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He’s No Prince Charming…

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He’s No Prince Charming…

Callum Griffin is the heir to the Irish Mafia. He’s ruthless, arrogant, and he wants to kill me.

We got off on the wrong foot when I set a (very small) fire in his house.

Our families believe a marriage pact is the only thing that will prevent all-out warfare.

I think I might need to murder him while he sleeps.

This would all be a lot easier if Callum wasn’t so damned good-looking.

But I’ve got a lockbox around my heart. Because even if I’m forced to marry him…

I could never love a brutal prince.

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by Fiona Murphy

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His Under Contract This arrogant lawyer is a rainmaker who isn’t used to anyone talking back. Especially not a curvy, mouthy woman who is his new housekeeper.
His Sweetest Sin Bad boy baseball player meets curvy, good girl lawyer. Let the games begin.


99c SALE! The Bishop Family Box Set by Fiona Murphy is on sale for a limited time only!
The Bishop family meets their happily ever afters in this standalone duet box set
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His Under Contract
I never thought I would end up a housekeeper scrubbing floors. It doesn’t matter if the floors are in a million-plus dollar condo, in one of Chicago’s most exclusive addresses. I’m still on my hands and knees for the most obnoxious a$$hole I’ve ever met. The jerk believes his own press as one of the biggest rainmakers in Chicago. Ethan Bishop is sought after in the boardroom and the bedroom. While even his sister thinks he’s best taken in small doses, she offers me a job I can’t refuse, not if I don’t want to go back to my parents with my tail between my legs. I need this job, and it’s not like it’s forever, just until I’m not on the edge of poverty. Let him be the unrepentant manwhore who didn’t do repeats. It’s better for him not to be at home, so close that my stupid body goes nuts when I even think of him. It’s better this way, because he could never want me. I’m a plus size not a size two model he’s used to having. I’m safe, it doesn’t matter how badly I want him, he doesn’t want me.
Does he?

His Sweetest Sin
I can’t believe it. Christopher Baldwin, the baddest boy in baseball, wants me. Amelia Bishop…I was maybe a solid seven before an accident changed my life, leaving me fat, broken, and avoiding mirrors. If he hadn’t said it with a stare hot enough to melt brain cells, I would never have believed him when he told me my curves are what he wants.

An arrogant a$$hole with tattoos, a diamond glinting in his ear, and a dirty mouth promising wicked things, Chris Baldwin is no boy. Chris is all man, and a lethally gorgeous one at that. With dimples flashing as he invites me to sin in a slow Southern drawl, I’m trying to remember I don’t swoon, sin, or—wait, what? I forgot not to stare directly at his dimples, and those bright blue eyes aren’t safe either. Sorry, as I was saying.

As appealing as the idea of sinning with Chris is, there is no doubt in my mind I would fail miserably at it, even under his expert tutelage. Chris has been on a steady diet of strippers, women who have all the right moves. Me, I have no moves at all. Chris is major league; I would get laughed out of little league.

I’m also his lawyer, at least until my brother, Ethan, comes back from vacation. Getting involved with clients is a huge no-no, no matter what primetime television might show. As gorgeous as he is, Chris isn’t worth the possibility of hurting my career or losing the hard-earned respect of my boss and brother.

Only I can’t deny he makes being bad sound so good. Once Ethan is back I’m no longer Chris’s lawyer and it’s open season on all my good intentions. Being with him is still dangerous, as his fame attracts all sorts of trouble. Who knows what complications could tear us apart?

by Heather Dahlgren



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“I absolutely loved this book… Jace and Penny’s romance is delicious, light and easy, scorchingly hot and so undeniably beautiful.” – Goodreads reviewer
“You will fall in love with the characters in this book.” – Goodreads reviewer
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Penny needs a place to stay and her brother offers to let her stay in his apartment while he’s out of town.
She’s grateful until she realizes who her roommate will be.
Jace Riggs.
The man who she compares all others to.
The man who lives in every fantasy she has.
Her older brother’s best friend.
The man who she’ll never have.
Jace doesn’t want any part of it. No part of her.
He doesn’t want her around. It’s too tempting. She’s too tempting.
She’s his best friend’s little sister.
She’s untouchable.
She causes him constant pain and endless fantasies.
Will they continue to fight their feelings or give in to their wild fantasies?

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Imagine the Kiss: A Clean and Wholesome Small Town Western Romantic Suspense (Crystal Creek Series Book 7)

Two people open themselves to the truth and open themselves to each other.

Her marriage in ruins, violinist Teagan Whitloch Munroe escapes into her music and the solace she finds at the Crystal Creek Ranch. Practicing in the woods helps her piece together her life, but she isn’t alone. When she hears someone hiking nearby, she demands he reveal himself, but the only revelation she gets is a soothing voice that heals the pain in her heart.

Maimed by a crushing accident, the once famous architect Phineas St. Cyr protects the world from his disfigurement by sequestering himself in the woods on the Crystal Creek Ranch. When he hears the intoxicating strains from Teagan’s violin, he can’t resist the beauty that quiets his aching soul, and he yearns to know the woman who creates such beauty.

Teagan finds sanctuary in her friendship with this connoisseur of music, but soon realizes Phin’s hiding more than his hideous scars. As they become entangled with each other, Teagan is stunned to learn they share more than a love of music. They are caught in a web of deceit by someone threatening to reveal Phin’s secrets. His exposed past endangers Teagan, and he can no longer walk away. This time he must face the enemy determined to defeat him. He’ll fight to the finish to protect the woman he can never love. No price is too high to keep buried the secret that will mark Teagan for destruction.

This is a clean romance.

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Those Three Words
by Alexis Winter
Now an Amazon Top 15 Best-seller!! I never thought getting fired from my dream job would change my life. And I certainly never imagined three little words would be my undoing. Trust me — they’re not the words you’re thinking. Those three delicious, toe-curling words whispered by my boss were where it all changed. I’m in way over my head…

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The Hot Zone
by Carly Phillips
All four bestselling Hot Zone sports series books in one sizzling bundle! Hot Stuff, Hot Number, Hot Item, and Hot Property included. All Hot Zone Series books stand alone.
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Ruining the Billionaire’s Wedding (Blue Ridge Mountain Billionaires)
by Elizabeth Lynx
I swear I’m not at my ex’s wedding to ruin it. Yes, he’s marrying my cousin and they announced their wedding only weeks after we broke up. But that doesn’t mean I’m here to ruin anything. The sexy resort owner that trapped me in his office doesn’t believe me. He says it’s to stop me but I kind of hope it’s for something else entirely. Wink. Wink.
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Feral Deceptions (Awakening of the Chosen Book 1)
by Callie Stone
Rejected by my so-called mate, I soon discover that fate has other plans for me. Three Alpha shifters can’t wait to claim me as theirs. But our passion is cut short by all the questions that still need to be answered. As I wonder whether this new pack will accept me, I know I need to discover how my real father died and what my true identity is.

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Semi-Charmed (Harper Hall Investigations Book 1)
by Isabel Jordan
Infamous psychic Harper Hall teams up with legendary vampire slayer Noah Riddick to solve a supernatural mystery. Hijinks ensue. Paranormal romance with plenty of action, laughs, and suspense. Oh, and snark. Lots and lots of snark.
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A Wildflower Summer
by Caroline Flynn
Single mother Lily Brentwood yearns to leave small town life behind and start again with her young daughter in Chicago. The bright city lights promise an escape from the ex who dismissed her dreams and broke her heart. But when her car breaks down outside the sleepy town of Port Landon, she is stranded miles from Chicago and reliant on the generosity of local mechanic Jason Forrester.
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The Billionaire Boys Club (Billionaire Romance Book 1)
by Cara Miller
Kelsey, a small-town girl with a secret, enters the country’s best law school. At Darrow Law, money and connections matter, and Kelsey meets the confident, arrogant Tyler Olsen, and the handsome Ryan Perkins, the sons of two billionaires. Kelsey discovers that she still has a lot to learn, and most of the lessons won’t be in the classroom.
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The Runaway Duke (Warner Forever)
by Julie Anne Long
Ruined! No one could ever accuse Rebecca Tremaine of being a proper young lady. She’s wretched at embroidery, pitiful at the pianoforte, and entirely too informed about the human body, courtesy of her father’s scientific journals. When her parents arrange a hasty marriage, there is only one man she can turn to for help.
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Montana Untamed (Bear Grass Springs Book 1)
by Ramona Flightner
Montana Untamed is the first book in the Bear Grass Springs series and can easily be read as a standalone, western historical romance with no cliffhanger ending. A passionate embrace ruined her reputation. A moment of desire forced him to break a vow. Will they find love in a marriage of convenience?
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by Daja Wiles



FREE! Love in Da Club by Daja Wiles is FREE and available for a limited time only!
Never fall for a strip club boss
Especially when hes much older
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I’m one paycheck away from returning to Texas.
So, my bestie sneaks me into Black House.
It’s New York’s finest gentlemen’s club.
Owned and operated by Keith Jacobs aka Black.
Dark brown skin, broad shoulders, dreadlocks hanging down his back.
Gangstas fear him. Women want him.
And if I was smart, I wouldn’t lock eyes with him.
Because a man like Black takes what he wants.
And when our eyes meet…
I know Im his.
But there’s danger in being with a man like this.
If the streets fear him, then what does that mean for me?
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