Archive | September 28, 2019

From Me to You!

Well my latest story came out in the anthology We Know the Truth, Do you? It was awesome. We hit #1 in one of the Science Fiction categories! Woo hoo!

Anyhow, that is past! Well a bit. The Road to Eden, has spawned another story. This one features Amy’s sister Ruby. Here’s just a peek at it. Totally unedited, hopefully not misspelled! A bit irreverent, but that’s what makes it fun. It should probably be called Hashtag Queen, lol.

I posed, taking a picture for my Instagram account, hash tagging it stormingarea51lookingcuteandall. My sisters, of course, got in on the action. Storm area 51 was trending, so of course I had to be there. My ruby post earrings sparkled, my black and red running clothes ready for the silly looking Naruto running.

Amy convinced us all that we should go. I always headed up the latest trends and this one appealed to me. Since the whole family agreed to go, I designated myself as our social media queen. I even wore a sparkling red tiara with an alien head. I giggled just thinking about it.

What if there were really aliens? I really hoped so. Just in case they were a hunky blue like my favorite author wrote, I had on a lacy black pantie and bra set. I wanted to be prepared. My tank top and shorts covered them. God forbid if Emmie knew what I was wearing. She’d be spouting scriptures all day long. If we weren’t identical twins, I’d swear she was adopted.

The speaker was droning on. I kept snapping photos. Snapchat got a photo of my brother Slate and some girl, hash tag aliencumbucket. Mica was surrounded by a group of women begging for his attention, hash tag pickmepickme.

Emmie nudged me. I realized the first group was heading out. The ‘Kyles and Karlas’ were in front, smashing cans, aroogahing, and all dressed in eye blinding camo. Guess they never heard of blending in or discretion. That’s why they were going first.

I snapped a picture, hash tag stormarea51urbancamo, hash tag stormarea51youcantseeus. Sent it to Instagram. Then I grabbed one more of myself, hash tag takemetoyourleader, and put my phone away. It fit in the side pocket of my camelback. I took a quick drink.


I’m planning a couple of more stories following the trip to Jannat Adn. I’m having fun and I hope you enjoy them! Grab the first short story in We Know the Truth, Do you? Price is only .99 and will be going up after the first week of release. Plus, all proceeds will go to US Veterans.