Review ~ Elanessë by Julie A. D’Arcy

Julie A. D’Arcy

A world is ravaged by a war of demons and sorcery that no human can combat. Rastehm is on the verge of destruction.

Elanessë, daughter of Mikkasah, born to the magic.

Mikkasah, King of Rastehm is forced to send his only living child into the unknown future of the 20th century Australia, where she grows and moves to London with her adopted parents. She has no knowledge of her origins nor that she holds the key to the safety or destruction of both her new world and her old, until one night, she is stalked by a lion and a griffin, and cast into an adventure that will change her life

A dark knight becomes her savior.

Faren Malaan, Knight of Paladia, is sent forward in time to track and retrieve the Crystal Pyramid. The king’s astronomers have learned that the pyramid, which shifts through the portals of time, is cracked. And, if not restored, the sorcerer, Isanti’s demons will escape.

Through sheer luck, Istani was not imprisoned by the Goddess, when she created the Crystal Pyramid to banish him and his demon minions. Istani travels through time, taking over the bodies of innocents and casting them aside when he has done with them. But this time he is trapped in the sickly weak body of Peter Waymer. His only escape from the cancer eating away at him is to find the Pyramid, release his demons and have them in turn heal him. With one thought in mind after his release from the body, to wreak destruction upon mankind.

Romance, lust, and Adventure!

The fate of two worlds rests in the hands of a banished Princess of Rastehm and a Knight of Paladia who combats his own personal demons. They must join forces with three friends to restore the Crystal Pyramid to Deharna, and battle the tormented mind of Iraj who will stop at nothing to gain his prize.

Available at Amazon and Secret Cravings Publishing
Beverly’s Review:
Elanessë was told that she had been illegally adopted by her parent’s before they died in a horrific murder. It changes her whole view of her life. In all actuality her real parent’s were forced to give her up because she carried magic within her. Her father the king had made these laws to protect their land from the ravages and wars that magic had caused in his kingdom. He didn’t know it would force him to give up his daughter, making his queen turn from him. And that is only the beginning!

Elanessë is an epic romantic fantasy. I’m an avid reader of fantasy and D’Arcy’s writing and style brought to mind the writings of David Eddings for me. A fantastical engrossing romance, Elanessë brought to life the world described in her novel. I dove in and didn’t come up for air until I was done.

The romance weaved amongst the fantasy world was wonderful. Reluctantly Elanessë acknowledged there was more to the world than she knew. Immersed in the past, working for the London Museum Elanessë is fascinated by an ancient tome. Little did she realize that is was really about her home world, an alternate dimension, a world she visits in her dreams. Meeting Faren a Paladian Knight sends Elanessë into shock from an attack and instant lust once she gets a good look at him.

Faren, Knight to her father, knows he is not good enough for the Princess Elanessë. Lucky for Faren she disagrees! Then she sets out to prove it to him.

The fantasy spun is just as good as the romance. To me, Elanessë’s world, current and original invited me in. The romance is just the topping on this wonderful tale. Julie A. D’Arcy is a wonderful storyteller! Re-reading (oh yes I did!) even just sections of this, brought it all back in vivid detail, the mark of a truly great tale.

hearts 51Flames 3

SSLY recommended read

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