m ten pages from the end of my self-edits on A Dragon’s Treasure. I’m shipping it off to my editor by Sunday. Release day will be June 16th. I’ll have it with me at a book signing in St. Paul Minnesota! Four Authors and an awesome car show!

History Cruizers Friday Night book signings

2539 7th Ave E North Saint Paul, Minnesota 55109

4:30-8:30 pm

Hope to see you there! And I hope you love bear books as much as I do.