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From Me to You #apeekatmylife

I’m so over being cooped up! I’m sure I’m not alone.

Relief is in site, I’m flying out to watch my nephew get married in Arizona. Then I’ll quarantine my butt off when I get back! Not that I know anyone around my new house. They are all working age. And with the covid, none of the senior programs are up and running. You can bet there will be a senior party when we are all able to mingle again!

But I’ve been busy. I’m working on my old house, pulling down drywall. I managed this destruction with just a regular old hammer.

You can see from the picture, the ceiling is a mess. Luckily, it is just on the surface. I’ve had a couple of remediators in to check it out. But I’m not taking any chances. All the drywall is being removed, and I’m putting up cement board and tiling the bathroom. I bought a vent fan to put near the tub/shower area to prevent the moisture from building up again. And they now have them so you don’t have to vent to the attic.

The piping will run along the ceiling beneath the drywall and vent to the outside. We just have to go through the outside wall and the siding. Easy peasy, right? Probably not so much, but a whole lot easier than going through the attic to do it. I’ll finish pulling down the drywall in the next couple of weeks, then we’ll put in the fan and a new light. The medicine chest, the vanity and the shower doors have to come off and out to completely take down the walls, but that is okay.

I’ll get the chest and vanity looking new again and since I hate shower doors, they are a goner! It was extremely awkward to bathe the kids when they were little with the door on. I’ll clean it up like new, hopefully, and sell them or donate them. Just because I don’t like them, doesn’t mean others feel the same way.

In the meantime, I totally blew my New Years Resolution. Not the exercise part surprisingly, lol. I’m not doing as much advertising as I’d planned, but I am doing some so that’s good.

I’m behind on my writing. But it’s because I was trying to think of how I wanted it to go. Reading over the rough draft, there was a big, huge, hole. I’ve been contemplating. I’ve fired up the manuscript and looked at it but nothing was coming. Today, though, I have direction! So I’ll start up again as soon as laundry is done. Hopefully! I do have it open and the words are coming sloooow. But they are coming!

I’m trying to get this book done and out. I’ll be gone part of early February, so by the end of the month I hope to have it out to beta readers. Hint, hint. Anyone interested? Once it’s back from them, I’ll get it out to my editor. I’m hoping to have it out sometime in April but it all depends on ME. Anymore set backs and the timeline is thrown off. And that’s bad. I’m trying to get Taming Tamara out by July. Needing the month of June to send it to the editor, May for beta readers and I’m getting myself in a pickle! Not to mention the rest of the stories I’m trying to get out this year.

Oh boy, I’ll get myself worked up if I keep thinking about it! One day at a time. One day at a time!

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to check the sales coming tomorrow here.