Archive | September 23, 2019

Sixty Days

by Jade West

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The Sixty Days Box Set contains the full Sixty Days trilogy, including an additional bonus epilogue.
Dark romance with typical Jade West filth included, so don’t enter lightly.

Sixty days of total submission.
No safe words. No limits. No holds barred.
Sixty days of your body being used and abused and pushed to extremes.

Then you were free to go, no further dues, thanks and goodbye.
And your bank balance looked seriously healthy for the experience.

I should never have been tempted. Not for a second.
I should never have even thought about putting myself up for sale for sixty days, not after hearing the brutal tales of what happens to you.
But I had to.
My sister desperately needed the money. Needed Me. Needed more than I could ever give her.

I’d just never have guessed in a million years that soon enough I’d be needing him.
The beautiful stranger.
The dangerous monster.
The guy who’d be responsible for my pleasure and pain and everything between for sixty days straight.
And the man who’d want my very soul along with my body.

No holds barred doesn’t even come close to his requirements.
But I’m willing to give him everything.