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Review- Alpha’s Strength – Rebecca Royce

Cyrus runs Manhattan with an iron fist. He will keep his pack safe whether they want him to or not. But something is missing and lately he is more on edge than ever. With his pack at risk and the Alphas of Philadelphia and Boston breathing down his neck, he doesn’t anticipate the arrival of his true mate, particularly when he finds her in a coffee house across the street from his office building. She’s not only identical to the mate of the alpha of Philadelphia but has no idea that werewolves even exist, let alone that she’s one herself. Cyrus is determined to protect her while he solves the mystery of her life.

Betsy, strong, smart, and determined, has been suffering for months trying to keep her parents alive. She doesn’t know where the werewolf who followed her home came from and she doesn’t care, he just needs to leave her alone. But as Betsy gets to know Cyrus, she will discover things about herself that she’d never believed possible. She’s the only one who can help Cyrus keep his pack safe—especially when the true believers are out to destroy them

Tamara’s Review
Alpha’s Strength is the second book in the Fallen Alpha’s series. I loved the first and book two is a follow up hit. I absolutely loved Cyrus and Betsy (isn’t that an awesome name?) Betsy was such a paradox, appearing meek and gentle on the outside, but with strength and fire burning in her core. She had the quiet strength of a survivor.
Cyrus is a man who has been at the center of power since he was only twenty years old. That power weighs heavily on his shoulders. He is strong, but alone. When fate bring him Betsy she is the answer to a prayer he didn’t even know he prayed. A light in his dark world, someone to share his burdens, hopes and dreams.
But, someone is always out to end the werewolves. Extremist human groups, other packs, sometimes even threats from within. Can Cyrus keep his mate safe? Because he won’t be able to live without her.
Alpha’s Strength had more twists and turns than a bad piece of country road. Action, suspense, mystery, and lots of hot, hot loving!
I’ll admit I saw a mate for lake in the offing, though I was surprised at who it turned out to be! I can’t wait to read Lake and Beaux’s story.
An SSLY recommended read!
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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SSLY recommended read