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#Review ~ Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures Vol 1 & Vol 2

Xianne1Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures: Volume One
by Jayce Grayson

At ARTHUR C. CLARKE station, four 24th century youths—Jim Street, Keira Bond, Suki Takeda, and Saxon Caine—join the System’s most famous ship, the luxury yacht/freighter XIANNE. There they encounter the mysterious, highly-eccentric, Captain Tom Duncan; his lovely CMO, Dr. Sharon Miles; and Chief Engineer Moses Jones. They escape an Earth burdened beneath heavy-handed laws, injustice, and fear; yet, liberated by abundant power—thanks to Helium-3 Fusion Reactors—and the Porn Culture’s near-eradication of the sexual taboo. The time of their lives…will change their lives forever…as their journey begins aboard XIANNE….


Love love love this author’s books.

Diana’s Review:
Imagine yourself living in a time when there are virtually no sexual inhibitions. Then, picture yourself not at all interested in sex, in any form. Jim Street is in that exact situation. From beginning to end I simply could not stop chuckling to myself and in spite of all attempts to the contrary found myself laughing out loud at the outrageous antics of everyone around him and mostly at Jim’s reactions to them.

One of the best Sci-Fi reads ever. After finishing this book, I had to immediately buy Volume Two. If you have a problem with sexually explicit dialogue and behavior that would be shocking in many places in today’s world, you may not like this book. So don’t buy it. But it is the most fun in a book I have read in the past 6 months.

Picture me ROFLOL.
hearts 51Flames 4

AND for the 2nd book in the series:   Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures: Volume Two

Xianne2At the Moon, Jim Street and Saxon Caine leave XIANNE, with Chief Moses Jones, for a mission down to the famed settlement of Sunita and the nearby Duncan Industries HQ—hub of Captain Duncan’s Helium-3-based financial empire. There they encounter Chief Financial Advisor, Harry Dobbs, and the lovely Alex Andreivich. But by the time they get acquainted with the amazing siblings, Pod and Clark, there are revelations and even more mysteries about Captain Tom Duncan and his enchanting wife, Dr. Sharon Miles. Jim and Sax must meet very personal challenges as their journey continues aboard XIANNE….


Diana’s Review
I had to read this book, after reading Volume One. I was not disappointed either. After landing on the moon, things get weird and then they get very interesting. There is the same wit and humor as the first book but with a twist. I have to say in this world I would want to be nay. I think.  This book has fun with the sexes and sex so if you are squeamish about that you may want to pass..  But it is so incredibly funny just give it a try.

From the imagery of the moon station to the new and interesting crew members a very enjoyable read. Now I can’t wait for Volume Three which I imagine will be out in May of 2014 I simply laughed out loud through much of this book.

Again ROFLOL..

hearts 51Flames 4

SSLY recommended read