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Review ~ The Bull Rider Wears Pink (The Skirts and Spurs Trilogy) ~ Jeanine McAdam

The Bull Rider Wears PinkThe Bull Rider Wears Pink
by Jeannine McAdam

Ex-undercover cop Cassidy Cooper always dreamed of becoming a bull rider and competing against the men. But more importantly she needs to rebuild her relationship with her thirteen-year-old son now that she’s home and done working the beat.

Dangerous …
Things get tangled when John Risk, Cassidy’s former partner and lover, comes back on the scene working undercover on the rodeo circuit while trying to infiltrate a prescription drug ring. But are those John’s only intentions? Besides busting the pushers it seems John is determined to convince Cassidy she is the woman he wants forever.

With danger and desire threatening to spin out of control, can Cassidy find room in her heart and her life to let John in once again? And…is there really a way for her to have it all? Conquer the toughest bulls, beat the top notch men and ultimately find the happiness she craves for her life?

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Jeanine has another winner! The Skirts and Spurs Trilogy is such fun. Cassidy is so misunderstood by her brothers and son. You won’t believe what they thought she did! Cassidy tries so hard to get to know the son she abandoned that most mothers would be shaking their heads and laughing like I was at what she was willing to do.
Kevin is a riot, he knows he has Cassidy in the palm of his hand and takes full advantage. That young man has a career as a lawyer and/or investigator! It would be very interesting to meet Kevin when he’s all grown up. (Hint, hint!)
And Pastor John! Oh my goodness. Who knew?
I’m not giving spoilers so you’ll just have to read it.
If you read this make sure you read the other two in the series. It is a standalone, but even funnier if you’ve read the others. The Bull Rider Wears Pink is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Lighthearted and funny, you won’t be sorry!

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