From me to you #apeekatmylife

Camping for today was cancelled. If you live in the Midwest, you can guess why! Storms and winds are crazy, yikes!

So I ended up with my granddaughter visiting the last couple of days. We played legos, rather than me writing, lol.

Last weekend was fun. Did a girl scout night Lights Out, nighttime fun. We built star charts, she did a Stem experiment with bioluminescence, a night hike to identify glowing animal eyes in the dark, and got to check out Saturn with the telescope.

Here she is all safe and wrapped up to work with the bioluminescent chemicals. Then on Sunday we went trick or treating. A huge number of kids were out.

She went as a vampire witch (girl with purple bucket) Her mom is next to her as a butterfly. The next picture is my son-in-law. Can you guess who he went as?

If you said fat Thor, you were right, lol.

I dressed as a camper. Lame, I know! I wore s’mores leggings, a road trip sweatshirt and a survival whistle/compass around my neck.

I only trick or treated at one house where they had shots for adults! Salted Carmel vodka with Rumchata. Yum.

I am doing NaNoWriMo, but I’m already behind. Our house is being worked on and the constant hammering is preventing me from concentrating. Plus the little ones visits, and a rather long nap one day has severely curbed my writing. Not to mention the doctors visits! I’m surprised I get my blog done on the daily. But I’m trying to write more consistently. I’m using NaNo to try to train myself to get back in the saddle. Or, rather, back in front of the keyboard! If I don’t win writing 50,000 words, I’ll consider it winning if I’m able to sit back and write again. The last two years have been DRY. Sad, considering I do still have stories in my brain trying to beat their way out, lol.

Well, I’m off to try to get some words under my belt. Keep your fingers crossed for me, lol.

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