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Fast Break Series #spotlight

by M. Jay Granberry

SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! The Fast Break Series by M. Jay Granberry is coming soon!
Basketball. Sex. And love. 
On this court you can have it all
The game is fierce 
The lights and people…? They’re addictive. 
But every competitor has a weakness. 
And victory is never guaranteed. 
Two men. One choice. 
Game on. 
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#1 Play
Fast Break 
/ˈfas(t) ˈˌbrāk/ 
An offensive tactic to advance the game. It gives the opposition little to no time to defend against the attack…and I never saw it coming.  
On this court you can have it all. 
Money, Sex, Fame, and Love. 
This game…? Is addictive. Katrina Montgomery…? Is even more so. 
I’m not a jealous man. Jealousy is wanting what you can’t have, and I’ve had her. 
But enter a six-foot-six basketball player, and things are…different.  
There is no road map to loving a woman unsure that she wants to be loved.  
But I wrote the playbook on defending and keeping what’s mine.  
You want to PLAY Langston? 
Game on. 
Play is book 1 in the Fast Break Series and should be read before Pass, book 2, and Shoot, book 3.
#2 Pass
#3 Shoot
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