Have you thought about leaving a review?

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I would love it if you reviewed my books. Have you read them? Enjoyed them? 

Leave a review! 

Every review gives my books a chance to be seen and read by more people. It doesn’t have to be a lot of words even. Amazon makes you leave at least twenty words. That shouldn’t be too hard. It’s the time it takes though! I know, I know. I don’t always take the time either! 

I don’t want phony reviews. I know not everyone will love my books. I write contemporary and paranormal romance. I don’t expect that someone read something they know they wouldn’t like. (Believe me, people do it ALL THE TIME!) 

I’ve had a few of those! If it’s a genre you read, then take a chance. Leave your honest opinion. 

Where? Any place you purchased it!

You can also leave reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.

So, since it is such a pain, lol, for the average reader to leave a review, if you do, I have an incentive.

Review any of my books and enter my rafflecopter. Each review link for any review of my books that you write, at any location will count as a separate entry.

What is the prize?

Yup. The magenta one! A 7″ Kindle Fire.

The rafflecopter opens today, July 9th and runs through August 19th. Winner will be announced on Sunday August 21st. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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