Archive | January 14, 2023

From me to you #apeekatmylife

2023 is going good so far. No snow in my area, other than a few flakes here or there. It manages to melt in between snow falls, so that is good. For me anyway since I have to clean off the drive and walkways. Bad because I bought snow shoes last year and haven’t had much of a chance to use them. Snow, last year, when I wasn’t in Arizona, was light. Hopefully at some point I’ll have a chance to use them this year.

Well, I’ve only written in spurts this last two years. I hit a low or perhaps a lazy streak. Mix laziness with a bit of depression (that I have since seen a counselor about) and it short circuits the voices in my head. Plus, I love to play on my Nintendo Switch and read. It can suck time easily, and does.

So, I decided to fight back at myself. I’m taking an online writing course geared toward non fiction and I start it on Monday. I was curious to see if I could do non fiction. Especially since I started a couple projects, but abandoned them. I figure maybe a change of pace would kick start my brain. We will see! It’s geared toward completing at least a first draft in 90 days. I won’t blow the classes off either since I was willing to pay for it. If it was a free course, I probably would shrug and not attend. But this was pricey and I’m cheap, lol. I’ll wring every penny from that course!

I haven’t done much of anything, unfortunately, even when I wanted to. No writing, no crafting. Not even a bunch of renovations on our house. I hired them out, so I’ve been drifting. My middle name out to be procrastination! Honestly. I’m trying to change that. I love to craft and I haven’t even done that really. So, I started with making hot chocolate bombs. A small project, but a place to start. They are seriously the bomb!

I whole lot easier to make than I expected and YUM. They are all used already, so I must make more! I think that will be on today’s agenda. I also used my last home made bath bomb so need to make up more of them, too. The last batch was a hot chocolate bath bomb and it smelled good enough to eat. (It wasn’t though. I didn’t think and tasted a bit that fell off. Epson salt should never go in the mouth!!!!)

But I come out of the bath smooth and smelling yummy from them. I’ll try a different kind this time. Maybe one I won’t be tempted to taste. Since my granddaughter likes to steal them, I try to make them kid friendly. Instead of essential oils, I use cooking extracts. I think my next ones will be peppermint. Should help with my migraines too. But if I absentmindedly taste one again, I won’t admit it, lol.

So, today I’ll be making bombs. Edible and inedible. But not the bad kind, lol. Though I have looked up instructions before. Research! Just research. Writer, remember? Not to mention in the Navy, I was a small arms instructor and got to go at one point to watch c-4 be utilized and blown up. It was awesome. Not for civilian life, though. Even if it is exciting.

I’ll let you know how the first week of writing class goes. Cross your fingers I put out! Words, I mean.

I’m heading to the kitchen to start making bombs! I’ll take some pictures to show I’m really doing them. Pop them up of facebook or something. Snapchat or Insta. Maybe I’ll try Tiktok. We’ll see. One thing at a time!