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Review- War’s Passion – Lia Davis


After losing her parents in a brutal attack from a monster straight out of her nightmares, Gwendolyn Preston tries to pick up the shattered pieces of her life. Along with her best friend, she moves to a small fishing village on the coast of Maine to find a new life away from the nightmares that haunt her. Just when she believes her life could go back to normal, the deliciously dark and handsome Markus Sullivan disrupts her hopes to grieve in peace.

Markus drew the short straw when it came to being the liaison between his father, Ares—God of War—and his brothers. When he discovers that the earth bound demi-gods, known as the descendants, have banded together to start another rebellion against the gods, it becomes his number one priority to stop them.

That is until he meets Gwen, the granddaughter of Aphrodite, and the next target of the descendants. Together, their path is rife with passion and danger. It might take more than the son of War to win this battle…Gwen herself

Tamara’s Review
War’s Passion was a great start to a new series. So why a 4 heart rating instead of a 5, you ask? While on a whole I really enjoyed the book, the first third of the book was slow. As with many series premier novels the author is regurgitating so much information to us in the beginning of the story, that as a reader, I fail to connect with the characters. The first third of the book I would rate a three the second two-thirds a five, so overall it was a solid Four.
Once I came to know Gwen and the Son’s of Ares I began to fall in love. Each of the Dragons has a unique personality and specialty. Markus was a gruff warrior, unable to even tell whether what he felt for Gwen was love or not. “I know I want to keep you safe. You’re all I think about and I can’t imagine ever letting you go. Is that love?” sigh.
Gwen lived through tragedy and survived, but not unscathed. Fear has controlled her life for years. When she and Elle move to Maine her nightmares come to life, only she discovers that the line between dreams and nightmare is as slim as the line between love and hate. The one thing she has feared since her parents murder, Dragons, is now the answer to her prayers. Her protectors.
I love paranormal romance and Greek Mythology and the mix in War’s Passion is great! Gods, Demi-gods, Destined, and of course the Imperials, baddies who follow a fallen Son of Ares; out to wage war with gods and destroy the world. Action and adventure abound, along with some fire-breathing love scenes!
Take a ride on the back of a black and blue dragon and fly into War’s Passion. You’ll see the world as you’ve never seen it before, dip and spin until your stomach roils and then light gently on a secluded romantic beach.
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