Archive | January 28, 2023

From me to you #apeekatmylife #mealprepday

Today I’ll be starting some meal prep for a couple of weeks. It’s too early in the morning to start yet, lol. I’m planning on chili, beef stew, chicken and pork and beef roasts. I’ll pop all the roasts in the oven in different pans to get them ready. The chicken will go in the air fryer and I’ll do the stew and chili on the stove top. I have some 1/2 gallon containers coming in for the chili and stew. Then I can dump them in my slow cooker to have them the day we want to eat them.

The rest of the meats will be placed in this aluminum trays I buy that will fit an entire meal in them for my husband and myself. They are like 8×6. A good size for the two of us.

I’ll make rice, mashed potatoes and stuffing and mix and match with the roasts. I’ll add in some vegetables and voila! I’ll have ready made meals. Without out them, we’d eat out too much. Since we are both retired, we have to watch our spending. Most of the roasts will be able to be made into two or three meals. The chili and stew will make two meals each for sure. I’ll freeze two to three weeks of meals for us, hopefully.

If I feel like being ambitious, I may make enchiladas. I love having those ready for us. I’ve one tray left I made a couple of weeks ago in the freezer. But they are super messy. Of course, that is probably just me, lol. I’m not a clean cook. The kitchen looks like a bomb hit every day after I cook. The crazy part is, I put away all my ingredients when I’m done using them, but it just doesn’t seem to help.

While the meat is cooking, I’ll hop on my homework for my writing class. It seems to be going well, and there is a community FB page that is lively. Lots of help given on there. On Monday, I’ll be zooming in with a writing partner. If that doesn’t work out, there are a few I’ve connected with from the FB page. One I may just work with lives a couple of hours from me and we are both willing to go an hour and meet in the middle. We’ve been messaging each other, and are about the same place in the course.

Since it finally decided to snow and get cold as heck here, I’m just thinking about our trip to California and wishing for warm weather, lol. This is me in the Christmas ears in front, along with my son, his girl, my granddaughter, my daughter and son in law. (The bearded guy trying to ignore us, lol) No idea where the hubby got to. He wasn’t in the picture and my son was using my phone since they all think I suck at selfies. They are not wrong!

Well, it’s time to start cooking. It will help heat up the house for sure. Then maybe I’ll actually start working on one of my books again! Maybe even do a tiktok post. Maybe. Give the Chinese government some book suggestions, lol.