Archive | May 21, 2022

From me to you #apeekatmylife

Did you see the lunar eclipse? Wasn’t it awesome? Here are some of my pics of it. My daughters telescope has a way to put the phone to it to take pictures. They’re not great, but I’m okay with that, lol.

My daughter has better ones. These are all done with operator error! 😀

I started back on an exercise routine. Began at 30 minutes a day and I’m up to 45 minutes a day. I plan on reaching an hour a day and sticking to that. See if it helps my blood sugar numbers.

I’ve been doing umpteen girl scout courses. My girls bridge over to brownies as they’ll all be going into second grade. Such fun! I’m heading to a fire safety and food safety course at the beginning of June.

I have been writing a bit too. Slowly, but it still is writing even if the word amount is small. I’m trying to get back to a schedule that works for me. Keeping in mind that I want Broken Prince Charming out in July, my butt needs to speed up! It is totally going to be a sweet romance. That is just the way the characters are working out, and that’s okay.

It’s easy to veg in front of the television once you retire. I mean, I’ve been retired for three years, but my husband retired in December. It’s an adjustment for me, too. I was used to doing whatever I wanted. He needs a hobby, though! I’ve my writing, my girl scouts, my gardening, my exercising and I have a ton of Legos to build. (I’m working on the VW camper van right now.)

Now I have to share the TV during the day, lol. I keep trying to get him to exercise. At least he’d be doing something other than watching TV. We’ll see. He just has to find something that interests him.

Inside the greenhouse, 2022.

As you can see, I’m utilizing my greenhouse. My radishes, peas and salad mix are coming up. I’ve transplanted tomatoes, leeks, strawberries, and an eggplant. This Monday, I’ll be planting on my straw bales I’ve been conditioning.

I’ll be visiting my parents later today, and going to a memorial for a friend that passed away in October, then out to supper with friends. So, no writing today! I do try not to write on weekends. I keep it for the family. But if my fingers get itchy, I head into my computer!